Monday, July 29

A Momentous and Humbling Time 7/29/13

     Good evening,

Today was a busy but excellent day.  I saw five clients today.  Whew!  The sessions were good, varied in content and took their toll on me, emotionally.  I put a lot into my work, today was
no exception.  I'm worn out, as I write this, but something extra special happened that lightens my exhaustion.

      In the midst of this productive day, something important took place.  It happened during a house call, not something I usually do.  The nature of the problem made in vital that I see the  person in a comfortable and private environment.

      Most of the family joined in as we addressed the vexing issue during the session.  The time turned out well.  My guess is that two lives in this family will never be the same, all for the better.  And how!

      During our visit, I explained how a person receives God's loving support, in addition to applying principles that help us overcome challenges.  One family member received this help in January.  The results have been remarkable for her.  There has been a distinct and gradual improvement in her confidence and composure since then. Today, two others in this family made the same decision.  Wow.

      In my opinion, these two people made the biggest decision they will ever make in their lives.  What is that, you ask?  They turned over their will and lives over to the God of their understanding.  In recovery, this is called Step Three.  I was humbled to be with them on this momentous occasion.

      I may write more about this special time tomorrow.  I was able to squeeze this in, before the day changed its name.  Right now, I can't think straight, a result of being physically and emotionally tuckered out. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Hello Pablo and happy Tuesday. It certainly sounds like you make a huge difference in your client's lives. That's truly inspiring my friend.

Vanessa Higgins said...

You cannot care for your clients if you don't take care of yourself first. No more five client days for you!! We need Pablo, he brings so much light to this world….don't burn out like this girl did...

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