Monday, July 15

Life Is Good, When We Don't Live It By Our Power Alone 7/15/13

    Hey, how are you?

My eyes droop, my brain aches and my body is worn out, but, in a good mood, I remain.  Today was interesting.  Mondays have gone from a day off to my busiest day. Often, I decompress on Tuesdays, being exhausted from what transpires on Monday.

    Life is terrific.  I met with someone today who was depressed.  But he was down in a way I haven't seen in a long time.  It was fascinating noticing how effortlessly I felt like it was my job to make him feel better.  Detaching was important, if I wanted to maintain serenity and joy.

    Applying what I tell others---I was responsive to, but not responsible for this individual's feelings.  Easily, I could have been drawn to this negative emotional vortex encountered in the afternoon.  He was reminded that his desire to get healthier had to be stronger than my desire to help.  To have it any other way, would be codependency on my part.

My Gratitudes for this Fine Evening,
1.  I found my cyclometer!   My life is complete.  As far as I'm concerned, if my cycling isn't measured, it didn't happen. (Don't try to understand.)  I love measuring progress.  I'm ecstatic I have it.   Ya ay!

     I was distraught yesterday, thinking this device was long gone.
Downtown Niles. It's four blocks long.
 Don't blink or you'll miss it.
2.  I rode with Theresa yesterday. We encircled the small town where I grew up. Between a channel on the right and a lake on the left, we rolled around where I used to haunt as a youth.  It had been more than thirty years since I rode a bike in this town.  Sharing this moment with a friend was marvelous.

As a kid I climbed this hill and would eat lunch from
 a paper bag while sitting on this cement sign.  I'd climb
over this bump and venture into the countryside of Sunol. 
    I showed her the homes I lived in, the old jail from the cowboy days and parts of town where Charlie Chaplin lived and filmed his silent films, the ones that made him renowned.  In my boyhood town, downtown is only four block long.  To this day, there still isn't a signal light.  But this place made me, me, creating the small-town, midwestern personality and concern for people that I have.  I love the place.

3.  Memories flooded back. Remembrances of childhood chums danced within my head as I rolled through Niles.  When I'm not so tired, I may rework this post with more details.

4.  Afterwards, we rode six miles to the Century 25 Theater in Union City, catching a comedy.  If felt good laughing and sharing this communal event with all those sharing the same darkened room with flickering lights, including my cycling companion who hails from the Island City, too.

5   I love life.  It's treating me well.  I'm thankful for having my voice, knowing a loving God and the emotional strength derived from support I get from my Balcony People and the principles that allow me to see life clearly, making the most out of it.

6.  I'm speaking at two events soon.  I love doing so.  It's my first love, in terms of service.  At one event I was asked to talk on overcoming anger with compassion and spirituality.  A great topic that is in keeping with my interests and experience.  I can't wait.

7.  I look forward to my future with eagerness.  I am strong because I'm not lving my life by my strength alone.  I rely upon a Power Greater Than Myself who does for me what I can't do for myself. And, I'm very grateful He does.

8.  Tomorrow, a son and I head off to Piedmont.  We're meeting someone who is a provost at the university I attended.  She may help him get into U.C. Berkeley's graduate business school.  Boy, do I love this son, as well as my other two. 

     We'll drop by Fentons, too, afterwards.  Am I glad.   It's a terrific ice cream parlor that has lines even at midnight. What is concocted within this place is heavenly.  The portions are ginormous; the place has been around for 119 years and if you eat there, you'll know why it will last another 119 years.

How About You?
What are your three gratitudes for today?  Please share them.  Adding to the positivity of this inn  happens, when you do.

Good night. I'm tired.  I need to hit the hay.    


Vanessa Higgins said...

I would love to see you speak sometime!! Congratulations on finding a life that is perfect for you that you can live happily ever after. Good things are coming your way Pablo!!

Loredana Donovan said...

Great post, Pablo, love the title, too. Take care :)

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

A most lovely post you penned tonight indeed! Your colorful boyhood memories and waxing nostalgic is moving for us all! We are there with you Pablo in the joy of these moments. I am glad you could have this experience and share it in real-time with a friend.

My older brother Ron and I attended a classic and hot rod car show in Niles last summer and had a ball. Of special interest are always the 50's and 60's Studebaker's because my Dad used to be the Service Manager at a dealer in San Leandro! My brother is a Stude nut and owns a vintage 50's wagon; completely restored!

My Gratitudes for this Tuesday evening are;

1. That my wife and i could have a marvelous, second year in a row, anniversary weekend get-away to Asilomar Conference Center-State Park in Pacific Grove, on the Monterrey Penninsula. We took our bikes this time, cycled along the ocean, hiked the Point Lobos trail, with photogenic scenes at every turn, and shared meals (one a fabulous vegetarian one), games and fellowship with five other fellow anniversary couples.

2. That I could host a serene and touching lunch at my client Pacific Catch in SF, by Golden Gate Park, with our #3 son, Vincent today. That I could catch up on his life, see how distance has given him valuable perspective and maturity, and enjoy his adult company. We shall do this more often!

3. That I could bite my tongue and empty the dishwasher, while being subjected to "Smokey & the Bandit" (Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields - back when she looked like a teenager!)on the tube. My wife loves to watch silly, mindless old movies while doing her interior design work at the dining room table. It was on me to "live and let live," mind my own business, and let it go. After all, I should celebrate whatever makes her happy! This and America's Funniest Home Video's, Golden Girls, and romantic drama's on the Hallmark Channel! Yikes!!!

Pablo said...


I apologize for the tardiness in this reply. It would be fantastic, having you in the audience---as one of my Balcony People---when speaking. Maybe, someday that will happen.

I appreciate your encouragement. I'm wishing this year will be a great one for you, too!

Pablo said...


How wonderful it is having you drop by. I look forward to future posts of yours. Next time I drop by, I'll leave a note.

Wishing you a picturesque summer, with plenty of inspiration for poetry!

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

I didn't know they had a hot rod show in my childhood town. Until this post, I had no idea your brother had a classic Studebaker.

I'm glad you had a rich time of fellowship, intimacy and closeness with all those who went with you to Asilomar. It must have been a great change from the demands of your work.

Love is patient and love is kind. You demonstrated love with your forbearance, while taking care of dishes. Kudos to you!!

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