Monday, May 20

Reviewing Last Week: Highs and Lows. What Were Yours? 5/20/13

    Good evening,

This was a long and busy day, but good, once again.  I saw six clients today.  I'm pooped.

     Thank you, for dropping by.  Normally, at the end of the week I ask for your high and low points for the past week.  I didn't last week.  So, I'd like to catch up, hearing
your answers.

My High Point for the Past Week:

     I was gentle towards myself.  I'm adjusting to episodes I experienced in March.  It's taken time, and that is perfectly fine.   No, that's not slow.  It's been just right.

    The other day I walked to downtown Alameda with a friend.  She was walking briskly.  Me, leisurely.  I had a napped before meeting with her.  I was still in slow motion, perceptually and physically.  She slowed down, when I asked.  Afterwards she said she liked the slow walk we had.

    If I wanted a leisurely walk, then it wasn't slow.  It was exactly the right pace----the pace desired.   Isn't it interesting how we are quick to judge anything, including the speed a person walks?
An Alameda home.
     What is the point of walking fast?  My leisurely pace allowed me to take in the details of the Victorian homes, this island city has (it has the most per capita of any city in the U.S.) as we strolled.  I heard the bird songs, as we went down Santa Clara Avenue.

     I noticed the knickknacks  homeowners placed in their front windows on Central Avenue and the "in-law" units tucked in the rear of several houses;  I took in the cool evening weather-----I luxuriated in moon glow and noticed the cadence of my female friend's speech as we walked to the Alameda Theater to see Iron Man 3 in 3D. ( The movie, Oblivion, with Tom Cruise was better, by the way.)

    In the same way, my healing from abusive moments happens at just the right pace.  And, am I glad.

My Low Point for Last Week
  Sleep has been irregular for the innkeeper.  I'm hoping that more and consistent exercise will do the trick.  I'm in a fog when my sleep suffers.  I'd appreciate your prayers.  Really.

How About You? 
What were your high and low points for last week?

     Tomorrow, the innkeeper will be off.  I'll be riding my bike in Yosemite.  I'll see you again on Wednesday.   Come back to this post and it will be revised.

            Wish me a fun time on Tuesday,

                       The Innkeeper


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My high point of the week: My Cincinnati Red's going on a 6-game winning streak :)

My low point: Some bad insomnia recently

Have a fun time in Yosemite!!!

Syd said...

Well, my high point was getting home after traveling to NY.
And my low point was being very tired after the trip. But I am getting to now catch up on sleep.

Carl H said...

Dear Innkeeper,

Hope you had a fantastic time cycling though Yosemite Valley today! Wow, what a treat! I hope the weather was perfect! As you know, I was there some months back with three of our four sons...

My Highs and Lows for this past week...


1. "Accidentally" BBQing the best ribs I've ever done for our weekly family dinner on Sunday evening. I'll share my "secret" another time...

2. Seeing a film, "Hitchcock," starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Miren, in which the star is markedly more "rotund" than I, as I pointed out to my unimpressed wife!

3. Seeing a couple of other great or interesting films; "A Late Quartet," with Christopher Walken and Philip Seymour Hoffman, and "The Words," both worthy of a sincere viewing.

4. A lovely gathering of friends; seven couples in our home tonight with electric guitars, song, prayer, fellowship and desserts.

4. Being gentle with and forgiving myself today for an ordering oversight on behalf of a high-end hotel restaurant chef in Carmel. "Accepting the things I cannot change, having the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." I could not change what happened, so all I could do was to own it, resolve to make amends soon, and move on.


1. Taking the phone call from the extremely disappointed chef when he realize his Fresh Soft Shell Crabs (already on his menu) would not be arriving today!

2. Dealing with some domestic spousal turbulence when either of us forgets to use tools of healing and recovery, and default to obsessive, reactive, controlling behaviors.

3. Some scheduling and logistical confusion around our sons doing a simple, van oil change, mostly exacerbated via motherly meddling, obsessing, and co-dependency.

Pablo said...

Dear Keith,

I love that you are a fan of baseball. If you were in the area, it would be fun taking in a game together. I like the pace of baseball. It's not governed by the clock, hearkening back to another era. Did you play ball, yourself? I did.

You have my prayers regarding your challenges with sleep. Thank you for dropping by!

Wishing you a fantastic rest of the week.

Pablo said...

Hi there, Syd

I'm catching up on comments here. This is an area where I'm going to improve.

What took you to NY? What do you like best about being retired? And least?

I'm always glad when you drop by.

Pablo said...

Dear Carl,

As reported in a post after I returned, The weather was amazing.

What was your secret to your BBQ ribs? You've piqued my curiosity. What would an insincere viewing of a film look like?

I grant you with the Attitude of Gratitude Award for the month of May. Thank you for improving this place with your gratitudes!

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