Thursday, April 3

Letting Go and Letting God, Overcoming the Bus of Busyness 4/3/13

      Hello.  Once again, I'm using clothespins to keep my eyes open as I write this post. I'm that tired. Thank you, for dropping by and giving me a visit.

     Today was an intense day at work.  From 8:30 a.m. until to 9:30, this evening, I worked.  In-between appointments, I wrote new material that I will use with clients and used tonight, while helping someone as a relationship and dating coach.

     What I created deals with the difference between being controlling and relating.  Relating is being
present, our authentic selves.  It lets others know the color we are, when by ourselves.  Yes, it can be scarey, being vulnerable, but it is the only way of experiencing intimacy and offering our genuine presence, when with others.

        In between appointments, I went to my favorite cafe, the Blue Danube, on Park St.  I wrote and emailed a letter to a loved one.  Glad I did.  I enjoy how it slowed the hectic pace of my life, to that of the 1800's.  Quite a contrast with the hurly burly of life and the demands by electronic devices---iPhones, laptops, iPods that, if we are not careful, become our masters and easily consume our time, depriving us from being by ourselves, alone.
        Letter writing lets my soul breathe.  I inhaled serenity, while scribing, taking in a few smiles while playfully creating a new private language with this person.  Taking care of me was invigorating.  Paradoxically, allowing my soul to soar grounded me.

       Alone time, stops the bus of busyness; it lets me get off it and re-evaluate what consumes my time and thoughts.  The bus stop of solitude stilled my thoughts.  Serenity was restored.

       I am deaf to the siren call of my smartphone. Whether I am at a cafe, riding a train, or walking down the street, it is evident many are addicted to them.  Smartphones are a bane of society. They contribute to the isolation many suffer from.

        When will we retake time for the solace that uninterrupted Quiet Time offers?

The Value of Letting Go and Letting God

        I will share a recent experience.  Not long ago, I put on my night glasses as I was about to cycle home, after an appointment.  They are not for vision.  They are amber glasses used for cycling at night, allowing me to attach a small side-view mirror.  Helpful when navigating the busier streets of my adopted town, the island city of Alameda.

       Attached to these glasses were a camouflaged marked band, helping them to stay on my head while scurrying around on two wheels.  Pulling on my hood to my sweater, there was a jerk to the back of my glasses.  "Oh, I snapped off the band, when I pulled my hood over it!" I thought.  About three times I went up and down the street, looking for the band on Lincoln Ave.  Stubbornness had kicked in.

        I even  got off my steel steed in front of the 7-11 Store on Lincoln Ave.  I took off the headlight to my bike, using it to scan for the band.  Up and down the side roads, I hunted for the band.  It had become a matter of determination, persistence.  I was going to find that band.  It just happened.  It had to be somewhere.

        I retraced my entire route, one more time.  As I pulled out into the street, an approaching car sped towards me.  Even though I had the head and tail lights to the bike flashing, this car approached without stopping.  I was going to be dead meat.  That's when I did what I had to do.  Deliberately, I wiped myself out on the asphalt.  Abruptly stopping my progress, my hands and knees kissed the street.  Better sore than dead, I thought. (As I write, scraped up legs still are the tell-tale signs of this encounter.)

       That settled it. My Higher Power made it clear for me to just go home.

       The next day, I swapped my amber night glasses for the dark glasses, used for the daytime cycling.  And there was the band, still attached to the sunglasses.  Wow.

        My point?  It's a big one.  Perception isn't necessarily reality.  The band wasn't on my amber glasses to begin with.  It took me nearly getting killed, to decide to "Let Go and Let God" about the blasted camouflaged band.  I relented, yielding my stubbornness to common sense.

       When I did, the band appeared the next day. Sitting in my pannier, waiting for me.

       Thank you, for dropping by and keeping me company.  May you have a great and grateful Friday.  Tomorrow will demanding.  But don't let me fool you.  I love what I do, never would I trade my life for any other.  Oh yeah, I'm also glad I'm not dead.   Would you have missed me if I became roadkill? 

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Well, we are all relieved you did not become "roadkill," but are with us still.

And what a relief to find your missing item. I believe we can relate to your story, as it happens to us all from time to time.

I misplace my little, black Jawbone Bluetooth earpiece often, sometimes finding it in my ear! So the lesson learned is certainly one for us all. For me, I'm reminded of "how important is it."

On this Saturday night, I am grateful for;

1. Discovering the joy of natural photography in my own backyard, with my unassuming, little cell phone camera.

2. Catching up a bit with one of my favorite TV shows.

3. Unexpectedly, but joyfully arranging tonight to host my Australian friend and his family of five overnight tomorrow, before they repatriate back to his homeland, after many, many years abroad.

4. Getting away for a long weekend to Pope Valley and Lake Berryessa to visit with loving, longtime friends.

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