Tuesday, November 11

Increasing Our Contact With God 11/11/14

     Using a different computer.  Mine woke up sick today.   It's in the shop.  It will be the third fan put in it, in the last six months.  I asked Angelo at the computer shop if they had a loaner.  And here
I am.

"Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understand Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry it out."  
Step 11, Al-Anon Family Groups, which is not Alcoholics Anonymous. 
    I am at an impor-tant crossroads, interested in what God is going to do in my life and what he wants from me, the essence of Step 11:
1.  Hearing His voice.
2.  Seeking His will, not mine.
3.  Following where He leads me.

 I like the peace I
have when living by (t)His perspective.  I'll develop my thoughts more about this tomorrow.  Tonight, I am just painting some broad strokes. Tired I am.

What am I to learn?  
Life isn't all about me. It would be a puny universe indeed if it revolved around me.
I like it that I am a part of something larger than my perspective.
What do I need to do?
Slow down, so I can hear God's voice.  Pray.  Meditate. Free myself from distractions. Not let extraneous things like the internet, TV (I really don't have one), my smart phone, or other forms of procrastinating to distract me from the important things I need to do with my time.
What do I need to admit? 
I need to spend more time before Him. I need to continue making the main thing the main thing. Not letting the seductive applause of others to deter me from priorities.  Keep my focus on God's Will.
What can I be thankful for? 
1,  My connection with God.  It is the source of my strength, not my intelligence, not my abilities, not anything else.
2. Having a Step 11 mentality makes living bearable.  It filters out much of the unessential distractions that society offers. It provides balance.  It gives me peace of mind.
3. For the right-sizing nature of this step.  It isn't so much is God in my heart. Rather, am I in the heart of God?

How About You? 
What do you take away as you read Step 11, above?


Anonymous said...

Dear Pablo,

I am slowly understanding the concept that God is not punishing me, he is preparing me. As I look back at all of the recovery work I have done and all of the challenges I have faced, I can see growth. I am now able to see that I was and still am being prepared for great things- self esteem, a voice, inner peace, a relationship with my higher power, balcony people, dignity and maybe even a new career or a new BEGINNING! I have hope, which I never had before! Thank you for being a part of my growth.470

Thumper said...


The above post is from Thumper! Oops!

Pablo said...

Dear Thumper,

I feel badly, not responding sooner. I have been emotionally taxed by an increased work load. But, believe me, your comments are rays of sunshine on days weighed down with plenty to do and my mental resources are spent.

Thank you for your insights and sharing what is alive within you. Knowing you as I do, I marvel at your growth---the strength you now have---because of the hard work you have put in, replacing false beliefs with healthy recovery principles and action.

It makes me smile, hearing you overcoming things that once had you in despair, enjoying hope as never before.

It has been my joy, helping you, as you run the marathon of life! I am proud witnessing the fantastic and drastic improvement in your circumstances and attitude.

A Happy Innkeeper,

The Innkeeper

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