Expressing Our Voice

My hope is we'll become as exuberant as my
middle son Micael---yes, there is no "h"----
is here, because we are exercising our voice.To his
 right, is my oldest son, Pablo Jr. (Actually the fifth)

       A theme expressed in this inn is expressing our voice. It is key for maintaining our dignity, integrity, emotional safety and the peace of mind we seek. And, it's critical for having an Attitude of Gratitude.

       Here's are the first of many links on this subject.   (The innkeeper is up for a raise.  He hopes that if he does this extra work, he may just get it.)

Being Congruent With My Internal Voice
Dodging a Raging Bull
Expressing My Voice, Doing So Respectfully
Not Being Externally Referented
Thoughts On Relating With An Intimidator

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Quotes from the Posts

"I'm mindful that our thoughts affect the words we use, our words influence our actions, our actions shape our character and our character determines our destiny."

From "My Character Determines My Destiny." To read it, please click here.

"Progress not perfection, is better than no progress at all, especially when we're trying to rid ourselves from unwelcome dragons that dwell within the closets of our soul."

From, "Still Learning" which, within four days, became the most popular post
written. To read it, please click here.

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its trouble, but it does empty today of its strength"
From the post: "Life Is Not a Correspondence Program." Click here to read it.

"Even though we cannot control our circumstances, we can control how we choose to respond to them."

From, "Handling Stress and Dealing With an Emotional Bully."Click here to read this post.

"Nope, being busy isn't exciting. Boring is good. Because boring is not boring; boring is being healthy, living a balanced life that has serenity"

From: "Do You Know What It Means If You Are Too Busy?" For more, please click here.