Sunday, November 30

The Past Week: Good and Bads...... 11/30/14

       Once again, it's time, reviewing the high and low points for the recently concluded week.  He's how it looked for me:
1.  Had an in-depth conversation with someone dear.  Feelings and concerns were expressed lovingly,
kindly.  I love conversations where both people are
present, authentic.  This allows each individual to hear what is said and discover what is alive within each other. 
2.  Getting clarity about my future.  I love honest feedback I've gotten from loved ones, including family.  I want to live a full live that is fulfilling. 
3.  Thanksgiving took place this past week, a central day for this inn.  This is something that can be  enjoyed every day of the year.
4.  I appreciate each of you who post comments here. I will answer every comment, soon.
5.  I got one of the best gifts ever, last week.  I am still taking it in, enjoying it, a lot.  It takes my breath away.
6.  Because of the holiday, I rested more than normal.   My weary soul needed it.
7.  I spent time with family.  Nothing compares to family.
8.  It has been raining.  We in California are suffering from one of the worst droughts in history. The air smells good when it has been scrubbed by showers.
9.  We are entering into Christmas Season.  I am glad I know one that is not related to spending, but celebrating the original meaning of this time. 

1.  I am adding costly improvements to my life. Ultimately, however, it will provide greater sanity.
2.  I am coping with loss.  An outcome I look forward to isn't happening.  I am coming to terms with this fact, using recovery.  I am paying attention to what God is telling me through the orchestration of events.
3.  I have not ridden my bike much.  I want to, even if it rains.
4.  Making time to organize my home,  I want to do.
5.  The intensity of work wipes me out, on occasion.  I am glad I am taking care of myself by halting.

How About You? 
What are your high and low points for the past week? I'd love hearing your answers.


Superman said...

Dear Innkeeper,
After a long Saturday of chores, I sat down on my couch looking for a movie to watch online. I ended up watching a beautiful documentary on the biography of a wonderful spiritual teacher. I felt deeply connected. I had moments of tears coming from profound realizations of validation. Why do we feel so much shame towards ourselves when God is the one who created us? If God created us and everything, why do we insist on believing we're flawed? God made things very clear to me at that moment. I am a good person, and if something goes wrong, then it's an opportunity to learn, then move on. I am truly grateful for that Saturday afternoon on my couch.
Clark Kent

Pablo said...

Dear Superman, Clark,

You raise important questions. It is tragic how critical we can be towards ourselves.

What a great lesson/epiphany you had Saturday. May your tribe increase! You are familiar with a quote I post here, often: "Condemning my imperfections has never enhanced my appreciation of life or helped me to love myself more." So true.

Life is less drama-filled when we see life's challenges and lessons as normal---we do not get worked up about them. They are simply, as you say, opportunities to see how we can have our needs met, in spite of them.

This requires giving feedback to others and communicating what is alive within us. With practice, it becomes easier to do.

Thank you, for your consistent visits and the wisdom you share. Let me know if I can be of any support,

The Innkeeper

Anonymous said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Oh, my goodness...every time I visit the Inn I fall in love with your graphics!Poppies are my favorite flower!Thank you for finding all these
beautiful pictures.
My highs are
A wonderful Thanksgiving,spent together with friends and family.
A Wednesday meeting where I appreciate how everyone is authentic and real.
A book I'm reading,written by two English therapist.They make me laugh when they say things like 'Oh, it's alright to be a trifle daft once in awhile or make sure you own up to and take responsibility for your clangers.

Jane G.

Superman said...

Thank you, Pablo.

Superman said...

Seeing life's challenges and lessons as normal is sage advice. I will ponder on this today. :)

Pablo said...

Dear Miss Yorkshire, aka Jane G.,

I'm happy you enjoy the artistic side of the innkeeper. Thank you, for dropping by and sharing three gratitudes. You are fulfilling the vision of this inn and add to the fellowship we share here, when you do.

I admit, I don't hear the word daft and have not heard clangers, ever, here in the U.S.

I am chuffed to bits that you dropped by today. Three more to go!

The Innkeeper

Pablo said...

Dear Superman,

Just a note, for all comments made this past month, there are replies.

Seeing life's difficulties as normal, helps reduce their intensity, allowing us to breathe---respond---not react. When catastrophizing, we lack perspective--we become blinded to supportive principles, resources. When caught in the storm of harsh realities, it is easy, minimizing our capabilities, our personal strength. Often we default to the little one that dwells within. We also do not take care of ourselves.

Usually we become critical, condemning ourselves. Not a good idea, nor is that self-care. Often this is a reenactment of our coping pattern as a child. We are in our default mode. The difference is, we are now adults.

Key, also, is a supportive network---the good friends you mention in your comments, those you meet with, weekly. We ask for their ear and practical, not just verbal support. Not going it alone makes a world of a difference. It helps to emerge from the cocoon of self protection. This is the time to discover authentic nature of our friends.

True friends are there for us in our time of need. "A friend loves at all times. A brother was born for adversity."

Wishing you the best December, ever.

The Innkeeper

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