Sunday, July 21

Going Easy On Ourselves, When We Goof 7/21/13

     I worked.  The San Francisco Giants lost.  I have a rash on my right arm, a result of the hot weather.  Other than that, and adding two new persons to my clientele today (I'll see them Tuesday), and my brain is fried, it was typical day. 

     Oh yeah, there were
one thousand, one hundred and forty-six views of this blog today.  That's a record, with twelve thousand, eight hundred and seventy-two views (12,872) so far for July, which is a record for three weeks.  Thank you, for giving this place a look and dropping by.

Seen As Positive

     As the innkeeper, I note in the statistics page that some guests are getting acquainted with the inn by way of Google searches on the subject of gratitude.  I'm also seeing many are entering this place by typing in my first and last name and the word gratitude.  Becoming synonymous with a positive attitude. Wow.  I can handle being identified in that way.

     I'm posting the following excerpt.  May it encourage you as it does me.  This passage moves us to be gentler towards ourselves, an important step, when seeking a positive outlook, an Attitude of Gratitude

        Today I Accept My Mistakes
     I embrace my lack of perfection, and I accept my mistakes.  I have the right to be wrong.  My self-worth does not have to evaporate when I fall short of my expectations.  Giving myself permission to be human means that I can withhold self-judgment. 
     I will not dwell on past mistakes. Yesterday ended at midnight, and I recognize that there is a statute of limitations on past errors.  I do not have to pay and pay forever.  Unless I forgive myself, I will not be able to operate in the present with self-esteem. [Emphasis is mine.]
     Today, I welcome my lack of perfection.  My mistakes have taught me things that I'll never forget.  It is through my mistakes that I become aware of areas in which I need to grow.  Whatever I did in the past was the best I could do under the particular limitations at that time.  
     To treat myself with firm gentleness means that I can face my mistakes calmly and take appropriate action without feeling ashamed. 
      Lerner, Rokelle. Daily Affirmations,  Dearfield Beach: Health Communications Inc, 1985, Print. 172
How About You?
    How are you at giving yourself slack, when you have not performed up to par or when you've done something wrong?  Please share. This is a safe place, you will find support in this inn.  


Theresa Elander said...

I am learning to question my knee jerk reaction of judgement at myself when I fall short of my expectations. In the past I have been very hard on myself. Believing my value was based on my ability to be inhumanely able to "perform" up to my standards and others' standards. So, my self esteem has really suffered.

As I said, I am learning to question what I expect of myself. For now, that is good enough. And, also, realizing not everyone is going to like the "me" that I am becoming. Oh Well. That is a very different way for me to look at things.

Pablo said...


Thank you! It's a pleasure doing my duties as an innkeeper, when I read comments like yours.

I'm glad I made to time to cite today's reading. It's what we all need to be reminded about, when we are prone to kicking ourselves, thinking we need "to pay and pay again" after making a mistake.

Being internally referented helps us from the tyranny of the opinion of other people. We are the only ones living our life. It's our choice, under God's guidance how we live it. (Steps 1-3, 11)

How great it is stepping to the music we "hear, however measured, or far away."

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