Wednesday, November 30

November's Letter from the Inn

     Hi there, friends and guests,

Thank you, Lisa, for dropping by. It was good hearing from you the past few days. I hope your hand gets better.


     I have a fire going for my guests, the weather is a bit nippy. Let me know if you need one of the afghans my mother made.  If you stand up and walk to your left, and peer through the windows, 
you'll have a terrific view of

Sunday, November 27

Recovering from the Holiday, A Happy, But Busy Innkeeper

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”
Jean Baptiste Massieu

It Is Never My Responsibility To 11/27/11

"Amidst the constant turmoil and drama that surrounds us, as we live life, many
stop noticing what is going on with themselves.  Something more important and 
life threatening always seems to intervene.  When we acknowledge a situation as
 it is, we want look at our options instead of looking at the options available to
other people."   Courage to Change, p.359

The following are general principles from Al-Anon Family Groups. I'm sure they
 will help when trying to figure out our responsibility in our relationships with others. 

It Is Never My Responsibility To: 
ive what I really don’t want to give
Sacrifice my integrity to anyone
Do more than I have time to do
Drain my strength for others
Listen to unwise counsel
Remain in an unfair relationship
Be anyone but exactly who I am
Conform to unreasonable demands
Be 100% perfect
Follow the crowd
Please unpleasant people
             Bear the burden of another’s misbehavior
Do something I really cannot do
Endure my own negative thoughts
Feel guilty towards my inner desires
Submit to overbearing conditions
             Apologize for being myself
Meekly let life pass me by

Letting Go......... 11/27/11

o let go doesn’t mean to stop caring:
       it means I can’t do it for someone else.
  To let go is not to cut myself off:
       it is the realization that I can’t control another.
  To let go is not to enable: but to allow learning 
         from natural consequences.
             To let go is to admit powerlessness,
                 which means the outcome is not in my hands.
     To let go is not to try to change or blame another: I
         can only change myself.
     To let go is not to care for, but to care about.
     To let go is not to fix, but to be supportive.
     To let go is not to judge,
                 but to allow another to be a human being.
     To let go is not to be in the middle           
                 arranging outcomes, but to allow others to
                 effect their own outcomes.
     To let go is not to be protective:
                  it is to allow another to face reality
     To let go is not to deny, but to accept.
     To let go is not to nag, scold, or argue, but to 
                          search out my own shortcomings
                  and to correct them.
     To let go is not to adjust everything to my 
                 desires, but to take each day as it comes and 
                 to cherish the moment.
     To let go is not to criticize and regulate anyone, but
                 to try to become what I dream I can be.
     To let go is not to regret the past, but to grow 
           and live in the present.
     To let go is to fear less and love more.  

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Thursday, November 24

Reflecting On Gratitudes This Thanksgiving Day 11/24/11

Good morning everyone, I'm tuckered out. I went to bed late and woke up, early. I'm grateful, though. This is the central day of this inn. I leave the following  passage with you. I appreciate what she writes. I echo her sentiments.  
      Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Here's hoping you will have bounteous tables, full of turkey and all the trimmings (or your family's favorites) and a good time had by everyone. For those of you who are missing a loved one this year, may your good memories sustain you through the holidays, and help to fill the emptiness.

The Focus of Thanksgiving Day and Freedom from the Corrosive Power of Bitterness .....................11/24/11

       Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

How are you? This day is fantastic----its focus is what this inn is about.  I like this holiday; enjoying it with family and friends appeals to

Wednesday, November 23

Perspective is Everything, Not Just for Photos and Paintings

     A mindset is a set of beliefs or way of thinking that determines our behavior and outlook. Consider the anecdote about the
two shoe salesmen who went to Africa. The first wrote the home office saying, "Nobody wears shoes here," and turned in his
resignation. The second was thrilled with the potential, and wrote, "Everybody here needs shoes!"

