Sunday, November 16

Calmness In The Eye of the Storm, Part III, Revisited 11/16/14

Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.
Image: "Countryside: Across the Valley" by Tim Blessed.  Copyrighted photo. Used by permission. 
        Busy, I have been.  Plenty busy.  But, I figured there has  been enough silence at the inn.  I have a high priority I am preparing for.  I leave this post, it was popular when this inn was new.  Let me know your thoughts. Here it is.


        It's a great feeling, not perseverating when stressed. And, right now, I am under pressure. Getting agitated never helps.  How can I be mentally clear, when

        Feeling equilibrium, drawing from God's strength and love is preferred during these times.  It's an amazing gift, having this as my routine reaction now, when weathering turbulent moments.  Peace, when swirling in the eye of an circumstantial storm helps me focus.

        Serenity is an amazing gift, the result of applying healthy principles above the vulnerable parts of my personality. I lean on my relationship with God while connecting with my emotionally safe friends.  These options are better than inadequate coping methods my younger self once used when immersed with drama.

        The inadequate tools of isolating, anger, resentment, bitterness and self-loathing have been tossed out of my toolbox. No longer my default modes, when experiencing life's drama or disappointment. This is true whether the problems are internal or external----when with others. Using constructive alternatives, is more effective.

       Often, I find it is better to not think, just do.  (No, I don't work for Nike.) Just do the next right step.  If I don't live by recovery principles, I could analyze too much, a form of trying to control the uncontrollable, a form of futility.

       I'm grateful for the ease, emotional safety, joy, tranquility I enjoy. Now, it often transcends my circumstances.  One key factor is no longer beating myself up. I have Balcony People who undergird me with love.

       Now, I'm gentle towards myself.  When wrong, I treat myself with tenderness, with grace. This was not my experience, when I erred as a child. Back then, it was the end of the world to my dad and older siblings.  I was punished.

        I'm thrilled for having found hope for my past.  I'm creating new legacies, replacing the ineffective methods .  I am loving towards myself when I goof.

        I have learned that when I experience a disappointing or frustrating moment in my life, it can be either a monument to my past pain, or, by how I respond, it can reflect the healing, growth and grace I now know.

        Sure, it may feel good----temporarily---being petulant. But, would I really want to trade that for the peace, joy, and harmony I feel, when replacing my character defects with effective alternatives?  I am glad I've learned a better way to live, life now is not only about being at peace with others, and circumstances, but with myself.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? I'd love hearing them.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your wise words. ;)

I am grateful for my Son and the wonderful addition he has made to my world for the past 17 years plus nine months ;)

I am grateful for forcing myself to walk yesterday hoping to make my headache disappear!!! it didn't but the beauty and peace I enjoyed was wonderful and the exercise

I am grateful for my friend who delivered a binder to me ;) and the nice chat we had in the car....I miss her and will see her soon

Hoping for a trip to the mind is full of stuff!!!


Pablo said...

Dear Miss So. San Francisco, aka WCP,

It is great seeing you here. Did you know insanity is hereditary? You get it from your kids. :->

I love how you stayed in the solution when you didn't feel well, enjoying the wonder of this world. as a result. That is having an Attitude of Gratitude and enjoying the benefits when we do!

Thank you, for fulfilling the vision of this inn, sharing your three gratitudes for the day. You made a happy innkeeper.

I appreciate your visits,
The Innkeeper

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