Thursday, November 6

Today Is One of the Good Ol' Days We'll Talk About In the Future................. 11/6/14

Image: "Switzerland, Autumn Mist" by Tim
Blessed.  Copyrighted photo. Used by permission. 
My Gratitudes for Today: 
1.  For studying.  It helps me to contin-ually grow.  I milk more out of this day, this week and month, enjoying more of its luscious, intoxicating quali-ties, when I work on my personal growth, daily. 
2.  For rest.  I slept in this morning.  Was it needed.  It contributes towards
thriving, helping me celebrate life.  This is not possible when I am a zombie, because I am not sleeping adequately. 
3.  For pacing myself.  I carefully question the value of any task I do.  Many things scream for attention.  Not all of them are needful.  Easily, if I am not vigilant about my priorities, what is important is overrun by the urgent, but not important.  It is critical placing first things first.  It allows me to be more effective and conscious as to how I live my day. I live them without regrets or remorse.

    Living by my priorities, instead of just letting life happen, allows me to live more completely.  My life is more consistent with my vision for the next five years, this year, this month, this week. 
4.  I went out with a friend to-night, getting away from my normal routine.  It invigor-ated my week.  Laughing and unwinding tonight restored my soul. This day, this time in my life will be considered the "good old days," years from now.  I making the most of my life. And for that, I have an attitude of gratitude. 


Superman said...

Dear Innkeeper,

I am grateful for

1. My wife and children who always keep me grounded.

2. For God, who is always prompting me, reminding me of what he wants for me. I have had many synchronicities with books, Sunday's sermon, Saturday's retreat (the speaker was awesome) that focus on similar themes of looking for connection in the midst of tragedies or
other life challenges.

3. Watching a group of high school students perform Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." They did a wonderful job. I was very happy to see a community putting great value on the arts.

5. A much needed day retreat of meditation in the North Bay on Saturday.

6. A wonderful life coach and group of friends.


1. I've been struggling a lot with fear in the body.

2. Feeling disappointed in myself for not making the first move with relationships, letting my self-consciousness get the best of me, preventing me from being more honest with people, loving them more. It's frustrating when one isolates himself from what he really wants.

Thanks for all your work, Innkeeper. I really appreciate your care.

God bless!

Pablo said...

Dear Superman,

It makes my day when you drop by. You sound like one happy person, your needs met in several ways.

Any idea, as to the source for your fear? Here's something to mull over: insight does NOT change behavior. Courage does, wedded with faith, bolstered by the support received by emotionally healthy others.

Although I have not been diligent in replying, believe me, your comments are read and cherished. They encourage me, making the work I do here worthwhile.

The Innkeeper

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