Pablo C. Fuentes, Sr.
Holistically helping others transcend trauma, cultivate their inner voice, and celebrate a great big life. 

Email: pablosrnewhoperesources@gmail.com
Phone: 510 355 4309
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"I have worked with Pablo Fuentes for almost two years, an incredibly enriching experience.  Pablo has shown me many tools to manage stress, improve interpersonal communication and increase my self awareness. 

Examples include: 

1.  Identifying emotions, learning to respond rather than react.
2.  Practicing emotional "aikido"---being able to deflect potential confrontations with skill and agility.  Discovering how to arrive at an understanding. 
3.  Learning non-violent communication skills. How to move beyond  using blame, shame, guilt, fear or judgment to have our needs met. 
4.  Building emotional "muscles" to handle difficult situations. Moving beyond the atrophy of passivity, how to say our "no" as gently as our yes, while still being kind and courteous towards others. 
5.  Developing healthy "Safe" relationship strategies in order to find and keep nurturing partners. 

     Pablo is caring, kind, compassionate, deeply spiritual, grounded in recovery, and dedicated to his work.  His passion for helping people demonstrates his work is truly his calling.

     I would recommend Mr. Fuentes to anyone looking to improve their lives for the better. 

              Natasha Ravnik, Events Coordinator for Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley

"If you are considering seeing someone for help, have seen one in the past and got nowhere, I'd urge you to consider working with Pablo Fuentes.  He is different.  He does not allow conversations to become aimless, the telling of a story.  

"He places our focus on solutions, often saying, 'All we are looking for is one percent improvement a day.  And, in a month, that is thirty percent.  Quite a bit!'

"He is not judgmental but is good at getting to the heart of the matter. He comes up with practical exercises to address them.  We were able, over the course of several sessions, to work through an early and deep loss that distorted my life.  Something which I usually glossed over to get to the more dramatic and better stories I wanted to share with him.

"Pablo is warm and friendly.  He has a good sense of humor. He draws from a large fund of both practical and academic knowledge.  He creates arresting parallels between an area of my interest and the troubling issues in my life." 

            David Freitag, entrepreneur, business owner

"I have come to know Pablo as a warm, keenly intuitive and highly effective life coach. Through his encouragement, I have found amazing transformation where I transcend past, painful legacies. I am replacing them with principles that give me wholeness and hope. 

"Pablo's uses an intuitive all inclusive spirituality.  He has a heartfelt compassion for those who suffering.  It is born from his own triumphant journey through trauma, pain and healing.  He possesses an uncanny ability to source a person's pain, understand what they are feeling and recommend practical solutions. 

"Mr. Fuentes' approach is unlike any I have ever seen.  He uniquely synthesizes the best of several disciplines.  These include non-violent communication, somatic, cognitive and behavioral therapy, 12 Step Recovery tools, all informed by refreshingly ecumenical and genuine spirituality."

             Carl Hagen, Account Executive

"Dear Pablo, 

"Words cannot express the gratitude this community of faith feels for you; for the abundant healing work you tirelessly perform for us, and for so many others.  You are a gift from God for this troubled world. Blessings,"   

Reverend Kevin Thompson, Pastor of Bay Area Family Church

"Before I became Mr. Fuentes's client, I was seeing a therapist for almost one year, not much happened in finding the cause for my destructive behavior. 

"A few friends began seeing Mr. Fuentes, telling me of his ability to pin-point the things that need discussion and the progress in their recovery.  I was skeptical and unwilling to leave the person helping me. 

"As time passed, I made no headway in realizing my goals in treatment.  I then met with Pablo.  At our first session, in fact, in the first minutes, he helped me to see practical ways to remedy a critical situation faced at home. His advice helped tremendously!

"Since then, I discovered Mr. Fuentes's talents in dealing not only with the immediate crises, but also the underlying reasons for them. 

"The main reason why I continue seeing Mr. Fuentes and would heartily recommend him, is that, I see  big changes in me."

