Friday, January 24

Calmness In the Eye of the Storm, Part V 1/24/14

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    Good morning,

This post is an ex-ception. Scribing before the day changes its name, a few minutes before the witching hour of midnight, is what I usually do.  Con-necting with you has been
scarce the past few days.  I'm sorry.  Yes, I've missed you, too.  Making amends, I'm doing, by writing now.

   What's happened?  Plenty.  More than my mind, emotions or spirit can process.  I'm in transition, a great one.  The past week I sorted out---in between appointments at work---all this year has and will bring.  Keep in mind, too, I've recently moved, this first month of the year.

      What is the result of all the hurly-burly?   Wonderful things.  Presently, I am letting the waves of  Life, good and bad, wash over me.  As life happens, I'm soaking it in.

      When the tsunami waves of life's demands pound me, shelter is found.  How?  By standing upon the Gibraltar of recovery.  It keeps me beyond life's engulfing pressures.  What does recovery look like?  Staying close to God, drawing the strength offered by Al-Anon Family Groups.

     They offer the peace and emotional safety needed for thriving.  Much better than being face-planted unto the rocky shores of life.

      How have the past three weeks been?  Honestly?  Great.  I slowed down.  Being gentle towards self, taking care of my needs, while buoyed by friends has been my lot.

      I love it, finding myself growing, thriving, while in the prime of my life.  Heady things are happening this year.  2014 will be the best year in my life.


      Soon, I'll motor around again.  February 3rd will be twenty-three months since I parked my car after spending a weekend with my middle son.  I haven't been behind the wheel since.  Yes, twenty-three months.  Wow.

       I know this non-driving season will not happen again.  I'm enjoying each day, as the end draws near.  My amazing experience, using only a bike----including toting 38 lbs of books and computer daily, on a rack---is material for a book.  I have grown, filled with plenty of memories, and scars to prove it.

       On the personal front, I'm happy.  My horizon is filled with the promise of good times, fulfillment and joy.  How could I resist having an attitude of gratitude?  As hinted in my previous post, I've been getting to know someone.  It's been great.  Lucky me.  And am I glad.

Gratitudes for Friday
1. My equilibrium and peace of mind is being restored, after three tumultuous weeks.  I'm overjoyed that there are tremendously helpful principles that allow us to transcend trauma, that lift us out of depressing environments and keep us safe from dangerous people.
2. I love the amazing days I have every week.  I'm grateful for having my inner voice.  It allows me to boldly be me.  I'm no longer a chameleon, where I accommodate others while sacrificing my integrity.
3. I'm thankful for each of you who drop by.  Yes, even you.  Community is wonderful.  We were meant to bond with healthy others.
4. I appreciate your patience as I've been absent from this inn of gratitudes.
5. I look forward to many of you Silent Readers who drop by with nary a post of gratitudes.  I look forward to the day when this place sings with your voice, as you share what makes your heart soar.  And yes, I'm talking to you.  Give it a try.  Make the innkeeper happy.  Please.
6. I love deep, intense, but intensely uplifting, meaningful conversations.  I have them every day. How great is that?
7. I'm chuffed to bits (British slang for very happy) for all the love I know from many.  I'm happy that when socially assaulted not long ago, in a public setting, before more than 20 people, my joy was not diminished one bit.  This was because of the emotional constancy I enjoy because of the many who invest in me, who dare to be their positive selves with me. I am a blessed man.
8.  I love the privilege of having invigorating sessions, each day.  I have the joy---daily---of seeing others brighten, as they work on what ails them, be it internal, external or both.  I'm privileged seeing others grow before my eyes.

Okay, Now It's Your Turn
Please share with us your gratitudes. I only ask for three.
   Thank you, for listening,
     Your happy innkeeper

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Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

These are my Saturday gratitudes, posted late due to connectivity issues out of town...

1. The natural, intuitive cleverness of my wife to conjure up logistical solutions on our road trip.

2. Digesting our adult sons ill advised choices as his own, right or wrong, accepting that I am powerless to effect them one way or another.

3. Gracious hospitality of family, hosting us over the weekend in their country home.

4. Finally embracing my new, too-dark hair color, that my wife blessed me with on Thursday night. I wore my baseball cap at work all day long on Friday, but am ok now. Even got a family compliment!

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