Wednesday, July 17

Meeting a New Friend. She Was Completely Undressed At the Time, Revisited ...................7/17/13

Try to bear patiently with the defects and infirmities
of others, whatever they may be, because you also
have many a fault which others must endure. 
 Thomas à Kempis,  (Photographer's caption)
      Hello, how is everyone?

I just got in from a trip to San Rafael where I met with others regarding business and finances. Afterwards, a friend, prepared an unexpected meal in Novato.  We had a nice time, fulfilling in more ways than one.

      But, little did I know that I was about to meet an unabashed friend of hers that would parade around, undressed.  Usually, hairy females I'm not drawn to.  With this new friend I was.  And how.  In this case, there were reasons that drew attention.

     The home was lovely, my first time there.  Artistic ceramics, paintings and sculptures abounded. Cheerful home photos filled the place with familial love.  The twenty lights in the living room were tastefully recessed into the ceiling.  The expansive deck in the backyard and well-groomed lawn was restful to the eye and soul.  The study overflowed with books---my kind of place.

     Then I met her; I was introduced to Ellie.  In an instant, I fell in love.  She was naked when I encountered her.  She didn't mind.   This lady was a lovely, green-eyed, raven-haired, limping, fat, dirty, constantly complaining, permanently-wounded-by-a-raccoon, house cat.

     There's a way I silently signal a cat that beckons them to me.  She limped directly to where I sat on the couch.  A cat with character always makes me smile.

      By the end of the night, my face ached from constant smiling.  Ellie's insatiable craving for affection  met a stranger who deeply missed a deceased cat.  The combination made for a happy chubby feline.  The massage I gave to my former Russian Blue buddy Alexander, she received.  She meowed her approval.  This obese naked female insisted I tend to her.  She was in kitty heaven; the innkeeper was happy, too.

       The female friend who wasn't naked, spoke while she cooked.  We traded stories about relating with others whose perspective makes them gripe and complain as easily as it is for them to breathe.  You know by now I enjoy staying in the solution.  Finding healthy, constructive alternatives to our plight, when immersed with a problem, is better than harping upon them.

       Tonight's cook shared the feedback she's gotten at work about her somber disposition, due to having parents who were emotionally unavailable for her, as a child. Her authenticity during our conversation raised her a few notches in my book   Wow.  Awareness and vulnerability is hard work.  Without it, change is impossible.  Seeing the problem has to happen, before improvements can take place.  My friend's honesty about a need for a happier disposition was impressive.

My Gratitudes for Tuesday: 

1. I spent two hours today transforming clutter into order.

     It was a relief putting items away, creating order.  I have plenty to do, but it was wonderful establishing some clarity in the home.

2. I had a terrific session with a client. I love the subject matter we discussed----time management.
3. I was glad being with others this evening. I'm clarifying my vision regarding work and the finances of my business.  There's serenity in doing the numbers.  I'm training my inner adult.  Not addressing issues financially is not a disease of mathematics, it's a disease of low self-esteem.
4.  I was happy to meet Ellie.  The unexpected meal was fine, too.
5. Thoughtfulness from others---like tonight's meal--- I consider as little kisses from God. They remind me of His love for me.  Better than the meal was the conversation we shared.
6. I'm glad that though I got lost on the way to seeing tonight's friend, it was my first time there, it was worth the effort.
7. I'm thankful for exercising persistence tonight; as a result, I was fed, had a wonderful conversation and met a new girlfriend: Ellie.

       I'm tired; I'm heading for bed. I'll share more with you tomorrow.
Image: "Scotland: Loch Cluanie"  by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission


Vanessa Higgins said...

So many gratitudes to share. I love my life and I never want to consider suicide again!!!

I went to a talk on solar power and hope radiated my soul. Do you know that more than oil and gas and coal, sunlight is the most abundant source of energy we have on this Earth? And all we need is space. We can even put solar farms in farmer's field, it blocks 25% of the light but the animals could still graze!! I had a chance to see major solar projects from all over the world. And at my table there were strangers who do water resource work for a living, heaven!!!

Theresa Elander said...

My gratitudes for today.

1. In the midst of a busy day, I stopped and took a much needed walk.

2. I took care of myself today. I was honest with someone who needed a reminder. I am learning to be better to myself, and allow others to be grown ups.

3. Realizing to have a happy life, I need to be honest with myself about which relationships work and which don't, and do something about it.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

My Gratitudes for this Thursday evening are;

1. I went the extra mile (literally) to help a customer in need, and furthered our trust relationship.

2. With this I went through a healthy "Awareness, Acceptance, Action" exercise. I became aware of a communication glitch, a missed order that needed to be delivered, "bit the bullet," and made it happen. At the end of the day; all good.

3. Following this extraordinary journey, I'm grateful for the sanctuary of home, garden, fresh plums on the tree, our youngest son's earnest work completing his handsome and majestic sound studio in the backyard, swapping delivery stories with him, and...spent from the days long travels; some waffles and eggs for dinner, a long nap, and quiet time now to write.

4. Grateful my request for a living room devoid of TV "Noise" so I could write in peace, was honored.

Pablo said...

My dear Vanessa,

Apologies for the delay in replying. I'm so glad you are still around!! Please call me and we can talk, if you are troubled.

Harvesting solar power would be wonderful. As our technology improves, I imagine we'll become more inventive in using this resource.

It sounds like you enjoyed your time at the event. Where was it?

Pablo said...


Congratulations for noticing you were in HALT. You are expressing your needs, that's excellent,too! You must feel good that you are taking care of yourself.

You are on the right path; we can't do anything without awareness, that's the first step towards recovery.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I'm impressed with your perseverance and determination. It says plenty about your character, all of it, good.

Isn't grand when we use requests to meet our needs? It's much better than using sarcasm, the silent treatment or other inadequate ways of communicating, like outbursts of anger.

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