Tuesday, November 22

Let Me Know If I Can Help

Love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. 
You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it. (John Lennon)

Monday, November 21

The Innkeeper Experienced Drunkenness of Another Kind (Also, Wrestlings Within the Writing Innkeeper)

Victory and happiness don't come when everything in your life is peachy. They are the results of living more in the realm of the
supernatural than the natural. You're happiest when you choose not to allow the things of this Earth to get you down, when you
choose to rise above. There are no limits to the happiness you can have in life once you've learned to rise above. Obstacles are for
overcoming!  (Image: "Peak District: Between a Rock and a Hard Place"  by Tim Blessed. Copyrighted photo. Used by permission.
Caption is his, too.)
       Good evening everyone,

I'll get to my being drunk in a minute.

Sunday, November 20

Practicing Boundaries Pays Off. When Publicly Confronted About My Position, I Spoke Clearly, Not Like Porky Pig ......................11/20/11

     Good evening everyone,

Three hours ago, I was awakened from the Land of Nod.  A  mind overstuffed with reflections upon today's events, being emotionally drained, along with a low-grade headache prompted me to bed.  I was in H.A.L.T.,exhausted.  In such cases sleep is my best remedy.

      Jarred from it, a few hours ago has me at low ebb, mentally and physically, as I tell you about my day. Physical exertion doesn't get me tired; I have a high level of stamina. Depleting all of the stores of my emotional and spiritual resources does.

Friday, November 18

Getting Back Some of the Years the Locusts Had Eaten

Water Lilies: Monet
         I just got in. How was your day? I hope it was good.

 1. I spent time with my youngest son tonight. It was good to hear him talk. We don't have many moments together. It's good knowing what's alive within him. I happy for the connection and closeness we shared.  I was happy was able to be  honest with me.
2. I got together with a friend I hadn't seen in 4 years. it was like old times. He wants me to speak at a bookstore he oversees. He wants to promote my books.I was touched that he appreciates my work. The closeness we shared was wonderful.
3. A book I lost in August I replaced yesterday.

     For those who don't know, I suffered a severe tragedy in August. A book that has had a huge influence in my life, I lost, along with seven others that had thousand of hours of notes in them. This one had over 500 additional entries that I had inserted into the index, in addition to the multiple cross-references on each page. I had marginalia going back 15 years, all lost.

     I purchased this valuable tome yesterday. I can't wait to read it this weekend. It's a dear, cherished friend that transformed me and enlarged my happiness. My eagerness to dive into this book is beyond eager.

4. I'm exercising more. This includes riding my bike. I will try to get more in, this weekend. When I do, I sleep more soundly and feel better, emotionally, when I do. Taxing my body also is another way where I get to celebrate life.
5. I finally got compensated I've been waiting for. It was overdue two weeks. I like my well-being taken care of, who doesn't?
6. I've heard from friends that I've written. I delight in connecting with those dear to me. I love the intimacy, mutuality and nurturing we provide for one another. 

  I thank God for his provision and am thankful for abundance.

Thursday, November 17

A Special Celebration

   Good evening friends,

This post is four days tardy. I'm celebrating the eight month anniversary of this inn. Yep, this place is but a baby.

      I've been amazed, thrilled, delighted and inspired by what's happened here. Thank you, for dropping by. Thirty-five thousand and one hundred of you have been my honored guests since this wee inn opened on March 13th, this year.

     Sixteen thousand, seven hundred have checked out this place in the last 30 days (Oct 17-Nov 17). That's forty-eight percent of all who've come by.  Thirty seven out of a hundred guests of those who've dropped by have done so in the seventeen days of this month (That's 11,849 for November, so far.). The word is getting out.

   The growth of viewership over the past eight months looks like this:

Click on the graphic to see the complete image.
   The growth in readership has been dramatic and steady. Only half-way through November, we have already passed the numbers for October. It was  the month with the largest readership.


    Please write me if you have a question. If I can help, I will. Your letter can be the basis for a future post. I can't help you with issues related to nuclear physics or brain surgery, other than that, I do what I can.

    Thank you for joining me of the last eight months. I've used this inn to share reflections, gratitudes and my responses as I go through this wonderful journey known as life. I'm heartened witnessing growth in this place.

     Readers from Sweden just joined us this month and have already dropped by over four hundred times. India, my goodness. Guests from this subcontinent have been around for only a month and a half. Their readership has zoomed through the demographic charts of this place.

