Thursday, January 28

Taking Inventory 1/28/16

       I slowed down today.

       I continue processing what happened last month.  Both on relational and professional fronts.  It's good, resting.  I am not busying myself.  That's a common way to avoid feelings.

       Feelings are what make me alive.  Even the ugly ones, the ones that scare me.Why? Because they are idiot lights on my emo-tional dashboard.  These negative, red flashings upon my consciousness scream out that
needs of mine are not being met.

      Solitude and silence helps when re-viewing my values regarding relationships.  It is is an ongoing process.  Because my growth is an ongoing process.  What I accepted yesteryear isn't now.  I know better.

        Part of being a healthy person is that we grow. Try that when greeting someone. Ask them, "How are you growing?" An an-swer won't be a problem for a safe person.

       My growth includes having greater clarity.  Understanding life better and how to live it fully.

       Spending time alone---like today---helps me with my bearings.  I am inventorying my life.  I scrutinize my standards and boundaries.  I look for cracks, areas that lead to emotional, spiritual or mental meltdowns.

       Being that it is January, I tentatively plan goals for this year.  Flexibility is factored in.  But I set measurable goals.  It is better trying and failing than doing nothing.  Action, even if the results are negative, creates momentum.  It is okay failing forward.

       Doing nothing only freezes our soul.

  Gratitudes for Today:
1.  There is a new tab at the top of this inn.   More articles will be placed there.  I'll do that on a regular basis.  So far, it has eighteen chapters of the most read posts.

      These can be lost, or overlooked, with the passage of time. Especially since there are 1160 posts.
2. I'm removing clutter.  More order and greater sanity is created, when I do.  There is increased ease and tranquility, when I get rid of junk.
3. Met with friends last night in Alameda.  I like the community we share. We had dinner together, in addition to discussing feelings.
4.  Met someone new at the event last night. I enjoy new thoughts and perspective.
5.  A second new person joined us. Someone I knew. The rest didn't. He has been growing tremendously, since September. I love seeing how he is standing in his power, recovery and integrity. Before September, he didn't.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking inventory for I am doing the same. I have been super busy at work, and I would like to know what are my feelings and what are the needs underneath those feelings. I think physical rest is first, for the mental chaos was strong, today. Amazing how making a decision for ourselves can be the first step to healing. I'm acknowledging myself. Yehhhhh. I learned today that I can't really acknowledge what my needs are under my feelings because sometimes the feelings are strong, and I need to rest.

I am grateful for...

1. My wife receiving good news by email. She is now an officially-certified mindfulness coach. I am admire her determination.

2. Being a part of a wonderful meeting on Wednesday night with friends.

3. A wonderful family who cares and loves me.

4. A wonderful book I received in the mail called The Birth of God, by James Kavanaugh. It has brought me tears of joy.

Thank you, Pablo


Syd said...

Sounds good to me. I like the statement "How are you growing?". A good thing to ask myself every day. Take care, my friend.

Pablo said...


Thanks for your visit. Same with me, that is a good question to ask myself. I hope to be growing. I appreciate your company.

From one coast to another,

The Innkeeper

Thumper said...

Dear Pablo,

I love that question! I often ask myself how I am growing, especially after a difficult conversation with another. Instead of ruminating over how it went, I am working on finding the lesson or opportunity in the situation.

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