Tuesday, January 14

Ruminations Upon My Son and Other Gratitudes 1/14/14

     Hello everyone.  I'm bushed.  Clients kept me busy until 6:00 p.m. last night.  Afterwards, I wrote, preparing material for upcoming sessions, including today's----until 12 midnight.  I didn't bed down until after 2:00 a.m.  Not the type of night I want, but

      Usually, I'm not absent for four days, like I have been. But, I give myself credit.  Few bloggers write 802 posts in less than three years, which is what the innkeeper has done in 34 months.  That's twenty-three and-a-half entries each month, on average.

 My Gratitudes for This Lovely Evening:
1  I was gifted with a lovely surprise this afternoon.  It's lovely being valued.
2. My oldest son's birthday is this Thursday. He has been a gift in many ways. I'll enumerate upon     some of them in the following gratitudes.
     a.  I've learned responsibility, being a dad. Along with it has come innumerable blessings, joys             and treasured memories.
     b. My son, Pablo Jr., is one of my best friends. And, I'm one of his. That's a privilege. I value the in-depth conversations we have, and his intensely practical wisdom. He increases my effectiveness and adds clarity in areas where I don't have a clue.
     c.  The miracle of seeing a child grow into manhood, and doing well, gladdens my heart. I have hope for the future. The circle of friends that he hangs out with lets me know that conscientious, hard-working, intelligent, kind, caring, responsive people are filling the ranks of a succeeding generation.
3.  I've written my second poem in three months. It had been years since I put passion to paper in this way.  It is a terrific challenge.  Better, I like how it is a gift I can share with another.
4.  I had a fulfilling conversation recently, much better than normal---my needs were met. I was happy the friend I was with was able to hear me and respond to my vulnerabilities.
5.  I visited with someone that means a lot to me.  Uplifting it was. I'm always happy when I celebrate life, which is what happened.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My three gratitudes for today are:

1. I celebrate my three-year anniversary at work in a couple of weeks

2. 2014 has been really wonderful thus far

3. I met my first in-person blogging friend last week!

Jan Meszaros said...

I also didn't slept last night, I always show the gratitude to God.

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