Monday, May 13

An Anniversary: Noticing Milestones .......5/13/13

     Can you believe it?  This inn is but a baby, celebrating twenty-six months since it opened its doors, on March 13th, 2011.   Much has happened in that time, and all for the good.

     This inn has been an opportunity for me to do what gives me bliss.  Thank you, for joining me as I share gratitudes that well up
in my heart.   It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. What is shared here are my contributions to the positivity and hope and enthusiasm this world desperately needs.

      Anniversaries cause me to reflect upon significant milestones.

1.  I've grown.  In the posts I see progress and consistency.  I'm thankful I typically respond as an adult. When challenged by others who use intimidation, anger, criticism or judgment, to motivate me to do their bidding, or subdue me, emotionally, I remain true to my values.  I've happy that I can be courteous towards bullies or manipulators while exercising my boundaries.

2.  We crossed 100,000 hits in April.  I'm glad that many find value during our visits here.  However, this place always has room for improvement. If you have any suggestions, please drop me an e-mail.

3.  Our largest audience is from the U.S. That's not surprising. What is unusual is that the second largest audience this year has been our Russian guests.   Eight hundred have dropped by in the last month and six thousand in the past seven months.  Thank you, for dropping by. I'd love hearing comments from you.  The internet will allow us to translate gratitudes.

4.  Routinely, more guests from Germany are dropping by. Two hundred in the past three weeks and seven hundred since March.

5.   Since this place opened I shared 667 posts with you who drop by.  During that time my computer was out of action for a month-and-a-half.  I borrowed a laptop to post entries in March.  Still, I've posted 27.9 entries a month since this place opened.

      The main thing is that I love being the innkeeper and the work related to it.  Growth is a process requiring commitment.  Rigor is necessary, to enjoy life fully.  Nothing of value is achieved easily.

6.   Last month, I've added the Al-Anon Family Groups page with its entries and additional quotes to the Quotes page.

      Most importantly, I've met several fine people as a result of this inn. Thank you, each of you who drop by, read and especially comment.

  May you have a great and grateful week,

                    The Innkeeper


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congratulations on a tremendous milestone Pablo!!

Pablo said...


I'm always glad when you drop by. I hope to respond sooner, in the future. I was glad to hear you are enjoying your new relationship. Congratulations!

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