Sunday, April 6

Reviewing the Past Seven Days: High and Low Points............... 4/6/14

      Good evening.  This will be brief.  I'm tired, but a good tired. This morning I took a three hour Sunday drive.

      The places journeyed were encouraging---if that is possible.  There was laughter and thoughtfulness as I travelled with a companion.  Intensity and brilliance accompanied us, as we enjoyed the countryside of a
rich, one-of-a-kind friendship.

     The picnic shared, after we got our of the car of our conversation, was languidly enjoyed.  No potato chips or soda for us.  The wine of communication imbibed on this spring day was unlike any other.  Smiles and silliness spiced the time shared, making for a delightful morning and early afternoon.

      We noticed two flowers blooming in an area once barren.


      This is when we review the past week for the high and low points it had.  Here are mine.  I would love hearing yours.

High points:
1.  I started driving, after putting my car aside for twenty-five months.  I went as long as I could, knowing I would not have a similar streak again, ever.  Motoring around is more convenient than riding a bike, but cycling provides connection with nature in ways a car never can. I'll continue cycling, often.
2.  Walking in the morning.  It discharges stress and  connects me with the community of Alameda.
3.  The best conversation, I ever had, happened last Sunday. Today's was excellent, too.  I'm seeing my growth over ten years.  I am no longer triggered when facing disappointment.  I love when with others. We had plenty of that, along with authenticity. That was an integral part of these two conversations, spanned seven days apart.
4.  This week, I wrote new material on relating, how to bump good friends up to a Safe Person.  It was popular, when used with clients. They enjoyed its practicality.
5.  My practice is thriving. Its pace and direction is a marvel.  Better, I resonate with the outcome of my work.  It's rewarding, serving others.
6.  I am witnessing many clients getting stronger, transcending trauma, finding their voice, celebrating a Great Big Life.  They are becoming empowered and healed. They are having restored, the years that the locust of abuse had eaten, and they are very happy with the turn around in their lives.
7.  I'm glad this inn serves the needs of those dropping by.  Five-and-a-half thousand have dropped by, first six days of this month. Please stay as long as you like. It is my joy, tending to your needs.
Low Points
1.  I haven't been sleeping well.
2.  I have been impatient.  It's hard being stymied, needing to wait.
3.  I have a practical challenge I need to take care of.  I have been too tired to deal with it.

How About You?
What are your high and low points?  Please share.  Thanks! 

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