Sunday, January 26

Highs and Lows for The Past Week 1/26/14

      It's that time again. On weekends I ask if we can share the highs and lows from the previous week. Here are mine:

1.  I pushed my way through an emotionally
exhausting week.  The three day weekend  I had the week before was intense. Twenty-four hours of classes and training filled up my days, not to mention the four hours of commuting, each day.
2.  I'm thankful for what I learned while trained.  It was useful this past week and will be for the rest of this year.
3.  I was glad I handled disappointment during the week maturely.  I didn't take it personally.
4.  I left behind an important binder at the library on Thursday. They recognized it as mine. They handed it to me the next day.
5. Yesterday was inspiring.  At night, I heard three speakers who shared practical perspectives in a dramatic and entertaining way.
6.  I saw a movie last night, going with a friend.  It was an intense, but well acted.
7.  Many are dropping visiting the inn.  A new page has been read by many: Testimonials.

1. I was not emotionally or physically prepared for last week. I was exhausted from the previous weekend. I am still tired, today.
2. There's much I want to absorb and apply, regarding what I learned last weekend.  I don't want my mind to be overwhelmed.  I'm thankful for the balance provided when I go easy on myself, staying present, taking it one day at a time.
3. I have plenty of paperwork that I need to focus on.

How About You? 
What are was were your high and low points for the past week?


Broken said...

Hi Pablo,
I hope you got some rest over the weekend :)

My highs:

1) I've met up with friends that I haven't seen in a long time.It was great talking and spending time with them after such a long time.

2) I've been able to just rest and spend some quality time with my beloved friend,sleep :)

3) Celebrating my grandfather's birthday was amazing.I had a great time just being with my family and eating chocolate cake :D

4) I was able to connect with a friend I really enjoy spending time with.We are able to have brilliant conversations that are genuine without them being drowned in the dust of everyday hustle.

My lows:

1)Having a disagreement with a friend I really care about.But I was very lucky to get great advice from another very important friend of mine.

2)Feeling overwhelmed in crowded shopping malls.However I've had some time to recharge over the weekend,so it's all good now.

Carl H said...

Dear Pablo,

My Highs for the week were;

1. Having today, Monday off from work.

2. Being out of town over the weekend to visit with my sister and her husband in the foothill countryside halfway between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe.

3. Sight seeing in Apple Hill near Camino on Sunday, finding an apple pie for dessert and enjoying a picnic lunch for four.

4. Enjoying Downton Abbey with them last night...

5. A merciful lack of traffic on the long drive home.

My Lows;

1. Having to become aware of, accept and take responsibility for ignoring (overlooking) a loved ones needs, deal with the pain that caused them, and then figure out how to make that right. Still figuring...

2. A scary, surprising and painful moment when I needed to be still and listen to a bi-polar rant, in my view, based on wrong-headed obsessing and controlling, and not take it personally. Still processing...

3. Delivering my adult son to recovery yet again.


Hi Pablo. One thing I, a scatterbrained lady who also loses things, have to say: you need a way to organize your stuff. I saw bags that one can put over the shoulder. Of course, there are those ones that you put across your middle. It'll save you a bunch of stress and gray hair.
My highs:
1. I watched Russian War and Peace. Very close to what Tolstoy wrote about.
2. A misunderstanding brought back a lot of hurt feelings. I was able to process and overcome the situation and rise above it.
Lows: I'll tell you about them in our session.

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