           Dina Toyoda, writer

"I meet with Pablo and am incredibly grateful for our time. It's the first time I sought professional help (I am 28 years old). I was not sure what to expect.  Hesitant, anxious, and unsure I was, whether it would be worthwhile.  Needless to say, I'm glad I did.  Pablo is incredibly welcoming and has a calming presence.  After our initial meeting, I felt comfortable and knew that he could help with struggles I faced.

"Pablo helped me comprehend the root cause of my struggles in my relationships. I have a deeper understanding of how my upbringing and life experiences influenced the person I am today.  He allowed me take a step back and view myself in a way I never have.  This was necessary for my growth.  Pablo is intuitive, which I appreciate because I am not the most articulate person when it comes to deep conversation. 

"Mr. Fuentes taught me how to practice non-violent communication when dealing with difficult people and emotional bullies. He uses role -playing as a tool to practice  healthy communication, which I find very effective.  

"He helped me realize that a significant amount of my challenges are related to the lack of boundaries.  Co-dependent tendencies had developed within me, compromising my integrity, which led to feelings of resentment, guilt, fear, and depression.  After each session, Pablo devises a practical  'Action Plan' to help me to maintain boundaries.  Sometimes the plan goes against the grain of life-long habits, but that's OK.  It has helped me gain confidence and find peace. 

"His timely humor helps cut the tension in the room, a good laugh can be very therapeutic. He is non-judgmental and encourages honest conversation. I encourage others to meet Mr. Fuentes to see how he can help you."

                Joshua Frumin

"Right away I realized that I could benefit from his expertise because he specializes in treatment for recovery.  I grew up in an alcoholic home.  My needs as a child were unmet, as an adult I suffered because of this. Until I met Mr. Fuentes and started to work with him, I hadn't realize that the emotional difficulties in my life were due to my need for recovery from growing up in a dysfunctional home. 

"If you need understanding in your path to recovery from any kind of dysfunctional presence in your past or current life, I strongly recommend you consider meeting with Mr. Fuentes.  He is a genuine resource who grasps what we need because he has been on that path himself.  He has the expertise, training and compassion to give his clients what they need.  He certainly did that for me. 

"I feel supported and empowered through my sessions with Mr. Fuentes."

         Poppy Richie, Educator, entrepreneur

"It is with sincere pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Pablo Fuentes.  I am a client of his and without a doubt can say that he made a huge impact on my life in a short time.  I felt an instant connection with his unique and effective style of coaching the first time we met and was so impressed with him that I stopped seeing my therapist at the time in order to work with him. Since then, I have received immense healing and clarity as a result of his insight and guidance, which I did not get from the therapist.

"Pablo creates a safe environment with his warmth, sincerity, compassion and honesty.  His positivity and use of humor put me at ease.  I always feel comfortable expressing my feelings knowing I am heard, supported and respected. The techniques and tools he offers are powerful and useful.  For example, we often role play scenarios to help overcome difficulties of challenging situations that occur in life.  This is empowering as I know that I have tools I can use the moment I walk out the door. This gives me feelings of confidence, control and tranquility. 

"Throughout my amazing time with Pablo, he has proven to be a highly skilled coach who puts his heart and soul into his clients.  He is committed to helping the lives of others. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of help."

    Teresa Holstein, Teacher

  "I have worked with Pablo Fuentes, founder of New Hope Resources.  During the time spent together, I noticed Pablo has the following skills: 

"He has a thorough knowledge of different modalities of support, is flexible, and customizes his approach according to clients' needs. He is intuitive, listens well, using empathy.  He puts his finger on issues, working with me until they were resolved. 

"Pablo is easy to talk to and amiable.  He clearly knows what he's doing. Since meeting with Mr. Fuentes, I have changed.  I am more confident, have a higher level of sustainable energy, which I channel towards my responsibilities as a married man, a father of three teenagers and an entrepreneur. 

"Through him, I am more decisive, a better listener and tend to my inner voice.  He's helped with my profession.  I was made aware of tools that allow me to deal with depression, fear and anger.  I feel, for the first time in many years, that I am now truly in charge of my life."

