Tuesday, April 29

Where Has the Innkeeper Been? 4/29/14

      As you have noticed, I've been absent for nearly a week.  I'm consumed with work, not to mention that I moved.  Again.  I settled into my new digs in two days.  Everything out of boxes and in place.  It's amazing what can happen between
midnight and four a.m.

      My toes are dipping into the sauna of this inn by posting gratitudes tonight.  I have two more stories about Charles.  I'll write them soon.  I getting feedback that many guests enjoy the stories shared here.  I introduced you to experiences I had with someone dear to me, when working in a sub-acute psychiatric locked facility. 

       Recently, I've encountered behavior that rates up there, with what happened in the mental health center.  One woman drove over an embankment, escaping a group of friends, because she saw someone there.  Another moment of excitement came from a seemingly soft-spoken person who hung up on  me because our conversation.   I'm such a charmer.  :-> 

       Along for good measure, I am processing how to respond to the same individual for violating confidentiality, vital to a meeting I attend in Alameda.  He shared what was discussed, with a group of men, at his church.  Bad idea, unacceptable.  His action makes our meeting unsafe and vulnerable.  It perturbed me: gossip is never okay. 

Big Sur Coastline
       New clients I am working with. I met with one for the second time, tonight.  One client is no longer mine because many of her friends see me professionally.  She was uncomfortable with that.  

       Presently, I live in a mansion in Berkeley, about a half mile from a friend of thirty-five years, Stuart.

       Sunday, I visited Big Sur, going along with two young adults, one child and their mother. Plenty to say about that experience.  During our trip we dropped by my stomping grounds, Los Gatos, and visited Carmel, too, on our way to Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur.  A gorgeous but pricey restaurant that juts out along the ocean's edge. 

       That day, we travelled three hundred miles, all told. 

Gratitudes for Tuesday
1.  I rested today, taking a nap.  Yaay!   I thrive when my body  is treated right.
2.  I heard three excellent speakers on Saturday, at the same venue.  Hearing how they tackle life's disappointments and hardships, using recovery was inspiring.
3.  I appreciate everyone who comments here. Thank you, thank you.
4.  The trip to Big Sur was amazing.  Fabulous. God's magnificent handiwork stunned my senses and the weather was perfect.  No humidity.
5.  I am relating with someone new. His personality is different from most. I had an opportunity to remain grounded when I saw his strong and foul reaction to disappointment.

     Later, we talked about it. I am thrilled  I don't let others trigger me, even when their behavior is  intimidating.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes for today? 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow Pablo you have had a lot going on lately. Do you ever feel the need to talk to someone yourself since everyone always talks to you? I wonder if an outlet for the one who is normally the outlet themselves might be a huge stress reliever for you.

Vanessa Higgins said...

I agree with Keith. You must need an outlet...it's all coming at you 100%. Maybe this blog is your outlet....hopefully. We like to know our Pablo is healthy, happy and feeling at peace. Thanks for visiting me, and yes, I would love to have a chat. Friday morning??

Vanessa Higgins said...

Does friday morning work...pop me a message on my blog if so :) would love to catch up

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