Wednesday, January 29

Checking In 1/29/14

   Good evening, my friends.  My life just gets better and better.  Yes, it is possible.

I'll elaborate more, when I'm not tired.  I'm hitting the hay and will
visit with you tomorrow.

May you have a terrific Thursday. I know I will. 


Vanessa Higgins said...

Reasons why my day was awesome…

Several chaoses at work - battled through.
Finsihed all tasks for my pre-holiday list
Have a guy coming to fix my dishwasher. Yeah!!!

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

On this Thursday night, I am grateful for...

1. The healing power of sleep after a long days journey into night.

2. The healing power of recovery literature to provide calm in the eye of the storm, and perspective when darkness falls.

3. The soothing and hope-inspiring poetry of new-found true love when, against all odds, it finds its way through the frigid snow-pack of life's lonely challenges, into the radiant warmth of an early Spring! Congratulations young lovers - everywhere!

4. When a mentor serendipitously models a genuine heart of love for his beloved, as a timely reminder of how once blissful, yet now weary souls might reignite the moon-lit campfire embers of their love, under the stars.

5. The (as always) warm, loving, safe and sacred space created by our weekly gathering of friends around the sharing of our experiences, strength and hope in healing.

6. That love, time and patience can and will heal all things; large and small.

7. That I am unexpectedly finding ways to carry the message of healing and recovery to a family member; long suffering domestically, without fully understanding why. Epiphany's abound...(like a Rock Slide Area warning sign) just around the corner!

Pablo said...

Dear Vanessa,

Great seeing you here. Thank you, for sharing your gratitudes. Were you happy, seeing yourself exercise discipline and perseverance, getting everything done?

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

Are you worn out? Thanks for using this inn to cool your heels. Let me know the darkness you find yourself immersed in. If I can, I want to help.

Wow, Carl, you are waxing poetic. Key point about love: love can wait to give; lust can't wait to get.

I enjoy healthy times of fellowship, too. Where I go, everyone is genuine, authentic, and places principles above their personality.

I find that forgiveness is key, for overcoming difficulties with others. That being said, I ask what steps I need to take in order to meet my needs for fairness, reciprocity, celebrating life and enjoying the abundance God has for me.

When relating with loved ones who struggle, I'm mindful that one life showing the way is better than ten tongues trying to explain it.

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