    Alain LeRoy, Entrepreneur, Life Coach


       "Pablo is a warm person who makes me feel comfortable during our sessions.  He understands people's struggles and helps me overcome difficulties I face.

       "I could never get beyond my childhood difficulties and did not know how to thrive.  Because of our time, I am learning how to be me!  My passivity is decreasing and I'm learning how to express my voice---stating what is important to me----even standing up to people who once intimidated me, something I could never do before, due to growing up in a dysfunctional home.  As a result, I'm happier, less depressed.   

        "Time spent with Pablo, processing the deep anger that has lurked within since childhood is releasing tensions, fears and anxieties that once consumed me, even though it was hidden by my calm British demeanor. 


         "One example of his effectiveness is that those who know me, and even acquaintances at church have noticed a world of change in my personality. I feel younger and happier.  In fact, three friends and a church member, his wife and teenage daughter now see Mr. Fuentes because of the improvements they have seen in me. 

         "I smile more, have increased confidence and others comment on how happy I am.  This is true because of Pablo.  He helps me apply principles above the vulnerable parts of my personality.  As a result, my life has clarity and sanity as I'm overcoming difficult areas in my life and the emotional bullies who once ruled over me.

          "In Pablo, you, too, will find the support needed to handle life's challenges."


                 Doris Atkins

"To Whom It May Concern

       "I have seen Mr. Fuentes for about six months. In that time he has been a tremendous help in turning my life around, even helping me to get my present job.  Before meeting him, I was in a depressed mood due to my circumstances and felt incapable of making the changes necessary to better my life.  Upon meeting Mr. Fuentes, we very quickly built rapport as I found him to be a person that really cared and had had a very rough childhood as well.  It was important to talk with someone who had been in a similar situation as me and had come out on top.

      "As we talked about my issues, Mr. Fuentes provided a healthy perspective on the issues I was dealing with. He was very supportive, mapping out practical steps that could be done to better myself and my mindset.  His sense of humor also worked well to lighten the mood and made the time spent enjoyable.

       "I grew up as a second generation member of what many consider a cult.  My parents imposed strict religious beliefs unto me, never giving me a choice.  It was a source of great pain and hardship. I am coming to terms with it, with Pablo's help.  I am learning forgiveness is necessary to move on with my life and I feel better. I am, now, because of Mr. Fuentes' help, living life on my terms and shedding the shadow that the religious upbringing placed on me.

       "Over the course time meeting with Mr. Fuentes, my self-confidence and self-esteem has grown considerably. Believing in myself was not something that I really did until recently learning how, with Pablo's help.  Being able to do that is quite empowering. Having someone that provides excellent support and guidance through trying times makes a world of difference. I am glad I made the decision to seek help. Mr. Fuentes has also gone above the call many times, going well past the time allotted because he wanted to finish addressing a particular issue.

      "I highly recommend Mr. Fuentes.  He has had a great impact on my life and I am now in a much better place than I was."

       Name witheld upon his request, for professional reasons.  Contact information is available upon request.

            "I'm thankful for Pablo's help. My life has improved.  In less than three months, he helped me transform into different person. I was passive, depressed, worried and afraid; now I am happier and worry less.

        "I am lucky, being his client. I'm learning how to place principles above the damaged parts of my personality.  I stand for my values in a way that doesn't use shame, blame, fear, guilt or judgment.  

       "I feel stronger, wiser and happier because of my times with Mr. Fuentes.  I once felt powerless when facing problems related to my husband, who is an alcoholic.  Now, I feel empowered, using tools, principles I never had before.  I have more peace and sanity.

        "I am learning to “Let go and let God.”  Now, I let God do the work, when I am troubled.  Living life on my terms has made me happier.  I learned that “an expectation is resentment waiting to happen.”  I once was depressed when expectations were not met. 

        "Now, I use acceptance. I see my options, when facing a difficulties.  The non-violent communication he has taught me, and using the slogan “let begin with me” help when relating with unsafe people. 

