Saturday, June 25

Great Morning, More Business and a Terrific View (On one occasion, surprisingly romantic.)

      Hi, everyone.

This is your innkeeper reporting to you from his semi office---Abigail Cafe (No apostrophe s), named for the owner's daughter. I've taken over this place.  This is 25 miles from my office. I use it to see clients that live up this way, in the island city of Alameda. I met with two clients this morning.

     I'm luxuriating in the view. The prime table---is mine. It overlooks the bay and the SF Peninsula. Earlier, while studying, after my appointments, I observed lovers along the shore, locked in an embrace, kissing. I've viewed dogs taking their owners for walks
along the shore, but haven't seen any varmints, yet.  No, I don't mean uncouth individuals. I refer to the ground squirrels nesting along the shore who periodically pop their heads out from the ground. The cool bay breeze has me wearing my sports coat while doing research and I prepare for  next week's work.

     I'm checking in to say hi. Soon, I'll head for Mill Valley, to attend a conference. A friend of mine, Anne,  called this morning from Alaska. She caught a 40 lb salmon this weekend.  She's on a sail boat, helping as a crew member. Normally she lives on the San Francisco Peninsula. I had visions of her being washed off the deck of a boat---this week the state had a Tsunami there, due to a 9.2 earthquake off the Bering Strait. It's good knowing she's still my friend and she's okay.

My gratitudes so far, for today,

1. I love my work and owning a business.
2. I'll see a friend in Mill Valley, later this evening. We'll have dinner after I attend a conference.
3. I appreciate the increasing clarity I'm having regarding my career and future.
4. Last night my sons, Stuart and I met with friends; the time was wonderful.  Honesty, safety, laughter, insight and compassion was experienced by all.
5. I cherish generosity demonstrated last night by my son, Micael. (No "h," couldn't afford it.) Character is more important to me than wealth, material attainments or any other standard used to measure others, an unfortunate tendency of many.

     I value people for who they are.  For example I value Phyllis's commitment to service in her community and I love this Right Coaster friend's sense of humor. I respect Thag's  ability to express herself well; I appreciate Cynthia's compassion and her patience towards children; I admire my oldest son's analytical abilities and his adept way of relating with others. I thankful for my youngest son's spirituality and his giftedness as a musician; I'm thankful for Stuart's loyalty, left-handed thinking and his humor, gentleness and considerate nature.

     I am amazed at my friend Anne's practical common sense, she knows how to sew like nobody's business, and she's mechanical, too.  (She fixed a vest of mine as a gift for my birthday. Thanks again, Anne.) More importantly, it's touching to see her heart-felt desire to draw closer to God and her success in doing so. I value Kelly's honesty, openness, gifted writing and her love for her son Myles. I love it, that she consistently shares three gratitudes, when she drops by this inn.

      My desire is exercising the gifts God has give me.  I'm also thankful for each of you who drop by, including you Silent Readers who do so, without posting. I pray for you. I do. May God bless each of you. (Of course, it would be great hearing from you.)

6. I generated additional business, this morning. The owner wants help. God has wonderful ways of bestowing His favor upon me.
7. I look forward to addressing issues and comments brought up by Thag.
8. I enjoyed writing the previous post about Safe and Unsafe People.
9. I'm loving life and touched by the love I receive from others, including many of you.
10. I look forward to the conference I'll attend in an hour.

     Would it be possible for me to hear your gratitudes? Follow Kelly's example.  May you have a terrific day. I still would like to hear your response to the post I wrote fifty four minutes into this day. Part of my growth is to let others know what I want. I leave the results in God's hands.

                     The Innkeeper

Image: Cumbria: Crummock Water   by Tim Blessed © all rights reserved, used by permission

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Anonymous said...

Who could have planned a day like today.
A day which flowed with the gifts of God, one following the other.
A day which I would like to replay again and again.
You know those days when love and joy follow you around every corner and greet you at the top of a long climb up a steep hill.
A day where gratitudes abound and there are so many you don't know which to choose from.
That was the day for me today where friends came by unannounced to share a refreshing walk.
A day where my car ran out of gas and a gas tank and funnel were easily available to get me on my way by a friend.
A day where phone calls from many of the friends I know took the time to call.
A day when a surgical investigation of a close friend turned out optomistic and gave hope and a good health report.
A day when an innkeeper shared hope and encouragement to guide the way toward peace and serenity.
A day where you share a meal with a dying friend and show you care.
A day where you call a friend because you know they need a friend.
A day where if you had planned it that well you could not have made it come out any better than it did by letting it go and letting God guide your way through the day.
A day that started with prayer and asking for God to give wisdom and understanding and the answers came in many ways.
A day that a box arrived in the mail from a friend who thought to send you a present because they thought you may like one.
A day for which I am truly grateful to God who answered my prayer and grateful for my recovery so I was able to recognize the answer in many ways it was sent by Him.
It was an amazing day to experience God working through me.
I am grateful for all the friends God has put on my path so I can share the joy and peace I have worked hard to achieve through getting out of God's way and leaving His work to Him and doing my part.

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