Wednesday, June 22

Readers Having Difficulties Posting: Any Suggestions?

    Good evening, everyone,
How was your day? I wrote a long post and lost it. My computer continues to act up. In the middle of typing it just goes blank.  It's done so, four times, so far, with this post. It's an opportunity
for me to practice patience. Several of you, have sent me e-mails stating that you've tried posting here, multiple times and your posts don't go through. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens?

    My only recommendation is try writing your post in a Word document. That can be your backup copy. If your post doesn't go through, you can use your copy to paste it into this blog another time.

My gratitudes for today:

1. I received letter from two good friends, in the past few days.. It's always wonderful connecting with someone dear.
2. The weather has been fabulous. It's been in the 80's, lately. Fortunately, there's a cool breeze that goes along with it and no humidity.
3.  I'm grateful for memories created this weekend with my sons. We blasted off rockets at a local marina, traveled country roads, went hiking, went to an ice cream parlor, twice, one of the times it was at Fenton's.

I have more to say, but I'll do so tomorrow, I need to get some sleep.Would it be possible for me to hear your gratitudes? That would be terrific. May you have a great and grateful day, this Thursday.

    The Innkeeper

Image: "Dalt Wood" by Tim Blessed, all rights reserved, used by permission. 

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