Monday, June 13

Letting Go & Letting God II (And, Today Is a Special Day!) 6/13/11

"Everything on Earth is woven together in an intricate connection-the choices of nations, the actions of world leaders, the state of nature and the environment, the choices of individuals. How all these factors connect and move together affects the course of history. We all have a role to play, what we do makes a difference; it matters. Everybody counts!" (The photographer's caption for this picture.)


      Hello, to the readers from Germany and Malaysia, thanks for dropping by.
I hope all visitors of this inn are having a great day, I know I am.  May I offer you tea? This is a special day. Today is our third month anniversary, this blog is but a baby!
It's been a joy having over three thousand visitors drop by this inn of encouragement. It would be great hearing from the Silent Readers, you who drop by without posting your gratitudes. Go ahead, give it a try.

Letting God and Letting God

   Although it's true, as Tim says in the caption above, that what we do is important, it's equally important to leave the outcomes of our actions in God's hands. What liberation we find when we realize that life proceeds remarkably well, when we let go of our vice-like grip upon it and others----if we are so inclined. Controlling outcomes is futile and frustrating. Living by faith, yielding to God's will is less nerve wracking.  The following words help me keep perspective. I hope they encourage you, too.
My life had become unmanageable because I was so busy taking care of others that I had no time for me.  I laid out clothes for family members so they would be well dressed, but that left no time to see that I was at my sartorial best.  I arranged for others to have doctor and dental appointments but I neglected my own.  I didn't realize all of these things overnight.  They came slowly, but finally I understand my situation.....Today, I know I am powerless over all the nouns and pronouns in my life---other persons, places and things.
 Over time, I discovered what I am not powerless over----myself. I am responsible for me. I am not responsible for another person's happiness. They aren't responsible for mine. I know that no one else can control my emotions.  No one can make me angry, sad, happy, or anything else without me giving them permission to do so. My feelings are my own.
 My gratitudes for  today:

1, I'm thankful for each person who drops by.
2. I'm touched by those who post in this inn.
3. I'm grateful for new friends I've met, as a result of opening this inn.
4. I look forward to what the future holds---this is going to be the best year for me, ever!
5. More importantly, I'm thankful to have a relationship with the One who holds the future.
6. I enjoy a special assignment I'm doing this week. I can't wait until this weekend, to see how it works out.
7. I'm overjoyed my baseball team, the SF Giants, are still in first place, despite suffering many major injuries this season.
8. I'm indebted to God, friends and family; they shower me with love and acceptance---how could I not have an Attitude of Gratitude?

Image: "Northamptonshire: Fields of Wheat" by Tim Blessed, © all rights reserved, used by permission.

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