Wednesday, May 1

Admitting Faults, Being With Good Friends ......... .......5/1/13

"An admission of error is a sign of strength
rather than weakness"    Goethe
     Good evening,

I'm bookending this day with posts, not something I do often.  Just got in from being with friends, encouraged by the time shared.   I spoke before the group.  The possibility that this might happen crossed my mind, I prepared notes earlier.  It went well.

     Afterwards, sixty percent of those who attended
went to Juanita's, a Mexican restaurant, in Alameda. We munched, laughed and enjoyed each other's company for two hours.  Life is good.

My Gratitudes for Tonight: 

Being With a Thriving Group
1.  The group made decisions affecting its character, all for the good.  I'm excited about the direction it is taking.  Once a month we'll study, From Survival to Recovery.  It offers hope for those who grew up in troubled homes.  This is something new.
2.  I loved what people shared.
     I thrive when others speak authentically, yet with an in-the-solution, positive mentality.   My kind of gathering.  Best yet, the group is warm and caring.  People hang out for thirty minutes, catching up with each other, when the meeting is done.

Learning About The Areas Where We Want to Grow: (Using Step Five)
3.  The subject matter tonight was terrific:
"Admitting to God, ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs" (Step Five).  
 The need for discretion was discussed.  We don't want to open up with just anybody.  Our people picker needs to be fixed.

      Healthy principles helps us know who are the people we want to connect with when we are vulnerable and who aren't, those we want to avoid (the judgmental, abandoners, narcissists  emotional bullies and irresponsibles).  Wow.  A good link that details this subject can be found here.

      We looked at the difference between being unaware and in denial---key to know---when coming to terms with our faults.  For more about that, check out this.

4.  Several in the group are growing, characterologically.  One stretched beyond her comfort level. She sincerely read from literature, inspiring others as tears flowed, because the text about combating perfectionism meant much to her.

      Another spoke with new-found insights that are getting healthier by the week.  Seeing others delighting in life as never have before, allows me to know that there is still plenty of good, out in the world.

How About You? 
What would you need to see in a gathering that would inspire you?   Is there any such meeting in your life?  If so, could you talk about it, some, for us?


Syd said...

The "unofficial" mens meeting is good. A group of five get together twice a month for an hour and a half to read a book about relationships and discuss. Lots of good stuff in that book, and we apply program principles in our discussion.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I don't have such a gathering but it intrigues me. I like the idea of a group of like-minded, peaceful, loving people coming together just to enjoy their time together. That's what I envision as my ideal group setting.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

It's Friday night, and my wife and I are just in from a similar meeting on Step 5. Several shared their personal experiences around this process and a newcomer inspired us with the sincerity and honesty of his story. I think we all left with renewed strength to leave our comfort zones and do this kind of inner, healing work, and hope in becoming more whole in the process. Thanks, Pablo for sharing about your meeting. It sounds like a good one for someone like me to invest my time and heart in...

Tonight I am grateful for;

1. Our Innkeepers tireless devotion and commitment to keeping the doors of this Inn open, hot tea or iced coffee, as the season warrants, in the kitchen, and his well-tuned, empathic ear at the ready!

2. That there are meetings like the one you mentioned these taking place in numerous locations, every night of the week, in this greater SF Bay Area.

3. That a chef I thought was cross with me (my sometimes obsessive codependency) was out of touch because he simply got busy and was on travel several weekends. The gift fish I brought him was a nice touch anyway!

4. My #4 son is making grand strides toward the completion of his home-made from virtually all re-purposed materials, backyard recording studio!

5. That after a productive, sometimes grueling, yet finally gastronomically superb 17 hour workday yesterday, our president, managers, and my colleagues could enjoy a 4.5 hour, multi-course, Peruvian fusion "chefs tasting menu" at the just opened Puerto 27 Restaurant (think "Fresca" in SF...) overlooking the Pacific Ocean just south of San Francisco (City of St. Francis) in Pacifica. All the more special in that they are featuring our companies seafood in virtually all their dishes!

6. That today my colleagues and I could slow down and recover from yesterday, with a much lighter schedule.

7. That I'm having breakfast with my younger brother tomorrow for the first time in ages; that we can catch up on our lives again; maybe even meet his new love!

8. That I could swim and exercise several times this week.

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