      India is hard pressing England for third place in readership. Over 1,600 from the land of the Mahabharata have read the gratitudes posted.  Thank you for adding your presence.

     England, thank you for your companionship. I don't know if you've caught my humor, yet. It's British. Thanks for dropping by this place as this Yank tries doing justice to your amazingly articulate language.

     A large portion of the landscape photos posted here are of your lovely country. I'm grateful for your compatriot, Tim Blessed. He's given me special permission to publish his copyrighted material.

     Pakistan and Greece, thanks for dropping by regularly. I'm  happy to have you as a part of the A of G Family. I'm indebted to riches that have unfolded as an ongoing student of Koine and Attic Greek.

     Spain. You surprise me. The past few weeks there have been times when you've exceeded the U.S. readership, including today and yesterday. We need to have a conversation. I need to confess something to readers from this country.

     You astound me. (Is that enigmatic enough?) It appears that my personality oozes from the pores of my writing.  Thank you for being the second largest readership, with over twenty three hundred visits to this place in the last few months. This has been a delightful surprise. I'm grateful for the translation Blogger provides. It must be good. 

    I can't forget those who call the United States their home. I'm grateful for your company. You've been the primary source of my readership to the tune of 16,670 visitors and 260 comments. Some day, as I travel through the U.S., I'd love meeting with you and sharing some coffee. Does that sound like a deal?

     Bangladesh, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Russia, South Africa and Tunisia, thanks for dropping by in the past month. I hope you find encouragement and inspiration when you rest in this inn.

      I have a standing offer, one way  of offering hospitality. If anyone, from anywhere----other than the Bay Area---- posts a gratitude and is in town, I'll treat you to Fenton's Ice Creamery. Any takers?  Let me know.

Wednesday, November 16

An Un-American Concept: We Are Primarily Spiritual 11/16/11

Image: "Snowdonia: Nantgwynant" by Tim Blessed.
 All rights reserved. Use by permission.
        A few thoughts an emotionally and mentally demand-ing day.

        I prefer days like these to be few and far between.  A calmer pace allows my spirit to breathe easily.  Boring is good.  (You might also want to see this post or read here, for more about antidotes for the disease of busyness.)

      Today, that was not meant to be.

An Intense Day
       At five in the  morning, I studied, meditated and prayed.  At 8:00 a.m. an intense conversation  was had while tired and under the influ-ence of a strong prescription.  There were issues to clear with someone.

       I fought a headache while with this fellow.  We addressed pragma-tic, philosophical and clinical issues.  It wasn't easy, but the conversa-tion was successful.  I'm glad I held together.   I don't know how.

       In times like these we have an opportunity to practice patience.  They are chances to be gentle. They let us demonstrate composure while we are emotionally worn out.  This is especially true when we are physically stressed.  Such conversations are a spiritual calisthenic.

       They help prepare us for challenging times.

       There are times when each moment of the day is intense.  Not good.  We want to avoid getting emotionally depleted.

       Recently, I changed my routine, spending the evening with some-one.  We went to an Indian restaurant.  It was an attractive way to wrap up the day.  At length, the person spoke.  That was fine. It re-quired less energy.  I was beat, bone weary.

 Our Nature Is Primarily Spiritual

        While with this person I expressed views not often heard in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I mentioned our primary nature is spiritual.  Next, is our the soulish side. It comprises of our emotions, will and intellect.  Thirdly, is the physical side to life, our bodies.

        I shared my belief that our culture has it backward.  We raise a fuss about a person's looks---that's usually what grabs most people's attention.  Magazines, movies and the media place heavy emphasis on this.

        I said our body is like the frame to a painting---it's primary pur-pose is drawing attention to what's inside: our spirit

       The recent Kim Kardashian marriage fiasco points out that getting caught up with the frame is pointless, if it there isn't something of significance within it.

       The person I shared dinner with has a MBA and a Ph.D.  He mentioned a relative of his is a compulsive shopper, causing financial pressure within that family.  I said that the hole in our souls cannot be healed through tangible means, in this case, through retail therapy, incessant shopping.
Qualities of A Spiritual Awakening

       Our soul is restored when we have a spiritual awakening.  This doesn't happen through achievement or material means.  Being awak-ened---spiritually---allows us to know serenity while experiencing deeply felt joy at the same time. This serenity is possible, even in the midst of stressful times---it transcends our circumstances.

