Sunday, April 13

Review of the Past Week: Highs and Lows. Let Me Hear From You ........... 4/13/14

       How are you?  This inn opened its doors 37 months ago, on this day.  This place is but a youngster.

        It is 1:44 a.m., Pacific Time, here, in California.  Earlier, I was busy, not posting at my usual time, just before the day changes its name.  For the last one-and-a half hours I supported a friend while she took
a test.

       Reviewing the past week, inventorying the high points----what was best----and the
low points, areas not so good, is what we do here at the inn, before a new week begins.  Here is my assessment.

1.  I am sleeping better.  Getting more rest allows me to thrive.  My thinking is clearer too. Not enough sleep gives me migraines.   Ugh.
2. I spent time with a son, Friday.  I'm grateful for the connection and companionship shared.
3. Soon enough, my life will improve.  I'm working on an issue that normally would drain a person.  No, I am not talking about working on my taxes.

      I feel as if I am left in mid-air about this problem.  The good thing is that, even though I don't see how circumstances will improve, I know Him who holds the future.  That is enough.
4.  I am learning technical skills that enhances how I serve others.  I am moving from apprehension about venturing into new but complicated areas, to almost having fun as I grow in my abilities.

1.  I am getting migraines.  No fun.
2.  Practical issues not being resolved are creating tension.  Staying present, doing what I can helps during times like these.  Also knowing that I am not my circumstances helps.  Even though things look bad, it does not mean they are.

      What is going on is a great opportunity to place principles and discipline above my personality.
3.  I have not been exercising. I miss cycling. I want to make these two things a priority.  Part of my growth is making sure to take care of myself.

How About You? 
What were your highs and lows for the past week?

      May you have a marvelous Monday!

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

I hope your migraines subside soon, and that you will be feeling better. My Latino friends at work believe some things like this can be attributed to "luna llena," how the full moon can impact our well being, especially when there is a Lunar Eclipse, such as last night.

My highs, (and gratitudes) for the week were;

1. Spending quality time with two of four sons who have had a rough course these past few years, but are rebuilding, one day at a time...

2. Attending a unique and engaging marriage workshop with my wife and friends on Saturday, and connecting with an old friend again, in one of the presenters, after years apart on separate paths.

3. A double date to the Shattuck in Berkeley to see "Finding Vivian Maier."

4. Diving into the healing magic of the waters of life, on Monday after work, for exercise, soaking, steaming and snoring...

5. Willfully carving out a few hours each day for three days to muster the courage, arm myself, sneak up on, and eventually pounce on my 2013 tax return. Luckily i found a logical, dispassionate and able comrade-in-arms in Col. Turbotax, who finally saved me from my own panic, over-thinking a problem, and greed! I can really understand it when they call April 15, "Tax Freedom Day!" Let Freedom Ring!!!

My Lows for the week were;

1. Fighting an unusual wave of exhaustion...

2. Anxious anticipation at putting my taxes off to the last minute; self-inflicted, emotional gunshot wound to the foot via procrastination.

3. Struggling to figure out how I'm going to lose 10# by May 1st, so I win the bet and my wife has to join Zumba Dancing Classes at the gym!

4. How to eat less, sleep more and exercise more...elusive as a Sober Protestant Leprechaun right now!

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