Thursday, November 27

Today Is The Biggest Day........... 11/27/14

        Good morning everyone.  Many suffer from worry, depression, frustration, self-loathing.  An Attitude of Gratitude coun-teracts these ills.  Cherishing our loved ones and counting our blessings are key.

       Thank you for dropping by.  This is the central day of this inn.  May this Thanksgiving Day be the best ever.

     Thankfulness depends not upon
circumstances.  Instead, gratitude relies upon how we respond to them, be they good or terrible.  Hug loved ones.  Little in life is as important and family, friends, knowing joy.  Thankfulness is a skill.

    It is a developed discipline.  As one who suffered much as a younger person, well into adulthood, I know seeds of gratitude can be planted, watered within our souls as we are mindful of whatever is lovely, excellent and worthy of praise. Tending to these seeds of gratitude, they sprout forth a happier outlook, ridding us from the weeds of negativity that once choked our hearts and minds.  And am I glad.  I am a happier man, drawing healthier people in my life, enjoying a flourishing life, fuller than ever imagined.  My life is more genuine, my heart wells with deep satisfaction.

      My wish is between now and next Thanksgiving, this will grow as your reality, too.

                 The Innkeeper

       For those in America, here's hoping you will have bounteous tables, full of turkey and all the trimmings (or your family's favorites) and a good time had by everyone.  For those of you who are missing a loved one this year, may your good memories sustain you through the holidays, and help fill the emptiness. 

       I drew a pilgrim while in elementary school, probably 6th grade, at a time in my life when I had little knowledge of what gratitude was, or whether I had anything for which to be grateful other than the latest toy or a new book.

       As the years passed and I ma-tured, the real-ization of all that I should be deeply grateful for sunk in and remains:     

       My family (all generations), my home, my talents, the opportunities I have been given in this life to grow and prosper, my friends (on-line as well as real-time) and mentors, the animals I have cared for and loved, for the beauty of our planet, for my daily bread, and for my lot after-wards.

       Take some time, this Thanksgiving, to reflect on those whom you are thankful for and tell them.  Tell your Maker also.  Tomorrow may be too late.           
       Wishing you a terrific Thanksgiving Day,


Anonymous said...

Gratitude,Gratitude,Gratitude...that's what I need.And I need lots of it!I realize I'm not a very grateful person. I'm the-glass-is-half-empty type!So it's quite amazing that I have found my way to the Inn of Gratitude.I'm glad I stopped by.I learn a lot by visiting.The purple flower at the beginning of this post beckons me in... I love the color purple.My soul comes alive as I absorb it's beauty...Thank you for this encouraging post.

Jane G.

Broken said...

Dear Pablo,

Happy late thanksgiving!I wish we had that day in my culture as well.It's a beautiful day for appreciating what we have instead of whining about what we don't have.
Unfortunately,society has turned these special days into just being thankful for material gifts.I am very happy that there are people like you and places like this inn,where the real important aspects of life are appreciated.

Take care,

Pablo said...

You are not a grateful person. Wow. Does that make you a sourpuss? What do you think you might want to start doing, to have gratitude as a part of your personality?

What do you learn, because you dropped by?

Dear Jane, thank you, for giving the inn a visit, reading and commenting. Only four more to go!

A Grateful Innkeeper

Pablo said...

Dear Broken,

You don't know how happy I am, seeing you here. By the by, your comments encourage the innkeeper. Thank you for making me not feel so lonely today, with your visit.

Would you care for tea?

Wishing you success with your studies and a great week. Thank you, for making my day with your visit. Hediye için teşekkür ederiz. Bunun anlamı daha çok bana. :-) I hope I got that right. My syntax may be wrong.

A Happy Innkeeper,

The Innkeeper

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