Friday, June 17

Random Thoughts and Bon Mots from the Innkeeper ..............6/17

           How was you week?

Did you fret, or find freedom from frustration? Here I am, arriving at my usual time. In 8 hours and 10 minutes I'll be helping with a garage sale some friends are having tomorrow. They need a strong back, so I'll be there to help. Three hours later, I'll have coffee with a friend.  The weekend is here.  Ya ay!

My gratitudes for this week:

1. I'm thankful for taking time developing skills that help me with the work I do. I met with an editor
that I'm working with, earlier this week. I still have plenty of room for improvement, but I'm making headway. Progress, not perfection.
2. I was glad to visit with my oldest son Thursday night. It's always good seeing him. He's making significant improvements in his life.  Click here, to see what I mean by improvements. 
3. A few nights this week, I slept soundly.. I feel better, when I do. I'm grateful for rest and I took the time to care for my body.
4. I ordered a new DVD that goes with the gym I have. I lost the original awhile ago. I need it; it helps me structure my workouts. I'll probably get it tomorrow or Monday.
5. The traffic to this site has increased. I hope all of you who drop by are encouraged by your visit, here. I share perspectives about handling stress and expressing yourself, when with difficult people. You might want to click here for posts that deal with this subject. Also here and this place also
6. I'm grateful my business is growing. I appreciate the flexibility it provides and the opportunities that enable me to make my life count.
7. I'm thankful for the friends I've met as a result of being the innkeeper of this place. Thank you for your letters and prayers.
8. I'm glad knowing that this inn has visitors from different ends of the earth. It' nice knowing people are dropping by from England, Malaysia, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Denmark, Iran and Canada. Of course, there are plenty of guests who hail from the USA.

     As you know this Sunday is Father's Day. May I ask, what are your gratitudes for your father? I'm sure you can come up with some. Please share them with us, thanks!

                        Have a great and grateful Saturday,

            The Innkeeper

Image: "Countryside: Spring Greens" by Tim Blessed  ©  all rights reserved, used by permission. 


Kelly said...

Howdy, Paul.

I'm grateful that my father raised me to be self-sufficient and independent. Now, whether he did so on purpose or if it was due to his hands-off approach, that's another matter. :)

Paul NorthernCal said...

Good morning, Kelly,

Good to see you! Thanks for replying and reading. In every cloud,they say, there's a silver lining. Have you had a chance to check out the NVC link, down below? It may help you in relating with family and Jermaine.

Hey, this isn't a blog that helps you? What might be your gratitudes for this day, if any?

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