Wednesday, April 9

Facing Stress 4/9/14

        I'm slipping in this post before the day changes its name.  I'm beat.   I am sleeping better, though.  I am using something that helps me sleep.  Knocking my head with a rubber mallet is leaving a lump on my head, however.

Gratitudes for Wednesday: 
1.  Many are dropping by this inn.  Thank you.  Please leave a comment.  I'd love hearing from you.  Today, one hundred and fifty-three visited from India, sixty-one from the U.K., with many from Germany, Poland, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Singapore, Turkey and Canada.  Four hundred and fifty-three guests dropped by today, from the U.S.

2.  I'm facing stress regarding a practical matter.  What is good about that?  It makes me
rely on the God of my understanding.  It helps me focus on my treasures.

3.  I met with friends tonight.  Stories shared with love and openness satisfied my need for connection and companionship.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today?

      I'm tired. I'll check in with you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Try using a mallet made with tempurpedic foam. It forms nicely to my square head and leaves fewer marks!

I hope whatever is causing you stress in life will depart soon, because you deserve none of that!

On this Thursday night, I am grateful for,

1. Our weekly circle of friends who met in a humble burger joint on an island in the San Francisco Bay last night, to share our experiences, strength and hope. The opening share was so profoundly courageous; honest, genuine and real that it created at once a safe and sacred space. Authenticity reigned. All felt free to be vulnerable and share deeply from the heart. There were stories of "my first date," honest self-reflection, laughter and tears. For me a most moving and memorable meeting indeed.

2. A mercifully abbreviated journey north into neurotic-chef, culinary wine country, a sweet, shaded afternoon nap in my company car, and a musical, Pandora escort home via my slowly personalizing Steely Dan Channel (with Dire Straits, Van Morrison, etc., to be continued).

3. Having coffee with my wise, jovial and thoughtful Chicago Rabbi brother and friend.

4. Being able to put together a dinner and evening with four special friends in two weeks time.

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