Sunday, July 7

Recapping the Week: Highs and Lows, What Were Yours for Last Week? 7/7/13

     Good evening everyone,

I'm back, after putting in 22 miles on my bike today, this, after working a full day.  I was exhausted, before rolling along the San Francisco Bay shoreline with a friend this evening, upon arriving in Alameda.  Occasionally, my work does that to me, I get
emotionally depleted.

     After cycling, I was invigorated, the bracing, blustery weather whipped an energy into me that was not there before tonight's ride.  Celebrating life is a tremendous side benefit when I move along, breathing in nature while rolling on two wheels.  My steel steed permits me to connect with nature----its sights, sounds and smells----in a way not possible by any other means.

      Thank you, for dropping by.  We've had 3,500 visitors for the first week of July.  I've been getting tired, putting little chocolates on your pillows, at night.
My High Points For Last Week
1.  I faced my fears. Principles prevailed over vulnerable feelings. Am I glad. I nurtured the young Pablo that lives within me. He was comforted by the action I took to overcome challenges I faced this month.
2.  I stayed in the solution when I easily could have panicked. Am I glad. I remained focused, doing the next right thing, fifteen minutes at a time.
3.  I was honest with several of my Balcony People about vulnerabilities that surfaced this week. The good news is that I have character discernment and was able to be intimate with people who were safe and accept me unconditionally.
4.  This week, I rode my bike more than usual. I sleep better after cycling. It's been healthy for me: my resting heart rate is 58 beats per minute.
5.  I used priorities to guide me this week. It helped me to do what was most important, first.
6.  I love seeing clients improve in how they handle the abusers in their lives.
7.  I had a phenomenal conversation with my oldest son. I'm proud of him and love him very much. He set me straight in several areas.
8.  I arranged with a friend for us to play Pit again. Hurray!  I love playing this game. I'll be inviting mutual friends this week.

Low Points For the Past Week
1.  My sleep is not as I'd like it; I'm not getting enough.
2.  I was disappointed with clients who were not fair in their dealings with me. I need to be treated with courtesy. Clients need to give me twenty-four hour notice when rescheduling.
3.  I was apprehensive this week. The good news is that I worked out the things troubling me, taking it one step at a time.
How About You? 
What were your low and high points? 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My high point for the week was having 5 days off from work - much needed relaxation. The low point was the stomach virus. Ugh.

Vanessa Higgins said...

So many highs….

Time at the lake with family
Running a fun race with a good friend
Dancing at Zumba class
530 am coffee with Tyler



Theresa Elander said...

My high points this week. Making good head way on my business tasks. Finalizing new content for my website and ordering updated business cards.

Two bike rides with a friend in nature that heal my soul and are a delight to my eyes.

My lows. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at my schedule over the next few weeks. A chance to practice better time management. I can use that!

Pablo said...


I hope you feeling fit and hale, after resting and vacationing in Florida. I'm sorry for not replying sooner. This is an area I'm working on.

You visits make this innkeeper happy and grateful.

Pablo said...


Do you swim, when you're at the lake? What type of race did you have with your friend, you have my curiosity?

What do you like best about your times with Tyler?

Thank you, for dropping by and keeping me company!

Pablo said...


Kudos to you for exercising discipline regarding your business. I love cycling, too.

Have you ever heard of Paretos? They help me with time management. If not, perhaps I'll write about them, here, in the inn.

Remember, try taking life one day at a time, and go easy on yourself.

Thank you for your comments!

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