Friday, November 7

Seeing Progress 11/7/14

    It's that time.  Often, here at the inn, we review the high and low points of the week just ending. Here are mine:

High Points
1.  I am getting regular, consistent sleep.  More often.
2.  I am maintaining sobriety regarding use of the internet.  I have no problems with drinking.  I said internet use. If not careful, I could spend too much time perusing the internet. When I die, I don't think I will say, "I wish I spent more time using my laptop."
3.  I am using a new paradigm when working with
clients.  They are enjoying it and so am I.  We are focusing on priorities.
4.  I like the subject for-giveness.  It is key for emo-tional and spiritual health. For-giveness is not something earned. It is a gift.  We don't merit it.Those we forgive don't merit it.  It is a gift.
    It helps re-membering:
"Forgiveness is not forgetting.  It is letting go of the hurt."  Courage to Change, 278
5.  I am touched seeing many that I work with getting better, stronger, having more clarity about their lives, their vision and how they will achieve their dreams.
6.  I am glad I encourage many to see that sex is not the greatest intimacy.  They get it.  They are learning that loving someone without character can be as shallow and unsatisfying as a meal of potato chips and soda.  Compared to the banquet feast of a deep, rich relationship that is based upon the wine of authenticity, and the bread of connec-tion on the soulish level.  We are primarily spiritual, not physical.
7.  I am getting support.  Someone is helping me in an area that is important for me.

How About You?
What are your high points for the past week?


Anonymous said...

high points.....knowing when to let myself had been awhile....many pressures....and knowing that I had a headache for a reason...

Having a day off to hopefully get things done...turned into a day of taking care of my headache....a long nap

Realizing I needed to read this post!!! Much needed wisdom was read.

WCP ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear innkeeper,

My highs for the week...

My children!They never fail to help remind me of how much I'm loved...with a cheeky smile...a silly joke...a kind word or a super duper I want one or not!!!

Being with my daughter and her best friend as I drive them to the schools football game.I love listening to them chattering away.There friendship is a delight to see!

I played my guitar in the living room
among other family members...and no one ran away!!!

Pablo said...

Dear WCP,

Thank you for dropping by. It's been awhile, since I mentioned a visit a friend and I had to Half Moon Bay. And a blanket used for a coat. Just, the same, thank you for listing your high points for the week.

You are inspiring me to cry. Maybe it will relieve me when I have a headache. :-> ! Excuse me, for a moment, while I grab some Kleenex.

Thank you, for keeping me company. It was getting lonely, here, at the inn.

I'm wishing you a terrific week. You have my prayers. You might want to check out this post:"Getting Through The Day." It has suggestions as to what we can do when we are stressed.

Hope to see you again, soon!
The Innkeeper

Pablo said...

Dear Jane,

Now I see. The duplicate comment of yours had your signature. Nonetheless, I know the comment here is yours.

You are a lucky woman. You must be happy, knowing so much love from your kids.

What do you like best about playing the guitar? What need of yours is met when you pick it up and create music?
You forgot to mention that no dogs howled, while you played. :->

What have you learned this past week?

A curious innkeeper,

The Innkeeper

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