Monday, July 22

We Are Met By the Traits We Show 7/22/13

    My Gratitudes for Monday: 
1.  I had a fantastic day at work.  The work I do is satisfying and rewarding.  It's not my job---- it's my joy.
2.  I rode my bike at length today. After working in San Leandro, 12 miles from my home, I went to a business meeting in Piedmont, and rode home another 8 miles.  It is
liberating, working off stress in a physical way.
3.  At this evening's business meeting some of those there were less than kind.  I'm happy that I have my supportive network that undergirds me and from whom I get the encouragement I need.
4.  Today,  I saw someone I know in San Leandro.  Our conversation was bizarre. After a short while I realized it was best to end our conversation.

     He was on guard, suspicious and tossing out judgments. That is not the way I like discussions to go.  I'm happy I don't let people like that into my life.  It's also good knowing it's not my job, nor my desire to fix them.  There is only one God and I'm not it.


5.  On the other hand, I met young man on the train who was a perfect gentleman. He was even wearing a suit. Our conversation was positive and uplifting. All of which reminds me....

Like calls to like.
We are  met by the traits we show.
Where love will find a friend,
Hate will find a foe.

How About You? 
What are your three gratitudes for today? 


Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My Gratitude's on this quiet Tuesday evening are...

1. With the help of my most capable colleagues, to be able to host four chefs from a world-renowned Napa Valley restaurant for an early morning (5:30 AM) tour of our wholesale Japanese seafood distribution facility, and to see the satisfied smiles on their faces by the end of their visit.

2. To be able to accept the inevitable, embrace it even if it is a challenge, see it through to its natural conclusion with gratitude, move on and not keep score.

3. To be grateful for whatever time God gives me to swim, ie; "the cup is half full" of pool water to swim in. To adjust my schedule accordingly and enjoy the workout and benefits regardless of how short or long my time is.

4. Being able to slow down, pause, reflect and be still and quiet as the day draws to a close.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

What need of yours was met, as a result of yesterday's visit by the chef's? I'm curious.

What do you have in mind, when talking about accepting the inevitable,can you share additional details?

How has posting your gratitudes in the inn helped you, if any?

An inquisitive innkeeper

Theresa Elander said...

My three gratitudes.

1. I am getting ready for a mini-vacation. A high Sierra wild flower walk with my friends. I feel so fortunate.

2. I am feeling better and better in my own skin. Getting a better sense of my own boundaries, where I end and the next one begins. And, feeling a bit sassy about it.

3. Feeling grateful for the way that Source is bringing the same lessons through in many different settings. Making sure I am getting it. "It" being that I really have to stop pleasing others at the expense of myself. I'm getting it!

Pablo said...


Good for you, you are getting away! You almost remind me of Ellie. I wrote about her recently. She was sassy, too.

I'm glad you are taking better care of yourself. You are the only person on earth who can make your welfare your number one priority. I'm happy your awareness about this issue is growing.

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