Using nonviolent communication, somatic therapy, and recovery-based alternatives, I help others transcend trauma, cultivate their inner voice, and celebrate the great big life they want and deserve.

Telephone: (510) 355-4309
E-mail: pablosrnewhoperesources@gmail.com

You can reach by phone at (510) 355-4309 or by
 e-mail at pablosrnewhoperesources@gmail.com
     I'm passionate about helping others in their journey towards inward healing. 

       This involves moving beyond our Victim StoryThis is our obses-sion with the diffi-cult parts of our life.  Spending time with me, clients learn how to stop playing the scarred areas of their past, or the miserable difficulties of the present, like a loop cycle within the mind.  

        Our Victim Story jars us with disturbing thoughts.  It creates painful memories.  These emotional scars are the source of the mental and spiritual scabs that trigger us, that rob us of our personal power.  

       When that happens, feelings of anxiety, fear, defensiveness, and anger are aroused within. 

        The buttons of past painful experiences, when pushed, fling us back to our younger and vulnerable emotional selves.  This takes place even though outwardly we appear as mature adults.  These are the times when others cannot figure us out.  

         If we are triggered this way, we have difficulty understanding ourselves

         When this happens, our younger self has a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel as we ride the bus of frightful emotions.  In this state, life is rife with dread.  We feel hopeless, trapped, powerless.

         There is a better option.  Life can be thrilling.  It can be amazingly nurturing.  We can know it as exciting, fulfilling, and full of celebra-tion.

         We can know relationships that make us feel lighter, less bur-dened.  We can learn how to connect with others who help us grow, and become a better person. 

         This requires recovery, using its principles.  Recovery means no longer living in the margins of our lives.  It is knowing a peace that transcends our difficult circumstances. 

         With recovery, we become comfortable in our own skin.  We know the "okayness of me."  We have our voice.  

         We know how to speak our truth.  We enjoy authenticity.

         Healing and developing our personal strength take place when we are embraced with grace.  This happens when we know the comfort and compassion of healthy others.  It takes place when we have a dynamic relationship with a loving, gentle, Higher Power. 

        I help clients to have these type of relationships, with others, and God.  They learn that they train people how to treat them, be it for good or ill.  Those I see learn the steps necessary to have warm and accepting relationships.  

        Clients discover the key steps necessary for emotionally satisfying connection with others.  They know healing does not take place in isolation. It requires a thriving, emotionally healthy community. With me, they learn how to create one. 

        Peace of mind is available.  To have it, it is critical knowing boundaries and fixing our damaged people picker.  These improve-ments create the life we want and deserve.  

        Those I work with learn how to feel the enormity of their feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them.  They discover how to express themselves gently, but firmly.  How to say their no as gently as their yes. 

        Clients learn how to speak their truth and be present without being dominating or controlling.  

         This is a difficult relational high-wire act, but essential for emo-tional health.  It is essential to know how to stand in our power.  It is critical discovering how to maintain our dignity and respect.  

          This is especially true when relating with emotional vampires.  This is central for us to live with recovery.  

       Those who see me learn how to maintain their dignity, how to be true to their values. They learn to be internally referented. This requires constant practice for it to become a natural part of our lives. 

       Recovery is putting dragons of depression and despair where they belong.  In our past.  Doing so isn't denying the reality of past pain. 

       It is simply no longer letting the joy, hope, and love we deserve to be hindered by painful memories.  Clients develop skills that liberate them from the weight of painful negative memories that stir disturbing emotions. 

       There are ways we can apply healthy behavior and thinking to areas that once held us back.  We can create a better today. 

       Recovery is critical for health and happiness.  This includes our thinking. (For more info on this click here.)  An old proverb says: 
“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”   Proverbs 23:7
        Research shows our attitude profoundly affects our performance.  It is the source of self-esteem.  Most of us still see life through the defective flashlight lens of our Victim Story.  

        Preferred is viewing life through a positive searchlight.  This is being mindful of our good qualities and the positive aspects of our history.  It is being aware that are loved, lovable and deserving.  

        Often this hard to grasp because of our focus on false beliefs developed during traumatic moments in our childhood. 

        We may believe bad things happened to us because we deserved mistreatment.  Or we think God is mad.  At us.  Or that we are bad people.  Or that we do not deserve love. 

        This is not true. 

        Gratitude and living with integrity towards our values help us achieve the Great Big Life we want and deserve.  It helps us win the Grand Prix.

        My wish is this inn provides guests with principles and encour-agement, that it will help us develop inner strength.  It shares how we can have fortitude when we are being manipulated or in dire circum-stances.  In this inn, we learn how to surf today's challenges, it  provides perspective.
  “If we keep our face towards the sun we won’t see much of darkness.”   Helen Keller.
         Teach, train, encourage, helping others make successful priorities is what I do.  Through Skype and the phone, I help many, including those around the world. 

        Clients find their voice. They learn how to assert boundaries.  How to overcome trauma and being stuck. 

        They learn how to become innocent again, celebrating the Great Big Life in store for them.  Clients learn how to overcome abuse and resentment.  They discover how to lance the boil of bitterness.  They discover how to use nonviolent communication.  Those I help learn this method to say what they mean, mean what they say but not say it meanly. 

        Those I see discover how to have that difficult conversation they are avoiding. The client learns how to distinguish Safe People from those who aren't.  Clients experience the healing power somatic therapy has for trauma.  They discover how to grow Balcony People. These are people who make us better because of the time spent with them.  For more about them, read here.  

        Those interested learn how to have a date worth keeping, alternatives that heal depression, isolation and fear, or time management. 

        I relate with professionals. I've directed organizations in Northern California.  For years, I oversaw a Fortune 400 company involving a staff of more than 200; before that, I worked as a psychiatric rehab therapist in a sub-acute psychiatric hospital for nine years. Having these experiences, and raising three teenage sons, I can face any challenge, believe me. 

        I assist others in becoming the person they want to be. Clients learn how to being grounded in the present
        I believe each seminar I give and each session I have provides clients with tools to handle their problems. Whether the problem is within them or their relationship with others. They discover a depth of resources. This the result of more than thirty-five thousand hours of being involved in this profession. 

       Question: are you willing to make the investment necessary to enjoy a great big life?  I hope and believe so.  Let me help you.  Give me a call and we can start that journey for you.  Another possibility is  introducing yourself by sharing your gratitudes here.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

            Wishing you a great and grateful day!

                             The Innkeeper

Telephone Number: (510) 355-4309
E-mail: pablosrnewhoperesources@gmail.com
Skype: pablocfuentessr.  (include the ".") 

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