        I mentioned when we experience a spiritual regeneration we ap-preciate life more vividly.  We are no longer consumed by issues that appear urgent but are not truly important.  When we have a spiritual awakening nature is revealed in all of its glory, I said. Worries and bitterness no longer distract us for the beauty the world offers.

       We are less judgmental towards others happens when we have a spiritual awakening.  We find many issues that we once fought for are not worth the effort.  We ask ourselves do we want to be right or do we want to be happy?

      We are also less critical towards ourselves. We discover that our best for today is good enough. That being critical about our imperfec-tions does not enhance our appreciation of life.

       I shared a spiritual awakening helps us enjoy spontaneity.  We also less consumed by fearful control.  We are able to slow down.  We can breathe more deeply, resting our heart, literally.

        He was silent, not knowing what to say.
How About You? 
1.  Has your life been crazily busy? Why do you think we find ourselves in such a predicament? 
2. Do you think we are primarily physical, and spirituality is simply an add-on, an option to living?  Or do you think we are first spiritual---that our spirit wants to spread its wings within our corporal form?
3. When you have a spiritual awakening what does it look like for you? 

Monday, November 14

We Reveal Our Character With Every Breath We Take (Even While Daubing Strawberry Sauce With a Piece of Bacon) ..................... .11/14/11

My son and I ate at IHOP. It's the only place open late at night. The place
is clean.I had lemon chicken My son ate this along with bacon and sausage

1. I'm thankful for seeing positive outcomes this evening. For more about that, see my previous post.
2. I'm glad God allows me to see beyond my perspective.  I'm happy observing God at work in my life. (Also see my previous post.)
3. I appreciate the walk I had at the Berkeley Marina with

God is Not My Spiritual Bell Boy 11/14/11

This is not God. I'm
sorry if you were
        Good evening everyone,

Recently, I was schooled in a lesson while laboring on a

Friday, November 11

Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow.

“To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the 
source that stands behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course.Everything originates in a will for
the good, directed towards you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action that allows you to express gratitude.”
     Albert Schweitzer         Image: "Countryside: Autumn Walk" by Tim Blessed. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

    Good late Friday evening to all,

I'm here at the witching hour, when the day will shortly change its name. You might want to revisit my previous post. I've reworked and expanded it. That's what's great about blogs. What's been done can be undone.

     I'm changing my routine. I've made an effort to rest more. Not long ago I'd ask

The Dance Between Grace & Truth..............11/11/11

Each one of us came to earth on a personal mission to be loved or to give love. We are to learn the value and price of love.
Other parts of our mission include learning patience, humility, self-discipline, and other virtues. These attributes are parts
of love. (Betty Eade)        Image: "Autumn Lake" by Tim Blessed. All rights reserved. Copyrighted, used by permission.

       I'll talk about today's topic in a minute. But first,  I'm speechless, a happy innkeeper.  Three comments by guests in less than a week. Gosh. I had to pick myself off the floor today.

       My dear friend Phyllis wrote last Saturday. Today, Paul wrote a comment in the previous post and Lowry did so an hour ago. Thank you, times three. I invest emotional equity, when working as the innkeeper. I'm paid, by the truckload, when I hear from you..

     Silent Readers, those who drop by without posting, may I ask you to express your gratitudes or add to what's written here? Go ahead, give it a try.

      I believe everyone has insight that would contribute to improving this cozy place in cyberspace.  I ask those who hail from beyond the U.S. to reply in your language. We'll be able to translate your posts. Doing so would add to the community we share here. 

