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I Had Dinner With Four Amazing Women and They All Wanted Me to Touch Them. What Do You Think of That? 7/20/13

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By Tim Blessed. Copyrighted photo. 
     How are you?

Did the title intrigue you?  I'll get to this incident in a second.  Please be patient.

       Yesterday, I was exhausted.  I took time off from recovery by ending the day with fun: I saw Red 2 and RIP Police at the local movie theater.  Tonight, after being groped and touching other women, I saw Despicable Me 2 with two of them.

      This afternoon, I went to a
health fair of sorts.  I learned plenty and was inspired by what I saw and took in.  Three people I knew attended, too.  Afterwards, they, a friend of one of them, and I ate at Toomie's, a Thai Restaurant on Park St. in the island city of Alameda.  Yum!

       I was more than a fly on the wall, while with them.  The conversation was warm, thoughtful, at times humorous, and yes, it got touchy, in the physical sense of the word.  The time offered a fascinating opportunity to observe a treasure chest of different personalities.

       All of these women I know if different ways, except for the friend-of-a-friend.  The shared meal allowed me to get better acquainted with each.  The affirmation that the newcomer to the group offered was inspiring, heart-warming.

       However, I was likened by this person to a bull in a china shop, a bit to my surprise.  My shoulders are not that big.  She revealed her sense about my history and she was dead on, accurate.

       So, you want to know what happened?  Well, one woman---the one who spoke at the fair, who had a long-term relationship with the newcomer----mentioned that she could tell inflammation, I think due to gluten, by touching a person's skin.  According to her, I and another woman were inflamed.  We ended up touching one another's arms.

       I think the extensions attached to my hands are that way because they are muscular, the result of gripping a bicycle for more than an hour, each day.   I could be in denial,  I don't know.  Oh well, but there you go, that's the rest of today's story.

My Saturday Gratitudes: 
1.  This day was different.  I like adventure.  Attending the fair and being with four women at once was a change to the normal pace of my day.
2.  I liked the conversation five of us had during dinner.  It feels good, when communication, compassion and closeness can take place in a public setting.  It's healing for my soul.  I noticed the family sitting at the table next to us gave us a good look, as we got up to leave.
3.  I let my guard down, a bit, this evening. Seeing an animated film isn't something I usually do.
4.  Today was a rich day.  I learned plenty; I got ideas that will affect my business.  I even met someone at the event who may become a client of mine. That was totally unexpected.
5.  I slept fantastically well last night. I had over eight hours of rest; that's a rarity for me. I thrive when my mind, body and soul are able to check out for that length of time.
6.  I'm happy I have been gentle towards me, in spite of losing my credit card recently. That a very good thing. It reveals the depth of healing I've received over the past ten years.
7.  I eagerly anticipate tomorrow.  (I'm also working.) I'm thankful for the joy I have, the hope I know and the internal strength that is part of my character.  All are the result of applying principles that allow me to overcome coping patterns of youth that no longer serve their purpose.
8.  Fourteen thousand and seven hundred visitors have dropped by the inn in the past thirty days.

      Pretty soon I'll be setting up cots, I'm running out of beds.  Thank you, for visiting.  Let me know how I may serve your needs.

       I'm happy providing a modest meal of encouragement, being a good neighbor, and..
 Keep a simple corner where the stirring highway bends,
 If folks should chance to linger, worn and weary through the day,
To do some needed service, and cheer them on their way.                         Edgar Guest, "The Neighborly Man"
How About You? 

1. Have you had a recent moment of community? If so, what needs of yours were met? 
2. What do you look for, when connecting with others?
3. You just read that I was described as a bull in a china shop. That description was meant positively, I was told. The person who categorized me this way also mentioned I'm grounded, practical.  That, I am.   How do others describe you

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