        "I now “respond and not react,” remaining calm, not letting circumstances or others trigger me.  Pablo has helped me learn to keep “love apples” in my cheeks, when confronting.  As a result of my newly learned behavior, my husband is opening up. He feels less attacked when I'm upset. He is transforming for the better, because of my growth.  I am also stronger, more in control of my emotions.

        "I thankful for Mr. Fuentes'  methods.  He had a magic key that opened the door to greater happiness.  I now have my own key.   I am amazed with my personal growth.  I am calmer, more patient, confident, and gentle.  I have learned how to be more gracious, even when others are not kind. 

          " Pablo is kind, warm, knowledgeable and professional.  I trust in him. I recommend anyone who has struggles, to see Mr. Fuentes.  He will, if you spend time with him, provide you with your own key to joy and healing.  Even if you are happy with your life, Pablo will teach you ways that will make it even better. Believe me, I know, because this has been true for me."

            Meiling Feng

January 2014
"To Whom It May Concern,

         "I am blessed having Pablo as my life coach.  I had therapists in the past, unfortunately, they counseled solely from textbooks, placing an academic label on me, and ignoring my uniqueness.  

         "I prefer Pablo’s holistic approach.  He has extreme knowledge of texts. He is accurate in applying literature to my personal struggles.  What I enjoy most is his humanity to share his life stories of trauma and codependency.  Pablo genuinely understands people.  It is a gift, and I am so glad that there is a person like him in this world who cares deeply for his clients.

         "It is a joy having this positive man in my life.  What I admire about Pablo is his humility, having overcome his difficult experiences and his ability to inspire and believe in others, sharing his strength and hope.  Not once has Pablo judged me or told me that I am wrong.  Through deep understanding of his own recovery, he sees the possibility in others, encouraging them to be who they truly are.

          "I am learning life is best lived when I witness and connect with what it offers me throughout the day, surfing my circumstances, not resisting them. This is better than expecting things or controlling events in my life, but to let go and give everything over to God.  Life is more enjoyable when I do, adding more excitement to my day.  Because of Pablo, I am learniing to make decisions that meet my needs and to feel that it is right and just to celebrate myself and my feelings. 
         "When with Pablo, I feel this underlying sense of gratitude to God, for never giving up on me and His insistent love, including that I receive through Mr. Fuentes.  Pablo cares about his clients and is always an inspiration to me. He has encouraged me to pursue the areas of my life I felt I needed to all along, which was writing and music.  

         "I am at the beginning stage of a new career, one I am excited about and I am grateful for Pablo inspiring me to take the leap. 

        "On several occasions, Pablo has taken the time to follow-up our sessions with a sincere conversation on the phone that ends with a prayer.  I would say that he has a permanent seat in my balcony of support.  Thank you, Pablo!"

             Tony Barreto, Educator, Business Owner

Contact information for any of the clients listed above is available upon request.  They would be happy to speak with you.

Phone: 510 355 4309
Skype: pablocfuentessr.  (Include the ".")


Anonymous said...

I have been working with Pablo for about one and a half years,
His inside and wisdom at every stage of my progress ( yes progress!) has been of great help to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pablo,
I ave worked over the years with about 4 different psychologists.
You are the best!
You are very practical and your guidance has made a big difference for me to work on myself and see and feel my own progress.
Thank you the Bavarian Girl

Pablo said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you, for your kind words. I am glad I was able to help.

Pablo said...

Bavarian Girl,

I know who you are. It is my joy equipping others with tools that restores their self-worth, giving them the confidence to reach their full potential and celebrate a Great Big Life.

It is my pleasure working with you!

Vincent Corral Jr. said...

Thank you so much for your kind and generous help Pablo!

Without your assisting us to identify some of the root causes to our pains and suffering, we would not be able to be free minded as we are today. Your spiritual guidance and sharing your personal experiences has allowed us to forgive ourselves and release us from the horrors of our past. Because of your unbiased approach to understand both myself and fiance, we were able to recognize solutions to better communication and loving affection. As our life coach, we look forward to working with you to continue to better ourselves, our livelihood and spiritual growth. Thanks for playing a huge role in our lives!


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