Monday, June 20

Feeling Good (And Escaping Codependency)

      Did this glass get your attention?  Good.  This post may not go where you think. Today, I am happy.  I helped a needed cause.  The proceeds of Saturday's garage sale supports a resource that helps adult children of alcoholics.  It's a meeting where attendees learn coping skills----how to thrive while living----or having lived----with a manipulative, and perhaps abusive,
alcoholic. (Yes, it's possible to thrive.)

      Those who join this group learn how to exercise boundaries, with love-----detaching while still being kind towards the alcoholic. They are taught how to take care of themselves and look at the resources available to them, not the alcoholic.  Individuals living ---or have lived---in such homes frequently experience(d) trauma and drama, throughout their lives.

       Usually their boundaries were trampled upon, while living in such a home.  Many were not aware of boundaries or how to use them.  The surprising fact is that frequently, these individuals often experience more emotional abuse from the non-alcoholic siblings, spouse or parent.  Frequently non-alcoholic tries using control to minimize the chaos of a home devastated by alcohol.

      Tragically, family members of alcoholics are groomed to tend to the alcoholic, not themselves. (This is as codependency.)  This meeting provides a safe, non-critical environment.  Members learn their options, instead of accommodating the needs of  the drinker.

       Members learn to let go of the past. They discover how to stay present, unencumbered by the scars of ancient emotions.  Exercising healthier priorities becomes their reality.  They learn that alcoholism, and all of its attendant drama, is a family disease.

       Yes, the effects of alcoholism negatively affects the entire family.  However, the good news is skills are available that allow family members to enjoy serene and abundant lives while processing the grief and loss they experience as they relate with the problemed drinker.

        So, yes, helping a worthy cause made this a fabulous weekend for me.  Helping others really  benefits us.  When that happens, we have more reasons for an Attitude of Gratitude.

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