Tuesday, January 7

Maintaining Integrity 1/7/14

    Good evening, all.  How was your day?  Mine was good, but tiring.   Didn't sleep much last night, so I'm in a fog, mentally.

   My Gratitudes for Tonight:

1. I love the island town where I live.  Last night, I lost my
knit cap.  Today, it was retrieved it from the library. Someone turned it in.  Wow.
2.  I had a bad experience with a client.  Not a common occurrence. Why am I grateful?  Because I happy to see I had the dignity to disagree, even though I knew it would cause financial loss.  I cared more about maintaining integrity than the monetary consequences.
3.  I love knowing that neither my business nor the checks received from clients are my source of provision. God is.

How About You? 
What are your gratitudes? 

1 comment:

Carl H said...

On this Thursday night, I am grateful for...

1. A productive sales trip to the wine country, meeting new chefs, opening new accounts, selling new fish, and getting home before dark.

2. Watching our Paul Bunyon-like friend, Patrick, wield his trusty chain saw in fine style to whittle down our pile of too-big logs into wood burning stove size chunks, well past dusk.

3. Doing the next right thing, and feeling good about it.

4. Joining community of faith friends and pastor for our monthly planning meeting and fellowship tonight, above the clouds in the Oakland Hills.

5. Getting some evening duties out of the way early tonight, so I can crash in slumber once home from the meeting.

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