Friday, January 13

The Three A's: Awareness, Acceptance, Action: Getting Unstuck........... ...................1/13/17

   The key point for per-sonal growth is under-standing acceptance. It is a critical stage we must go through to overcome difficul-ties. Acceptance is active.

    It is not yielding to nega-tive circumstances. Nor is it believing there no alterna-tives for our plight. We can transcend whatever challenges us.

      The Three A's help us move beyond being stuck.

      This is true whether they are physical or emotional. We learn more about this in today's video.  Let me know your response by leaving a comment below.

      I hope today's message helps you in your journey towards having the life you want and deserve.  I wish you a fantastic Friday.  I know mine will be.


Wednesday, January 11

Being Present Conteracts Manipulation From Others. Also, Coming to Your Neighborhood, A Visit With Your Innkeeper

      I made a mistake.

      I gave a title to a second video I created.  It goofed things up.  I am not able to upload it to my Youtube channel.  Accomplishing this would let me present it here.

      I am working on this glitch.  Being the positive guy I am, I see this problem is helping me increase my knowledge in creating videos.

      So, I'm leaving this post in the meantime.

      Last night, I met with friends in Alameda.  Someone judged me.  That wasn't nice.  But it was still a lovely evening, nonetheless. Why?  Because I don't let others define me or determine my moods.

      My guess is this judger felt smug about his assumptions.  That's too bad. What is interesting is I arranged for this person to join us.  Unfortunately judging another estranges the relationship.

      I imagine the person was threatened by my presence.  He and I maintain an ongoing difference regarding the subject of discipline.

      But I suppose his critical comments comforted him.  When we are critical it usually makes us feel wronged but righteous.  The problem is that when we come to conclusions based on our imagination, we are not seeing reality. 

       I will speak with this person soon.  I'll be present.  I have no idea as to the out-come.

       It doesn't matter.

       When I express what bothers me I am taking care of me.

       I love the resiliency enjoyed when we are present.  It's critical facing what troubles us.  It also helps us thrive, truly delighting in all the wonderful nooks life offers.

       We live with authenticity when we stay in the here and now. That happens when we do not let mental chatter distract us from the beauties each moment offers.

       When we are present, troubles lose their power.  They move from haunting specters.  Being present prevents our troubles from looming within our minds.

   Addressing them, they become issues that aren't intimidating. This occurs when we examine them more closely.  "Courage faces fear and thereby masters it."

        I love knowing my worth is not based on what I do, or don't do.

        I am thankful for the tremendous love and support I get from my network of emotionally healthy friends.  Their love and the comfort they offer enable me to be bold.  They empower me to confront the dragons that want to upset me.

       These are the gremlins we encounter when relating with unsafe people.  This happens when relating with people who try to manipulate us or control outcomes.  Like what happened last night.

        You know these dragons.  They are people who use guilt, shame, blame, judgment or fear to get us to do their bidding or intimidate.  I reject these forms of manipulation.

        That's why I am going to talk with the person I came across yesterday. The person who annoyed me last night chose the wrong guy when he tried to using life-alienating communication.

        I am excited to discover the outcome when I confront this person, soon.


        Shortly, I'll have a video, "Three A's---How to Experience Personal Growth."  It will be coming to this inn in your cyber neighborhood.  With it, you will have the innkeeper chatting with you for twelve minutes!

       I'm leaving to run for an hour-and-a-half. Wishing you a terrific Thursday, I know mine has been and will be.

Friday, January 6

The Courage to Wait During Restless Times 1/6/17

      What is written below is a comment from a visitor of this inn.  It is his response to "Expressing Feelings," written on New Years Day.  He sent it to me in an e-mail.

       Please, join me in welcoming Tony Barreto as today's guest blogger!  Let me know your re-sponse.  I appreciate his insight and sensitivity.

      Thank you, for dropping by.

         Dear Innkeeper,

         I love this stuff, too.  Thank you for your share.  I reread a book I interestingly found at a used bookstore, on New Year's Eve.

         I was familiar with it years ago.  It's a small thin book with 88 small pages. It comes with a strong message.  The book is called Practicing Peace in Times of War, written by a Buddhist monk.

     The main theme was about having the courage to wait.  Wait for what, one might ask.

Thursday, January 5

Discernment Needed For Healthy Relationships. The 1st Video Message From the Innkeeper ...................1/6/17

      Today's content is different.

      And how.  It fol-lows my strongest suit as a public speak-er. This is my foray into using video at this inn.  It is the first of many that will be shared here.

      Today's topic is in line with the previous post, "Expressing Our Feelings."  It deals with discernment.  There are indicators that help us determine whether it is wise relating with someone.

      It is important to know who is safe and those we want to

Sunday, January 1

Expressing Our Feelings, Revisited 1/1/17

        It great expres-sing feelings.

       It helps to be constructive, when we do.  If we are sup-portive and affirming while communica-ting, that's even better. Ongoing prac-tice is necessary if this way of conver-sing is to be a part of our lives.

Saturday, December 24

My Second Favorite Christmas Story 12/24/16

       If you missed the previous season-related tale, my third favorite, you can find it here.  
      I wrote the follow-ing in 2011.  You may not be familiar with it. 
      Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas,                         ThInnkeeper

     Gather round the fireplace warming the inn.  You may be frazzled by the call of Madison Avenue.  QVC and the Home Shopping Network may be assaulting you with gifts options for loved ones.  Commercials from Radio

Wednesday, December 21

My Third Favorite Christmas Story 12/21/16

WWII photo of the Ardennes Forest
       Good evening, one and all. I hope life is treating you well. For many, this is a frantic, mater-ialistic season.       
         Needn't be so.  In the inn, we're having a countdown for the biggest day of this month.  For

Tuesday, December 6

What's Needed to Have Our Love Bank Filled....... 12/6/16

       You've been patient.

       So, here I am.  I know, I've been scarce.  I value your vi-sits.

       I am spinning many plates.  Haven't run much.   I was doing that routinely.  It's been on pause for two weeks.  I'll  run tomorrow, even if it rains.

      When under stress, it's important, taking care of our physical needs.

       It is wonderful, when we bask in the glow of receiving desperately

Monday, November 28

Taking Care Of Ourselves During a Crazy Season: The Advent of Christmas.............. ...................11/28/16

      Now is a good time to slow down.  I know this is the opposite of what we experience, while gearing up for Christmas.

       Many of us need to pro-cess the holidays.  This time of year involves interacting with others.  This includes encounter-ing disturbing people.  Or it may be seeing difficult relatives we don't usually come across any other time.

       When with them, there can

Thursday, November 24

Today, The Biggest and Most Important Day at the Inn ..... 11/24/16

        Many suffer from worry, de-pression, frustra-tion, self-loathing.

         An Attitude of Gratitude counteracts these ills.  Cher-ishing our loved ones, counting our blessings are key to knowing happi-ness.

       Thank you for dropping by.  This is the biggest and most central day of this inn.  May

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