Friday, July 19

Surveying the Past Week: Highs and Lows. Let Me Hear Yours 7/19/13

Image: "Cumbria: Mountain Walk"by Tim Blessed.
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  Good evening,

Here I am, again.  The day is almost over, I'm slipping this post under the wire, before Friday changes its name.  As many of you know---frequently, towards the end of the week----I ask if
we can share the high and low points for the past seven days. 

     Let's see if we can have guests, who have never shared their highs and lows, join us this time around.  Would you Silent Readers---you who drop by without posting---mind giving it a try, please?  You'd contribute to the community we have here, would add positivity to the blogosphere, and make a happy innkeeper.

My High Points
1. This week, my laptop was fried.  It was fixed in less than 24 hours.

      Last time it went kaput, it was several weeks before the laptop was back in action.  That was due to the difficulty in traveling 23 miles to get it fixed in Union City.  (Remember, I only travel using the local train service and bicycle.)

      Having an operating computer keeps me connected, making it easier to live in the 21st Century.  It's also a practical tool that helps me stay organized.

2.  I spent time with family this week and last.  There's nothing better than that. 
3.  I'm incrementally improving with practical aspects of my work.  I have others helping me, as I oversee my business.  It's good not being alone.
4.  I made time, investing in my welfare.  I made time studying a subject that has my strong interest.  It's one thing learning, in order to help others.  It's another, doing so to nurture myself.  I'm worth it.
5.  I'm maintained my boundaries when others wanted to take from me and there was no clear benefit for me.  Maintaining equality and reciprocity in my relationships is critical for my self-esteem.
6.  I had many fantastic conversations with people this week.  I love the depth, joy, happiness and community that fills my life when that happens.  My emotional well being is related to relationships with emotionally healthy others who provide discernment, and my intimate relationship with loving, gracious, patient God.

My Low Points
1.  All the documents and photos I had saved on my laptop were lost, when it was repaired. The shop needed to wipe all the memory clean, when it was fixed.  Ouch.
2.  I can't find a credit card. I'm concerned and it is an inconvenience, not having it.
3.  I want to get better rest. This has been an ongoing challenge. My days are brighter and I feel emotionally stronger, when I get proper rest.
4.  My life offers many opportunities. I need discernment, to know what to do, and when, and how.  Guidance is obtained when I slow down and seek God's will, while asking Him for the power to carry it out.

How About You? Let Me Hear From You
What were your highs and lows for this week?


Vanessa Higgins said...

Highs were feeling good about myself. My body. My mind. My talents.

Lows were strange narcoleptic sleeping episodes.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Thanks for sharing your story; your highs and lows, and for reminding us to do the same.

My HIGHS for the week were;

1. A highly spirited, insightful and deeply moving (beyond time and space...) breakfast conversation at the Montclair Egg Shop, about the awareness and process of healing/recovery from being Adult Grandchildren of Alcoholics (A.G.A's) with my 38 year old nephew, and healing arts practitioner, Jeffrey. His Dad's parents were both alcoholics; seems they even died from it; his Mom when his Dad was only 7 years old! Wow, what an impact that must have had...

2. Walking 5 laps (1.25 miles) at dusk this evening in the Castro Valley Relay for Life (fight against cancer) with my Polish wife Grazyna from Gdansk (a survivor) and her friends from The Neighborhood Church here in C.V.

3. A memorable quote from the keynote speaker tonight; a survivor, care-giver and chaplain; "When I can wrap my FEARS and DOUBTS in LOVE, and hand them over to God, He gives me back COURAGE."

My LOW'S for the week were;

1. That my younger brother Paul, (and two of my sons) could not join Jeffrey and I this morning for Breakfast. However, the rich conversation Jeffrey and I shared would not have been possible in a group!

2. Making two trips in one day to Sonoma/Napa on Thursday to take care of a customer. I'll never do that again as long as I'm alive!

3. Procrastinating to send a belated (June 8) birthday card, or flowers to my baby sister Janet, in Carlsbad, CA. I think its because I need to write my amends for not being there for her in her formative years. I must do before the sun sets on this weekend!!!

Pablo said...


I love your honesty. I hope you get more restful sleep.

I'm grateful to read your replies. I feel more connected with you as a result of the comments you post here. I also enjoy the fellowship shared and the authenticity of your answers, they increase my trust in you.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I know such people as Jeffrey as GCA's, Grandchildren of Alcoholics. How great is that, you were able to support him; he was comfortable enough to open up with you. Wow!

I'm amazed with your support for a noble cause and with you putting out an effort, after going through a physically demanding work week. May your tribe increase! I'll have to think about the quote you shared.

You have our support, regarding the amends you want to make with your sister. Have you made any progress since posting this comment?

Carl, I appreciate your example. You add positivity to this inn, fulfilling its vision: expanding pit appreciation of the good things life offers. I'm glad to know you.

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