Tuesday, May 28

Gratitudes for a Special Day

      Good evening everyone,

Today was my actual birthday.  Did I ever tell you that when I was born, I was so ugly that instead of slapping me, the doctor slapped my mother?  The day turned out well, then, and today.

    Throughout the day, my phone made me smile.  It was
overloaded with many greetings, wishing me a happy day.

     Tonight, being treated to dinner was unexpected, but nice.  And it was my favorite food: Thai.  Yum.

     I brought to Toomie's, the restaurant, a book of poems by someone who was a surrogate father for me.  Sharing his words again returned me to reality and warmed my spirit.  I love reading his poems.

My Gratitudes for My Natal Day:
1.  I enjoyed spending time with friends on Saturday at the Fairmont Hotel, celebrating my birthday.  Our time was full of laughter, love and warmth.
2.  I have new equipment for my bicycle.  It's been fifteen months since I've driven my car.
3.  I was lucky enough to get a gift card that I can use at one of my favorite ice cream parlors, Knudsen's in Castro Valley and another one to purchase books at a local bookstore.  I'm thrilled and humbled by their thoughtfulness.
4.  Friends have treated me to meals at local restaurants, made home-made orange sherbet ice cream for my special day and I enjoyed a scrumptious birthday cake lovingly made by a young man of fourteen and his nine year-old sister.
5.  I'm touched by love received from family.  I love life, it is rich, full, meaningful, and I look forward to the work I do and I'm effective when doing it. I am a blessed man.
6.  Most importantly, I'm comfortable in my own skin.  I believe I'm the wealthiest man on earth, full of blessings, hope and love. How could I not have an Attitude of  Gratitude? 

     Thank you, for dropping by.


Syd said...

Glad that you had a happy birthday. Best wishes to you on your special day.

Pablo said...


Thank you for your kind words. When's your birthday?

I appreciate your visits. From one coast to another,

The Innkeeper

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