        Today,  Lowry wrote a comment for a post written on July 11th. I'll reply here. It's easy to have comments buried within this inn's archives. Somehow, because I cut and pasted Lowry's comment here, the formatting turned his comments into one paragraph. 
He said... 
Greetings Innkeeper – 
I really appreciate the pace and caring lexicon used in your blog. It promotes a peaceful and thoughtful atmosphere to contemplate challenges and options to address them .
It always helps to be reminded that we are Children of God - being humble, grateful, loving, yet firm regarding ourselves and our boundaries is so helpful.
I respect and appreciate your discipline to keep the ideas flowing in such graceful and grateful language.
Thank you,
 I appreciate your kind words. They make me blush, which is hard for me to do. :->   I'm glad to see you back.                                                                                                                                                                        
       Life is about balance. I prefer mine having a combination of love and truth. Seeing the truth, without love, can easily bring judgment. Honesty alone is often harsh. Knowing love, without it being balanced by truth, often prevents me from taking an accurate look, being discerning and seeing reality with clarity.
      However, together, they perform a fine dance.       I grow when I view reality (truth). I become aware of areas where I want to improve. It's tempered, however, when observed through the gentle lens of grace (love). Enjoying unconditional love from special friends (my Balcony People) and family is transforming.  Their support makes it easier to love myself. The grace I receive from them enables me to be more patient with self, and by extension, others.                                                                                                                                                    
      Thanks for your comments, they mean much to me.         
      Wishing you the best and a grateful day.

Thursday, November 10

Alone, Enjoying Serenity. Fulfilled, Not Distracted or Lonely ...........11/10/11

George Burns said it well: "When you stop giving and offering something to the rest of the world, it's time to turn out
the lights." The worth of our lives comes by what we give. What we keep, we squander. Look for ways to impart value,
be generous with encouragement and kindness, hand out hope and help to those you meet. (Photographer Tim Blessed's caption.)
            Good evening everyone,
Did you have a grateful day? I did. Thank you, for dropping by. Today is special in that this inn had frequenters from all five continents.
      On this glorious Thursday  I invested in creativity.  I rested. I also napped, meditated, prayed, wrote and studied.  But, primarily, I rested. It can be hard making time for self. Conscious effort is required, but it's worth it. The media of modern society presents being alone and not using an electronic gadget to amuse or distract ourselves----from ourselves---as weird.

Wednesday, November 9

Making an Impact: A Source of Joy

The German Countryside
    Good evening,

My day went well. It was fulfilling and emotionally satisfying. In the morning I took care of business. Later, I met with a friend.

    Afterwards, in the evening, I spoke before a group. My body is still out of synch---the Daylight Savings Time has done a number to my body's sense of rhythm.  I'm exhausted and in HALT.  After these sharing these gratitudes I'm heading for bed.

1. I got a report from someone I help professionally. I'm happy hearing she's using the growth she's gained, as a result of our time together, to deal with issues she has with a professor in graduate school. I appreciate her honesty, integrity and presence of mind that allowed her to arrange a meeting with her, three other professors in her department, along with the one that has been a source of conflict.

       Learning how to have her voice has made her happier and emotionally stronger. I'm grateful I can help others as they go through their journey here on earth
2. I'm glad that I pushed through and prepped for tonight's talk, even though I'm mentally tired. I was happy to speak on a subject that I like---restoring the years that the locust have eaten: overcoming difficult moments in our past.
3. Today, I met with someone I mentor.

       Our time was marked with cooperation, healthy, open communication and closeness---times like these add zest to my life. I'm amazed at the growth I witness in this person's life. He is much happier, less dependent upon others for the source of his joy. He's taking a good look at areas in his life that have hindered him from enjoying life fully.

      That's it for tonight. Would it be possible for me to hear your gratitudes? That would be terrific!

Tuesday, November 8

Being Gentle But Effective When Expressing Our Point of View 11/8/11

When the last drop of rain has fallen, and the final
 note has drifted away/When the Earth ceases to turn
and the last fire is burned/When the wind stops its
ceaseless blowing and the last wave has come into
shore/When the sun’s called it a day and the stars
 have all floated away/When time is no longer tick-
ing and the hourglass runs out of sand/His love
 remains, like an endless flame burning, God's
love remains! (Avalon song ‘Love Remains’)
         A few weeks ago, I grew.

      It happened at an indoor sports arena that has a  bar. It's the Bladium, in Ala-meda. It has rinks for hockey and lacrosse. There are courts for basketball and volleyball. Indoor rock climbing hap-pens there, too. I went there to exercise my eyes. 

         There's a large screen TV at the bar. 

