Thursday, January 28

Taking Inventory 1/28/16

       I slowed down today.

       I continue processing what happened last month.  Both on relational and professional fronts.  It's good, resting.  I am not busying myself.  That's a common way to avoid feelings.

       Feelings are what make me alive.  Even the ugly ones, the ones that scare me.Why? Because they are idiot lights on my emo-tional dashboard.  These negative, red flashings upon my consciousness scream out that

Wednesday, January 27

Compassion: Connecting With the Needs and Feelings of Others 1/27/16

"If we want compassion, we must be conscious of the words
 we use.  We want to speak and listen from the heart."
     "When we keep the spot-light on the other person's feelings and needs, we sup-port their per-sonal growth. Their motiva-tions will come from a desire to connect rath-er than to please others,           being rewarded or avoid criticism.  
"We also support others in evaluating for them-selves how well they are meeting their needs, rather than encouraging that they look to others for their evaluation. 
"Celebrating successes is an opportunity to connect with another. Instead of   offering an evaluation such as "Great Job" or "You're smart," empathize with the feelings and needs that are met for the person you're relating with:   'Are you glad because you solved the problem?' "        
                     Marshall B. Rosenberg


      What ways do you encourage others?  Do you like it when someone says, "Good job," to you?  Is it just me being finicky?  When someone says that to me, I feel as if they've put themselves in a one up position.  I don't like that.  Nor does anyone have the right to do. 

      Thank you for dropping by.  May you have a great week.  It can be busy.  If we don't know our focus.

Sunday, January 24

Fitting In, Just As We Are ................ 1/24/16

        I don't hip hop.

        No, I'm not saying I can-not move like a rabbit.  I'm expressing I don't dance like many of the current genera-tion.  I got to know a lot of terrific people recently. Train-ing over many weeks in the final half of last year made that happen.  It grew my commun-ity of friends.

        I improved.  I am better at what I do.  Because of it, I am filled with gratitude.  But not

Tuesday, January 19

The Guiding Wisdom of Recovery............ 1/19/16


    I am thankful for it.  We receive a wid-er perspective when we live with recover-y.  We get a clarity about life.  We get new eyes.  We begin to see the world and

Wednesday, January 13

Handling Disappointment 1/13/16

Image: "Riverside" by Tim Blessed
Copyrighted photo.  Used by permission
          I've been away.  I am making sense of last year. And this one. Recu-perating, too.  For several months, at the end of the year, I was tossed in a whirlwind.

Friday, January 8

Deeper Communication---Not Getting Triggered, Revised 1/8/16

Image: "Cumbria: Hindscarth from High Spy"  By Tim
Blessed.  Copyrighted photo.  Used by permission. 
     The following was written sixteen months ago.  It is revised. It deals with a key to an excellent relation-ship, be it friend or partner.  Let me know what you think. 

     I had a sensa-tional time this morning.  Deeply fulfilling. I spent time with a good friend for several hours. Tough, but good.  We were both nurtured.

      Honesty, compassion reigned.  My needs for intimacy, connection

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