Wednesday, January 15

Celebrating A Life-Changing Day 1/15/14

That's my son, when younger, tweaking my nose. (Kidding.)
       Tomorrow is a special day.  A life-changing one. On January 16th my first child was born. The following post I dedicate to my oldest son, Pablo Jr. (He's actually the sixth, I'm the fifth.)

       Dear Son,

Thanks for the gift you've
been for your mom and me.  Upon your birth, you were a major turning point in my life.   I'm not the person I was before your arrival.

       I continually grow as a man, father and human, because of you.  I've laughed more, I've cried more (good tears) and have been moved more than ever imagined, by being your dad.  Thank you, for the special gift God and your mother gave me more than twenty years ago, on this day.

        Thanks for your patience.  I'm grateful for your forbearance, and understanding nature.  On this day, I saw you enter this world, placed on your mother's tummy. I was a parental aborigine at the time.  There were no instructions when the love package of your presence arrived.

        You were a guinea pig from which I've learned many lessons, at your expense, as I ventured forth as your father.  I learned that mature adults do not create children.   Children make mature adults. My priorities all changed for the better. You've been an amazing instructor; I continue to learn because I'm your parent.

        You've taught me that listening to another---you---being available to another (you),  is more important than viewing the TV or talking to a friend on the phone.  Lessons about seeing things from another person's perspective, you instructed. From you I've realized that you learned more by observing how I lived, related with and spoke with others, and not by lectures.

        I did many things wrong, while you were growing up; I'm sad about my mistakes.  I'm grateful I received hugs of forgiveness when I admitted to you I had feet of clay.  An admission of error is a sign of strength rather than weakness, I learned.  My conscience is cleaner too, after making amends.

        No father can be prouder of a son.  Your tenaciousness and perseverance of character, when attempting a goal, I admire.  I'm in awe of your common sense and improve when heeding your wisdom.  I've learned from your example in relating with others.

       Being your father extruded me to places of growth never imagined.  Thank you, for the journey of being your dad.  I'm proud to call you my son.   Remember, it's not what you do---and you've accomplished more than most who are 20 years older than you---that makes me proud.  More important is character.  And my hope is to become more like you.  


       Most importantly, I've experienced your unconditional love, even when I've blown it. Being a part of your family humbles me. 

       This day I bring a gift.  But do you see what I'm actually saying?  In reality, this day gave me a gift greater than I ever imagined. 


       Thank you, Pablo Jr., for being you. You are a big reason why I'm a grateful and happy man.  And now, you are a man, more than my equal.  Best of all, you are my friend.  That is the greatest gift of all.  

       With deepest love,


Syd said...

Happy birthday to your son. Mine is Jan. 17. We are fellow Capricorns. Your letter is really good.

Pablo said...

Dear Syd, my guess is that your father would echo the sentiments expressed in my letter, saying the same about you.

Thank you, for dropping by, reading and writing. I always appreciate your visits.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Happy Birthday, Pablo to your first born, eldest son!

We have four sons, with precious memories of each birth, especially the first (over 30 years ago)!

On this Thursday night, I am grateful for...

1. Time off work yesterday to begin to heal.

2. A productive if long 12 hour, 150+ mile round trip work day today.

3. A warm and loving gathering of our spiritual community friends in our home tonight to share music, reflections, prayer (and some Christmas cookies my wife had hidden away in some secret place!)

4. Coffee tomorrow afternoon with my dear friend, Rabbi David.

5. A basement and kitchen cleaning schedule our youngest son cooked up that involves he and his two buddies who live here; surprising and impressive!

Vanessa Higgins said...

I always wonder what being a parent would be like…what a great post!

I am grateful for a different perspective tonight. During the day I sat at work on my hands - literally - and slept. I had given up. I can't do this job, it's too hard. Other, younger, more motivated people would be way better at this than me….but then I saw my journal. And last summer I was up!! I was productive and happy and loving life. It's possible to not feel depressed!!!!!!!!!!

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Saturday night, I am grateful for;

1. As always, my wife's tasty, home-made "chicken soup for the weary soul!"

2. A new found appreciation for caregivers to the elderly and/or infirm. Being reminded how much time, energy and patience it takes - grateful for the chance to give back. I hope I'm modelling service our sons remember when we are 89!

3. That my older brother is out of rehab, rebounding, in good spirits and visited my ill Mom yesterday at the perfect moment to help her with a slight mishap.

4. That he also did most of my regular grocery shopping duties for me, a day early!

5. That while slowly recovering from a persistent head/chest cold, I will force myself to exercise tonight with a hearty hike up a very steep hill and robust walk around our neighborhood. (Committed in writing here, in advance!)

6. That we have two exciting NFL Playoff games to look forward to tomorrow, especially hoping and praying for our beloved S.F. 49er's to pummel the Seattle Seachickens! Gotta neutralize Lynch early and often!!!

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