Thursday, July 18

Back At It

   Good evening everyone,

It's terrific coming back and reading comments from guests to this inn. Thank you.  Yesterday morning, my computer crashed and I took it in for repair.  This evening I picked it up.

    There was a loss. All documents on my laptop were erased, and the photos I've used for this inn------------hundreds.  No, I did not have backup copies. Ouch. But, it's not the end of this world.

     I was out of communication with you on Wednesday and most of today, but we survived and are connected once again.  I hope you got a chuckle out my story about Ellie in my previous posting.

     I will reply to comments, starting tomorrow.  Today was a tough work day. The sessions were intense, leaving me drained.

 My Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  I'm writing again. My laptop is back in action.
2.  Rest is on tap for tomorrow, I'll try to sleep in.
3.  I'll cycle tomorrow. Wednesday I rode 23 miles, taking my computer to Union City.

How About You?  
What three gratitudes do you have for today?  


Vanessa Higgins said...

Learning water education ideas from my Edmonton area community of practice meeting.

Lots of people crying in group. It means they feel safe.

Eating all the food in my fridge before my holiday this weekend. Yes!

Pablo said...


I love reading your gratitudes. Thank you! What group did you attend, that had people crying, if you don't mind answering, and what holiday were you facing?

Thank you, for making this place more sociable with your comments.

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