Al-Anon Family Groups

      Al-Anon Family Groups (AFG) is an international organization for friends and relatives of alcoholics, whether this person is actively drinking or not. Click here to find a meeting near you. 

      It is in no way related with Alcoholics Anonymous.  Al-Anon is not a nickname for that organization that assists drinkers.  AFG is an entirely separate organization, helping those who have been affected by the effects of alcohol in another. 

      Members learn how to deal with emotional abusers, less than pleasant bosses, intimidators, issues of control, perfectionism, and other problem behavior characteristics often found where others are chemically dependent or emotionally repressed.  Al-Anon Family Group members learn to clean their side of the street, how to take care of themselves. 

       I recommend giving this organization a try.  You'll be glad you did.  Your depression and frustration will decrease, always a good thing. 

       Even if a person doesn't relate with an alcoholic, attending may help that person recover from passivity, fear, self-loathing. Members learn that establishing healthy boundaries is key for emotional health.  There are open meetings for those who want to learn more about this organization and develop skills that allow them to surmount life's difficulties.

Here are posts related to Al-Anon Family Groups and its principles.  This is a work in progress. I'll add more, when I have time to review past posts that can find a home in this room of recovery.

  1.  Al-Anon Family Groups Described In More Detail
  2.  Calmness in the Eye of the Emotional Storm
  3.  Characteristics of an Al-Anon Familly Group Meeting
  4.  Codependency---Looked At In Detail
  5.  Dealing With An Emotional Bully
  6.  External Referenting and Being a Doormat
  7.  Feeling Good---Escaping Co-dependency
  8.  Freedom From the Tyranny of Other People's Feelings
  9.  Guarding Our Emotional Sobriety
10.  Healing Codependency (Last half of this link.)
11.  It Is Never My Responsibility
12.  Letting Go
13.  Life With An Emotional Bully
14.  Staying In the Solution vs. Dumping on Others Our Problems
15.  Taking Care of Self----Being In H.A.L.T. (Relieving Stress)
16.  The Three A's: How We Can Move Forward Despite Life's Difficulties
17.   A Woman's Story Growing Up With An Alcoholic (Second half of the first section.)
18.  Working the Program

Step   1   Calmness in the Eye of the Storm (see second half)
Step   3   Surrendering My Life and Will to God
Step   5   Learning About Areas Where We Want to Grow
Step   7  God Chooses The Character Defect That Is Removed, Not Me
Step   9  Restoring Broken Relationships: Making Amends
Step 11  Antidote to Anxiety and Being Overwhelmed---Realizing We Need Help
Step 11  Characteristics of a Spiritual Awakening, Part I
Step 11  Characteristics of a Spiritual Awakening, Part II
Step 11  Turning My Will and Life Over to The God of My Understanding
Step 11  Increasing Our Conscious Contact With God

Tradition One: Confidence When Tried By Unhealthy Others
Tradition Two Embracing Differences
Tradition Three: Keeping Our Focus

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Quotes from the Posts

"I'm mindful that our thoughts affect the words we use, our words influence our actions, our actions shape our character and our character determines our destiny."

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