         I don't miss the contraption.  But, seeing my team play football is sacred. You know where I live. You guess correctly if you think I root for the team that represents the City by the Bay.  You probably hear Tony Bennett singing in the background.

            I settled in.  Watching the game at the closest table facing the large screen TV.  There were others there, taking in the contest.  My team competed against the undefeated Detroit Lions.

        A thrilling game it was.  Not decided until the final seven min-utes.  In the last quarter, the quar-terback threw a clutch touch-down pass.  The receiver barely flopped across goal line, adding to their lead. 

        With a few minutes remaining, the restaurant owner changed the channel.  He put on the Oakland Raiders game.  His team.

                  Seven years ago---without recovery---I would have accepted his action.  I might have given a feeble protest.  I would reason it was his business.  He could do whatever he wanted.

         Keep in mind, I had been watching the game for two and a half hours.  Many of us in the room had been actively involved.  None in the crowded room watching the game were asked if they wanted to see a different game.  The owner changed channels because he wanted to. 
         I went to his wife.  She worked behind the bar.  I inquired about the change of games.  She didn't know any-thing about it.  "My husband is in the back, cooking," she said, when I asked where he was.  

          I was a hot, indig-nant.  However, I took slow, deep breaths while with her.  I spoke with a measured voice to Mrs. Restaurant Owner. I placed my palms down, releasing my anger (see this to better understand) and frustration as I spoke.  

          I waited for the proprietor to appear.

                    Mr. Restaurant Owner emerged from the kitchen.  The wife spoke to him in Spanish.  They didn't know I understand that language.  I looked around as they com-municated, not indicating I understood them.  She spoke as my advocate. Finally he said to me, "The TV is for customers."

                  Only a soda had I bought.  He knew that.  The cook-owner added, "I don't like the Niners."  I pointed over to the tabled area, where the TV sat.  "Nobody is watching the Oakland game.  
       There were other people there, before," I said.  Calmly, I looked into his eyes. Clint East-wood was my model.  I muster-ed the most even voice possible.

       Abruptly, he jerkily strode across the room, towards the TV.  He changed the channel to the Niners game.  I sat down, thankful.  Recovery has taught to say what I mean, mean what I say but not to say it meanly.

               Within minutes, there was a crowd where I was, in-tently watching the game.  

        They boisterously encouraged the San Francisco team as it earned their win.  When the channel was switched, this crowd had left.  Included in the returning group were young uniformed soldiers, rooting for our team. They were groomed for combat. The were willing to lay their lives on the line, if necessary.  
     But they were fearful to con-front the owner of the bar.  Not a word did these soldiers say.  They allowed one person to overrule the desires of more than thirty people.  

        Passively, without a word, these soldiers gave in.  They had no qualms about the owner changing the channel. Even if it was during the crucial remaining portion of the football game.  This business owner's actions did not represent the democracy for which they were willing to sacrifice their lives. 

                A guy at the table behind me, witnessed my talk with Mr. Proprietor.  He returned to see the final minutes played.  He called out, "See what you did?  You made a lot of people happy by talking with that guy." 

My reflections about this day's events continues in the gratitudes:

Gratitudes for Today:
1. I'm thankful my character is still growing.  Petulance is not necessary when circumstances aren't as I'd like.  As adults, we can disagree, agreeably.  We can kindly speak our truth.
2. I'm thankful for staying pre-sent when the TV channel was changed.  I took deep breaths.  I released my an-ger. To God.  He can handle it.No, I wasn't mad at God.  I turned over my negative feelings to Him.  I left them into his loving care.
3.  I'm glad I was considerate towards Mrs. Business Own-er.  Because I was, she influenced her husband.  She spoke on my behalf. 
4. When I made my request to the restaurant owner, I was careful. I did not offend him.
        Gently, I approached him.  I did this while holding to my values. There's no need for harshness, when differing with others. When expressing a different perspective, that, in itself, can be hard for another to take.
        Adding discomfort, emphatically twisting the knife of my perceptions----that I am right----within the person I disagree with, is not necessary.  
        Nor is it effective.  
        It does not provide the emotional safety, courtesy and harmony necessary for healthy relationships.  I value St. Augustine's perspective:
"The truth is like a lion. You do not have to defend it. Let it lose. it will defend itself."
             The truth has its own teeth.  It is often uncomforta-ble, as it is.  I honor another's dignity when I'm courteous while stating my case.
5. When I watched my team play a week later, at the Bladi-um, I bought a complete meal.  I gave a 25% tip. I got along superbly with Mr.and Mrs. Business Owner. 

