Sunday, July 14

Looking Back .....7/14/13

      Good morning,

Yesterday, was an anniversary for this inn.  Yep, this place is still a youngster, a little over two years old.  Much has happened in
the past 28 months, all of it good. Yes, all of it.  Such as.........

1.  Being the innkeeper disciplines me.  Nearly each day, I post. An average of 27.5 posts a month, most of them with content. :->  I've submitted 706 posts, with 60 drafts that haven't yet been posted.

     Consistency, both in writing and expressing gratitudes has made me a better person and maintains my optimism. Dwelling on the dreariness of life only makes life's problems bigger and more disturbing.

     I'm grateful others benefit from what is shared in this inn.

2.  My business is flourishing. That's encouraging, considering the economy.  I love my profession.  I enjoy helping others become who they want to be.  It's a pleasure serving others, providing them emotional, mental and spiritual tools that allow them to replace character defects---areas where we want to grow---with better alternatives.

    My work stretches me, it's the source for my personal growth.  There's more to it than the sessions. My job impels use of all my abilities and interests.  My  profession requires ongoing exercising of diligence, organization and perseverance----a spiritual weightlifting of the best kind.

     My vocation strongly motivates me to study, something I wholeheartedly enjoy doing.

3.  I've gotten to know several of the guests who drop by.  Not only here, but through correspondence, Skyped conversations.and in person.
4.  The number of guests staying at the inn has grown.  This month alone, the readership has quadrupled. We've had 8,600 in less than two weeks.  I'm running out of little chocolates to place on everyone's pillow.
5. The readership from Thailand has increased, a lot.  We've had 703 drop by in July, so far. Welcome.
6. I'm glad six hundred and fifty have dropped by this month from Russia, 408 from the U.K. and 300 from Lithuania, as well as many from Canada and India. In addition, there's been 5,218 visitors this month from the U.S.

      I'm glad having all of you here. This place's goal is providing respite from the tensions and demands of the day.   I'd love hearing your gratitudes. Your voice is important and adds to the fellowship enjoyed here.

What I would like to see....
1.  I'd love hearing suggestions for improvement.  My perspective is limited. It's always better, working as a team. Let me know your ideas, please.
2. I'd be a happy innkeeper, hearing gratitudes from around the world. your voice is important to me.
3. I'd enjoy guest bloggers for this place. The more opinions expressed, the greater number of viewpoints offered here.  It would help this innkeeper to do other work related to this place. There is behind-the-scenes work I do, and want to do, but can't because of a lack of time.
4. I'd love adding a forum, where we could have discussion, and I'd like to add videos of public talks I've given, to this blog.  Does anyone knows how to edit a video into 15 minute bites?  If so, we could have a theater for this inn.

How About You?
1.  Any suggestions for improvement?
2.  What do you like best about this place?  I want to be sensitive to your interests.
3.  And, with this being an anniversary, are there any gratitudes you may have for this inn?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congrats on the growth of your blog Pablo. It certainly does not suprise me, as your blog is a true treasure. I have no suggestions for improvement - your blog is already quite wondferful :)

Theresa Elander said...

First of all I just want to express my amazement that you are able to construct supportive/constructive posts with such frequency. Good writing takes time. Your dedication and care is admirable.

I have no suggestions, other than keep up the amazing work. Your posts are full of many tidbits to ruminate over.

So, for my gratitudes for today.

The weather has been lovely. Enjoying being outside as much as I can.

Enjoying the feeling of ramping up my business activities, asking Source to take care of the details that are out of my control, and trusting as much as I can at this juncture.

Appreciating friends' support and care. Asking for what I need and receiving it and letting that in. I am blessed. It is good to remember that.

Pablo said...


Thank you for your kind words, they make the work I do here worthwhile. I appreciate your positive attitude: it's what this inn is all about. Your visits make my duties as an innkeeper a pleasure.

A grateful innkeeper

Pablo said...


Thank you, too, for your positive feedback. Your three gratitudes make this innkeeper happy, I appreciate you sharing them.

It must feel good, getting support from others as you prepared for a business-related event. Handling life alone, is impossible. We were meant to be in relationship with loving, accepting others, they---at times---are the power greater than ourselves (in addition to our relationship with God) that allows us to achieve more than we dreamt was possible, .

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