Tuesday, July 28

       I write, dictating on my smartphone. I have an ice pack on my right wrist. My left knee has its skin removed, creating a red circle one inch in diameter.  My right shin is scraped and its corresponding arm is bleeding. Other than that, I'm doing pretty well, thanks to taking 2 pills of Aleve.

        I moaned all the way home from Alameda, where I cycled for 12 miles along the bay until 10:00 pm,. That ride ended with a bang, one hundred yards shy of my car. Profusely I sweated, because of the pain. Stupidly, I drove home using one arm. I really wanted to get to the bottle of Aleve.

       The lady driving alongside me on Marina Boulevard in San Leandro thought I was insane. I was groaning and moving all over inside my car. while coping with the agony I felt shooting through my right wrist. I used it to brace myself when my body kissed asphalt.

1. I think I did not break my wrist.
2. For the fellow cyclist who stopped and picked me up while I writhed in pain while sprawled on my back, going crazy.
3. For seeing my doctor tomorrow.
4. For David. who tended to me. in my hour of physical need.
5. For the compassion and support received from someone dear.

How About You?

I am still working on this...

Sunday, July 26

Another Waterfall Ride ................... 7/26/15

      Another waterfall of a ride this weekend.

       Joy splashed against cliffs of anguish.  Floating upon the river of elation, my soul was later pum-meled by boulders of remorse for my stupidity and lack of sensitivity. Stunning, gliding mo-ments upon the river of bliss were matched with the free-fall cascade of sorrow this morning. I felt confusion, loss, early this afternoon.

      Not now.

      Yet, I prefer this jum-ble of feelings, than living meagerly, as a pauper, because of a life lacking

Friday, July 24

The Key To True Riches, Abundance and Joy........ 7/24/15

       My head spins.

       It luxuriates in good fortune.  Riches beyond measure are overflowing the treasure chest of my expectations.  I am grateful, my smile has never been wider. My heart wells with

Monday, July 20

An Affirmation of Life: Dreams Coming True........ 7/20/15

        More to share than the number of nuts in the mouth of a success-ful squirrel.  But these facts will be squirreled away from guests of this inn.  Four hands typing simultaneously, for eight+ weeks, could not document all the good happening, the past two months.  Details will be spared. The innkeeper writes tonight while wearing his cloak of

Friday, July 17

Warmed Over Death, The Need To Connect and Love First ................. 7/17/15

      It gave me the creeps.

     Someone wrote a comment here, at the inn, at 8:15 this morning.  The second time he has posted in four years.  It had no heart.  The com-ment was deleted.  How easy it is, staying in our head.  Warmed over death.

     The last two sentences sounds like a a lyric doesn't it?  Don't mind me, I've been listening to Neil Young's music lately. And I

Tuesday, July 14

Intimacy---Transparently Transcending Outdated Fears and Vulnerabilities...................... ...................7/14/15

      Being honest.

      Often hard.  False beliefs block the way.  We think we'll be rejected, the object of scorn, if we ex-press opinions differing from the crowd.  It is common to be infected by doubt and the anxi-ety of not fitting in.  Our fears often are the offspring of

Friday, July 10

The Pathway to IIntimacy: Being Transparent ..... 7/10/15

     Being tongue tied.

     Fear, being timid, or having low self-esteem prevents us from speaking the truth. We are op-pressed by others, we lack courage to stand true to

Wednesday, July 8

How to Have a Rich Life...................... 7/8/15

    Surprise.  I nor-mally post late at night, after my evening is done.

     Having a rich life is not about money. It is about living life fully. Abundance is not in how much we have, but in how much we enjoy.
    A mixture of feelings percolate within. The main thing is I am hap-py, more than content.  Over-joyed, in a quiet way,

Thursday, July 2

Speaking Our Truth, Why We Don't............... 7/2/15

         Saying what we want.

         How difficult it can be.  Fearing the reactions of others, makes us feel like walking on egg-shells.  Wanting to please, we have the false belief our needs are secondary to those of others.

        We are not honest.  We don't disagree---outward-ly---while inwardly, we protest.  We do not state our opin-ions---what we want or don't want.  We comply while

Tuesday, June 30

Six Steps to Emotional Resiliency ............. 6/30/15, 1,100th Post

    Thriving during difficult times.

     Emotional resili-ency. The stuff that allows us to not cow-er to abusers.  It is the inner strength that prevents us from yielding when the feet of our char-acter are put to

Quotes from the Posts

"I'm mindful that our thoughts affect the words we use, our words influence our actions, our actions shape our character and our character determines our destiny."

From "My Character Determines My Destiny." To read it, please click here.

"Progress not perfection, is better than no progress at all, especially when we're trying to rid ourselves from unwelcome dragons that dwell within the closets of our soul."

From, "Still Learning" which, within four days, became the most popular post
written. To read it, please click here.

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its trouble, but it does empty today of its strength"
From the post: "Life Is Not a Correspondence Program." Click here to read it.

"Even though we cannot control our circumstances, we can control how we choose to respond to them."

From, "Handling Stress and Dealing With an Emotional Bully."Click here to read this post.

"Nope, being busy isn't exciting. Boring is good. Because boring is not boring; boring is being healthy, living a balanced life that has serenity"

From: "Do You Know What It Means If You Are Too Busy?" For more, please click here.