            And my team won its sixth game in a row.

            Oh yeah---the TV was turned on to the San Francisco Forty Niner football game, when I walked in.
Image: "Cumbria: Across Windmere" by Tim Blessed. all rights reserved, used by permission.
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An Innkeeper Update and Thanks for Dropping By!

"You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; and just so, you learn to love 
by loving. All those who think to learn in any other way deceive themselves."  Saint Francis de Sales

(Photographer Tim Blessed's caption.  Image: "Wetlands: Winter View" All rights reserved for all of his photos shown in this
inn. Copyrighted material. Used by permission.)
      In less than eight months I’ve written 208 times as the innkeeper.  It’s fun.  The increased readership let’s me know you enjoy these musings.  With that number of postings----even though I keep the inn tidy---- the writings can get buried and hard to find.

      I’ve created the Attitude of Gratitude Inndex to help you find your way during your visit.

Monday, November 7

Short and Sweet Post from the Innkeeper

   Good evening everyone from the Left Coast of California.

I had a busy day. This Daylight Savings Time throws my body out of wack, how about you? I'm keeping it simple today.

My Gratitudes:
1. I'm going to bed
2. I love the work I do.
3. I'm thankful for all the kind people who drop by here.
4. My football team won yesterday.

I'll write more, later, like tomorrow. I'm tired. Good night, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Saturday, November 5

The Pathway to the Innish Community

The pathway to community in this inn will be your posts. They are more beautiful than this picture. 
 Community nurtures; a picture has its limitations; it doesn't listen, comfort nor offer empathy
How are you? 
My Gratitudes:
1. I hired someone recently. It didn't work out. I'm grateful for discernment. Sometimes counting losses and moving on is the best thing to do. 
2. I love having new guests dropping by. Thanks for checking out the rooms. 
3. I've swept out most of the dust from this place that came from re-construction that's been taking place here. I'm not done, but the place looks better. 
    You might want to check out the Attitude of Gratitude Inndex  tab at the top of this blog, under the header. I hope it makes it helps you find your way around this place.
    I'm heading for bed; I'm going to read Tolstoy on this rainy evening.  I'll see you tomorrow. I hope you like the dark chocolate candies left on your pillows. 

Slaying the Dragon of Fear

We have too many men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom, & rejected 
the Sermon on the Mount (Do to others asyou'd have them do to you.). The World has achieved brilliance with-
out wisdom, power without conscience. Omar Bradley.  (Photographer Tim Blessed's caption. Image:  
"Cumbria: End of the Road Bridge."  All rights reserved, used by permission.)
      This recent comment would be lost among the older posts I've written, although it's still the most actively read post with more than two thousand and thirty-three of you having looked at it. Lowry's comments are found in the "Still Learning" post. For those who write, you'll usually find a reply in the next post.

     Thanks Lowry, for sharing how you slay the beast of fear. Having goals, documented plans definitely helps overcome dread. Especially when we get the support of others who know our plans. Without writing our goals down they are dreams and not goals. You might note I used the word support, not accountability.

    I find support easier to receive, when I'm vulnerable. I find accountability likened to a sheriff. When fearful, encouragement is easier to accept when facing a seemingly insurmountable task than yielding to the coldness of the law---obligation, due to accountability.

     My greatest growth occurs when I'm able to place principles above the vulnerable parts of my personality. What is great is that each time I do it gets easier, and I become a bit stronger. It's that progress not perfection part to life working within me.

    Thanks again for dropping by, reading and commenting,

Friday, November 4

Lunch With a Friend and a Satisfying Day

     Good evening everyone,

I just got in.  Thank you for dropping by to keep me company. I'm posting a bit later than normal.
Well, I've made a few improvements, can you tell?. Today, I had lunch with a friend. It was an excellent time. The hour and a half sped by. It was good getting to know this person more completely. The food was good, too.

