Saturday, July 26

A Lesson In Perseverance ........................... 7/26/14

     Saturdays can be a day of weariness.  I feel the weight of a busy, demanding week.  Serving others, dealing with depression, suicidal ideation, abusive relationships, OCD and anxiety takes its toll upon the innkeeper.

     Sleep seduced me.  I spent more time with her this morning.  Good.  A thousand pounds of

Friday, July 25

A Fantastic, Rare, and Unfinished Conversation. Wisdom, Greater Than Knowledge

A picture I took a couple of months ago, while at the shore of Half Moon Bay
My Gratitudes for Friday:
1.  I am getting my sea-legs under me.  For the past month-and-a-half I have been getting acquainted with living in a new town, having a new schedule and multiple changes that overloaded my ability to cope, physically, spiritually and mentally. The dizzying effect of these changes, happening all at once,

Thursday, July 24

Grateful for Faith and the Source Behind It........... 7/24/14

     Engrossed in writing this post, I overlooked the deadline.  So, here I am, submitting a post at the earliest  time possible.  I am relaxed, anticipating all the good that will happen today, Thursday.  I am weary, though at ease.  The week has been

Tuesday, July 22

Grateful for Nonviolent Communication, Emotional Object Constancy and Emotional Maturity Gotten by Recovery........ 7/22/14

No, I am not a mortician. No. this is not a picture of
me. But, this is how it was tonight, but I was sitting.
 I know.  Yecch.
The picture below is another version of the same
 thing.  No, I am not a masochist, either. Far from it.
        A better day.  But, contending routinely happens on Tuesday night. Tonight was no exception.  If only it weren't so.  I am not Superman, or should I say, Sir Lancelot.  No one enjoys conflict, even me, the Attitude of Gratitude guy.  My body gets a clammy feeling, a cold sweat overcomes me, dread hangs like a

Monday, July 21

Surmounting Life's Challenges...... 7/21/14

Garin Park.  The San Francisco Bay in the Background. The
 thin strip of land beyond it is the San Francisco Peninsula 
      The innkeeper is happy introducing Poppy Richie, a guest blogger.  She is a long-term teacher in the East Bay.

        The Upper Ridge Trail in Northern California's Garin Park, is accessible after hiking a rigorous ascent with little shade.  The hills are green in the late spring, making this is a favorite hike taken with my Schnauzer-terrier dog Roxie.  The California poppy flowers paint the hills bright

Saturday, July 19

The Week In Review............ 7/19/14

       I am at a loss.  Confused.  Frustrated.  Also elated, encouraged, inspired.  Making sense of life can be futile.  It is often best not

Wednesday, July 16

The Dragon and the Gnat.......... 7/16/14

          Well, today, I faced the gnat that whined in the ear of my consciousness the past week.  I didn't say why I hadn't return his call.  He knew better than to ask.  When arrived at tonight's meeting, my emo-tional pulse was calm, collected.  Thank God for the fortitude gotten from hard work devel-oping my

Tuesday, July 15

Not Letting Others Define Us or Determine Our Moods................. 7/15/14

        I am interacting with difficult people.  Lately, I have been practicing patience and grace while relating with emotionally abusive people.  Now, I can see humor in situations that at one time would have had me shaking with the adrenaline associated with fear.

       My circumstances haven't changed.  I have.  I've learned to not

Monday, July 14

Experiencing An Unpleasant Controlling Person................ 7/9/14

     Hi, fatigued, I am, seeing six clients today.  Great day, though.  Each session was glorious, all were a unique adventure, challenging my training, education and stamina.  I have the world's best clients.

       Yesterday, I wrote about someone trying to control me.  Wrong move.  I am not

Sunday, July 13

An Outside Source is Trying to Control The Innkeeper ...... 7/13/14

I am not a puppet
         I am feeling the effect of a force trying to control me.  No, I am not assaulted by the telepathic powers of an alien from outer space.  Such a creature is not applying supernatural powers, to sway me, mentally.

         No, it is an everyday person who cannot handle the word "no."   Numerous times, this individual has applied different approaches to get my attention and coerce me into following his agenda, do his bidding. That is being controlling. This fellow is crossing boundaries.  I don't care for it.  He is not respecting my right as an adult.  I can disagree, free to make choices, whether he likes them or not.

          I am glad I am not codependent, otherwise I would yield to the pressure, doing something I don't care to perform, to please someone I don't know, who doesn't care about me or my values.

         Boy, is this person making a mistake using this approach to motivate me. Being emotionally coerced doesn't work for me.   I need to be respected.

My Gratitudes:
1.  I do not surrender to emotional bullies.
2.  I appreciate the discernment I have. Not all people are equals. I steer clear from those who do not consider my values, who try overruling my life, by not noting what I want nor my feelings.
3.  I am thankful for boundaries. They allow me to live with sanity, order and ease.

I'll write more later today.  I am tired, needing to sleep. I will see you after I get rest.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 

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