Monday, August 31

High Points for Last Week.............. 8/31/15

Highs for the past seven days: a survey.

1.  I made time for rest.  Sleeping more, going to bed earlier.  Balance is critical if I am to thrive emotionally, spiritually, mentally and professionally.
2.  My right hand is improving. In constant pain, I remain since July 27th.  But the deep, persistent burn is not as intense.  My wrist was broken when I fell off my bike and extended my two hands out, bracing myself as I

Saturday, August 29

Authenticity, Its Challenges.......... 8/29/15

     How hard it is, genuinely relat-ing.  Being seen for who we truly are.

      Expressing our thoughts.  Scarey. Saying what we feel and want. It's going on a limb. Revealing what is happening within, is tough.

      Often, we fear the opinion of oth-ers.  Seeking to please, has us sac-rificing.  We aren't truly ourselves.  Our authentic self is sacrificed upon the altar of public approval. We mea-sure our status by the applause received from others.

      Frequently, what we've done, the power and control we exert are the standards by which we assess ourselves.  That's an empty perspec-tive.  When relating, there is nothing more valuable than honesty, balanced with grace and joy.

     Do we need to lie, to stay in a relation-ship?  Of course not.  Pretending to be someone we aren't is unfulfilling.  It is bet-ter being ourselves.  If we have to be more than we are, in order to be loved by others, we want to bless these individuals, sending them on their way.  God's gift for us, they aren't.

     Those God sends our way love us.  As we are.  He gives them to us for free. They will have our back.  I agree with the following:

We long for the feeling that we are okay just as we are.  We long to feel relaxed.  We long for the courage to live with integrity.  We long to reconnect with our authentic self---that sense of uniqueness and originality that comes from deep inside and is independent of others expectations. 
When we have the courage to show up as we are, we discover that we feel more deeply connected to oth-ers.  It's paradoxical.  When we are fully expressing our one-of-a-kind selves, we also feel more kinship with all the other one-of-a-kind selves in the world. Why? Because when we are fully self-expressed, we become free of unfinished business and are able to be fully present to others.  
Self-expression leads to feeling open, available, trusting, and relaxed; all things that lead to feeling connected to others.    Susan Campbell, Getting Real, 73-74 
       No, I didn't dis-appear the past week.  I was tied up.  Work consumed me in all ways: mentally, emo-tionally, physically and spiritually.Hand-ling crises in the lives of others the last sev-en days depleted me.  Pacing myself while navigating the tur-bulent waves life tossed my way, was needed.

       Despite this week's pressures, I enjoyed peace of mind, equanim-ity.  I took care of my body.  Monday, I bedded at 8:00 p.m., drained, after handling intense sessions.

       Starting the day after Labor Day, I'm getting additional training.  Can't wait.  Such times invigorate me.  Being with colleagues who understand the pressures I face is reassuring and strengthening.

        I am tired, calling it a day.   Thank you, for dropping by!

Tuesday, August 25

Sources of Joy... 8/25/15

  Gratitudes for Today:
1.  For life-long friends.  I spoke with Stuart today. I've known him since I was 23.  He provided perspective about issues irritating me.  I was in a serious mood.

     He inserted his wry humor. It

Friday, August 21

Becoming Comfortable With Discomfort..... 8/21/15

       Elated, disappointed and growing characterologically are what I am experiencing, right now, all at once. I embrace multiple feelings. This is the stuff of emotional maturity.  Difficulties do not distract me from lovely skyscapes above, when walking, doing errands or driving.  I am delivered from frantic thoughts that can rob me from life's

Thursday, August 20

The Innkeeper is Semi-Normal...... 8/20/15

    Got home fifteen minutes ago, from Sacramento, a 180 mile roundtrip (293 km).   I went for continuing education.  Whew!

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  Every day, the wrist I broke in late July improves.  Right now, I can't grip more than five pounds of pressure, if that much. But that is progress. I am becoming more

Wednesday, August 19

Three Things That Prevent Healthy Relationships, Revisited........ ...................8/19/15

Scotland: "Loch Linhe and Loch Eil from Ben Nevis"
By Tim Blessed.  Copyrighted photo, used by permission. 
Innkeeper's Note:                 I have been out of action, recovering from a broken wrist, suffered three weeks ago.  It is still swol-len.  My fingers are tingly. Not enough blood is flowing to them because of

Wednesday, August 12

Progress Not Perfection---It's Good Enough ....... 8/12/15

    I'm getting better.

    Today, my wrist---broken more than a fortnight ago---ventured forth, seeing what it can do.  When inflicted by the stabbing needles of pain, it screams, startling the rest of my body, getting its undivided attention.  For the first time, the damaged hand was tested. Four words were scribbled on the dry erase board used during sessions.  Four short words.

    Abundant success.

    Since July 27th, I have endured non-stop pain. Within my wrist a deep burn makes its presence known, when it is taxed by movement or bearing weight. Today is the first day I have used it at 15% of its capabilities.  Am I thrilled.

    Progress not

Saturday, August 8

The Innkeeper is Mending ................. 8/8/15

     I'm back.

     Sort of.  Happy, too.  My wrist still is narcissistic, demand-ing every bit of my attention.  As most of you know, I broke it nearly two weeks ago. Semi-normalcy never felt

Wednesday, August 5

Celebrating Life 8/5/15

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  For peace of mind. With it, I celebrate life with clarity and serenity.
2.  For walking around better. It's been more than a week since my accident while cyc-ling. It is comforting, seeing my well-being improve.
3.  For seeing the reality about a relationship that meant much to me.  I am sad and disappointed. My need for integrity and honesty were not met.
4.  For gathering with friends to-night. A sweet time. I was touch-ed by the honesty, authenticity and transparency we shared.
5.  Met with a new client. Great time. I am humbled. It is a privilege serv-ing others. I am glad I help others to have the life they want.
6.  For hearing the most amazing words I've heard in my life, yester-day. My need for appreciation and closeness were more than met.

How About You?
What are your gratitudes for today?

Tuesday, August 4

An Intense, But Intensely Good Day 8/4/15

     I cheated today.

     Did it feel good.  I am wearing a removable brace on my broken wrist.  My lower arm is bruised, sore and swollen because of the device.  And itchy. Today, I took

Monday, August 3

Joy Fills Every Corner............ 8/3/15

     Riding cloud nine, I am.

      I don't think I have been happier.  A week ago today, at 10:30 p.m., I broke my wrist.  The pain has not ceased.  It affects my sleep and drains me physically.  But the wonderful relationships in my life make it

Sunday, August 2

Survey of Last Week.................... 8/2/15

      I love staying present, discovering what is, not controlling outcomes.

      What a horrible way to live, being manipulative.  Recently, I was with someone who "knew" my mood.  I was sickened by how this person was convinced that her judgments---based upon her baggage---let her know

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