    Tonight I gathered with a group of buddies. A close friend of mine showed up unexpectedly. That was a nice treat. I've stayed home more, this past month. I'm venturing forth, now that I've gotten my home in better order. I moved in only two months ago.

My Gratitudes for Tonight::

1.  I'm glad that I initiated  the arrangements for the luncheon I had today. I enjoyed the free-flowing conversation and I liked depth, breadth and the sincerity that marked it.
2.  I'm thankful for God's provision. Work has been going well. In this economy, that is not to be taken lightly.
3. I went to the movies. I saw an intelligent movie that did not have violence or graphic sex scenes---it's nice knowing that films like the one I viewed are still being made.

Wednesday, November 2

Tuesday, November 1

The Second Time I Saw a Friend Since She Went Over a Cliff. An innkeeper story. 11/1/11

The cliff she went over was like this---she hung on to roots, as she was pulled up
      More on what happened when I saw a former date in a minute. 

      Life is going well.  I'd value your prayers, nonetheless.  I want to adhere to my priorities for this day.  I will workout on my gym after this post, eat and then ride my bike for awhile. I'll tend to bills----ya ay!  Doing so is a way of taking care of me: it reduces mental clutter and provides more serenity.

      Last night I saw a woman I once dated.  This happened while with friends last night as mini goblins tramped the streets seeking caloric, teeth threatening treats.  She and I studied at the same university.

      I was talking with a couple when she left.  It was early in the evening; I didn't expect her to take off.  I hoped to talk with her.   When I dated her, she was busy setting up her business.  I moved on, letting her do so.

      The last time I saw was at an Indian restaurant I introduced her to, Cafe Raj on Solano Ave., in Albany.   I was with a person I mentor.  She supped with two women.  It was interesting how our paths had crossed, reminding me of leaves falling from trees, intersecting as they sway their way to earth.

     Our last date was memorable. We hiked along a demanding, steeply inclined trail.  On the left, a creek gurgled below the cliff  that edged our tree-rooted, dirt path.  Its narrowness required walking single file, with care.  On occasion, we ducked under massive Redwood Tree trunks that had crashed up against the mountain side we hugged, as we traversed along.

      The sun's rays dappled through canopy of trees, the treetops swayed and danced with the wind that was filled with the chirps of birds and kaw-kawing of ravens.  The musty scent of earth enveloped us as we enjoyed a mini-vacation from urban living.  A great and grateful day for the innkeeper, it was.

    At one point, she slipped----in an instant---I flung my body towards her, lying diagonally prone on the slim dirt path.  Grasping her arm and hand with both of mine, I kept her from sliding down the cliff into the creek and boulders twenty feet below.

    Pulling her, she dug her running shoes into the sides of the precipice, climbing to relative safety of the narrow ledge that was our trail.  When she reached the path we laughed off  the misadventure. The only evidence of what happened were marks of earth painted on her white pants. This was a date she wouldn't forget.

    After our cliff-hanging moment, we rested, moseying over toward massive boulders that faced the water, sitting on them, Indian style.  Observing the stream rushing towards and around us stilled our hearts.  The water sang as it ran over nearby rocks made smooth by its persistent, watery presence of many decades.

    M____ is a swell person with a tender spirit.  She's a counselor and fun to be with.  I enjoyed our conversations. I didn't think she was traumatized by that event, but writing this story, I now wonder. Hey, reflecting on this date,  I think I know why I haven't seen her since.  I'm a little slow.

My Gratitudes: 

1. It was good seeing M_________, even though we didn't talk.
2. I'm thankful I responded instantly, that day in the forest. I'm grateful for the fond memories stirred by seeing M_____ last night. (No, I'm not interested in pursuing her.)
3. I think I'll take that path soon. I like challenges, vibrancy, stimulation and love being in nature. (No, I'm not crazy---I'll go with someone else, for safety's sake.)
4.  About 750 of you dropped by today---so far.  Thank you, for keeping me company.

Let me know your response and thoughts to today's story.  Remind me not to take you on that hike.

        A reminiscing innkeeper

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