Saturday, January 4

Inhaling the Perfume of Life, Not Being An Insincere Chameleon 1/4/14

      Hello. How are you? Was your Saturday sensational?  Mine was. I cycled seventeen miles (27.35 km) with a cantankerous but dear friend that I love+.

       As I often do at the end of the week, I'm asking if we could share our high and low points for the week that just concluded.

My High Points: 
1.  I was loved by many this week.  It is infinitely rewarding knowing
I'm helping others become who they want to be and they are grateful for what I do.
2.  I've maintained serenity during a stressful week---I moved on Monday and Tuesday. Joy is not externally referented.  It's all about perspective.   It's nice knowing those who maintain a positive outlook usually are happier (I am),  live longer (that's encouraging), have more friends (I've plenty) and enjoy better health (I rarely am ill).

Slowing Down

        I'm writing material that I will, and am, using with clients; it will be in a book I'm working on.  Scribing takes me to an emotionally and mentally satisfying world. It slows me down, which is good. It's easy getting enmeshed in the demands of life, feeling like we must maintain a frantic pace, in order to take it all in.

        Not so.

        Actually it's just the opposite.  Slowing down the bus of life, and getting off it, permits me to process---to inhale life's perfume that normally gets overshadowed by the exhaust of busyness.

 High Point Number Three:  Maintaining perspective by luxuriating in the wee and quieter aspects of life.  Not allowing the internet, TV, which I don't have, phone, or opportunities to attend events to bombard me with alluring, but unnecessary distractions.  This restraint allows me to enjoy the best company in my social circle---me.

        I worked with a new client yesterday.  He's from a different background from most of those I help. I'm thrilled that we are connecting and he trusts me.  This week we processed the origin of his anger.

     He was able to see, through our discussion, the cause of much of the rage that's within him. He's learning to say his no as gently as his yes.

4.  It's a privilege seeing others grow before my eyes, within seven days.

     I confronted a client this week, too.  It's paradoxical learning that we get closer when we disagree with another. If we are a chameleon---being the color that we think others want us to be---there's a problem.

     If we are praised or appreciated, we feel like frauds.  We are being valued for the color we present to the world, a hue that does not honestly reflect who we are, the color we are when by ourselves.

     The disagreement I had with the client made my values clear.  Her unreliability regarding making our appointments did not respect the agreement we had.

5.  I'm glad that I respect myself enough to let others know what is acceptable and what is not, at least for me.
6.  At the Alameda Free Library this Friday, a librarian told me that other librarians working there noticed I hadn't been around the past few days and they missed me.  Wow.  I was stunned.  I did not know I was making an impact there.

     It is true, I often stop to talk and kid with them, before doing research, working or writing. It feels good knowing others appreciate time we spend together.
7.  I rode my bike seventeen miles today, with a friend. Lovely.
8.  I'm removing clutter as I empty boxes and organize my new home, after moving into it this past Tuesday.
9.  Meeting with others in a loving, non-judgmental, non-gossiping, group that abides by the principles of Al-Anon Family Groups uplifts me. I marveled at the honesty and eloquence demonstrated when they share their experience, strength and hope.
10. I'm proud of clients who are getting stronger. They are not allowing others to determine their worth. They are expressing their voice and they are growing in their confidence.  Ya ay!

Low Points: 
1.  I moved. It drained me, emotionally, mentally and physically.
2.  My sleep has been erratic.
3.  I won't be able to see the 49ers play tomorrow because I'll be working. Ugh!
4.  I've been in slower motion, due to poor sleep, moving and being exhausted this week.

How About You? 
What were your high and low points for this past week?  I'd love hearing them. 

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