Thursday, August 17

The Value of Boundaries ....... 8/17/17

Gratitudes for Today:
1.  For boundaries.
   They allow me to keep my sanity. To-day, I told someone I was annoyed by his assumptions about me.  He doesn't know the workings of my mind.

    I firmly told him to stop doing it.  He cried.
2.  For great friends.
     I love connecting with others.  I revel in the authenticity we enjoy.  I don't care for Facebook.  I see it as Fakebook.  Rarely do you witness people there talking from their heart, being vulnerable.
3.  For being sick this evening. It helped me to slow down and rest.
4.  For not letting others be on my side of the net.
     We are to stay on our side of the net.  This is where we say what we are experiencing.  We share what we feel, what we are hearing and seeing, when with another.

     We are not on the other person's side of the court when relating.  We are guilty of doing that when we interpret, judge or make assumptions about another person.

      We don't know what is going on their minds.  When we interpret, we are not reacting to reality.  Interpreting, assuming, judging, conclusions are based upon our imagination.
5.  For kindness received from others.
    I enjoy smiles thrown my way.  I value being appreciated, treated with consideration.

   I'll stop here.  I may do more work on this post, later.  For now, my best for today is good enough.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

Wednesday, August 9

Being A Swami Is Not Our Job, Revisited ............ 8/9/17

A great way to avoid etching lines in your
 face is being internally referented. 
      I see the fol-lowing post, "Being a Swami Is Not Our Job"  is climbing the sidebar to your right.  I am leaving a copy here for those not acquainted with it. Here it is:

    We don't ex-perience an inter-pretation.  

 We imagine them.  Speaking my feelings without interpreting is being present. Whenever we state what is alive without judgment or presump-tions, we let others know the real us.

     These authentic words are more likely to be heard and felt by friends than con-trol-oriented pro-nouncements. We hurt the relation-ship when we say,

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