Wednesday, May 22

A Fabulous Time of Getting Away .......5/22/13

Half Dome in Yosemite offered  it's beauty today. 
     Good early morning,

From Yosemite, I just arrived.  Tired, yes.  I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. Tuesday and arose at 6:04 a.m.  But, did I have a phenomenal time.  My inner child was tickled, thrilled, excited and happy, overall.  Additionally, I was corrupted in the best way, I'll get to
that in a moment.

    Boy, was it a change from my routine.  El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, the deer and the Awanhee  Hotel reminded this Dorothy that I was no longer in the island city of Alameda.

      The weather was perfect, my bike and that of Theresa's served us in good stead, even though my rear tire was torn. Hey, Specialized, the brand I use, makes great tires.  Even while jumping curbs and scampering across rocky streams, my tire did not blow out.

Our view while cycling. Alameda is a great place to
cycle. But, I'm afraid Yosemite's vista's have it beat. 
      Cycling is the way to go when taking in the sights of Yosemite.  We traveled four times faster than walking, covering thirteen miles today.  We rolled across plenty of ground and slipped into areas where autos are not allowed to tread.

My Gratitudes
1.  I received an early birthday gift, totally unexpected.  I got a basket that is an accessory for the rack on my bicycle.  Wow.  My previous arrangement, using bungee cords, is now obsolete.  Ya ay!
2.  My soul continues to soar, five hours after an amazing day in the woods, surrounded by towering waterfalls, amazing rock formations, icy, clear rivers and a delightful time with a friend.
The Awanhee Hotel. I awanheed to stay and listen to
 the piano being played, but we left after an hour---
there was plenty we needed to visit outside. 
3.  I loved our stop at the Awanhee  Hotel.
      A concert pianist played classical music while my friend and I took in this lodge with thirty-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that showed off  the majestic trees surrounding it.
4.  The greatest setting for lunch and dinner were had by the two of us.
     For lunch, we picnicked while sitting on granite rocks as we were serenaded by the convergence of two rivers.  Enveloped by the pristine forest that is Yosemite provided a panorama that no cathedral or palace could ever attempt to offer.
5.  My friend and I laughed and talked much, enjoyed our time together and covered many interesting topics while cruising one of the most beautiful spots in the world.
6.  This was the first time in fourteen-and-a-half months that I traveled further than twenty-five miles. That's the farthest radius I've traveled since forsaking the use of my car on the first week of March, last year.  I have not driven my car one mile in that time.

      For my initial journey of any length, I don't think I could find another place that could top today's choice.  By the way, for the past 14+ months, I've been entirely happy with the simple pleasures of a cycling lifestyle.  There are plenty of places I can visit, including the beautiful city of San Francisco.  The island I live on in itself is amazing, beautiful, friendly, scenic and a fantastic place to stay.  My life could not be any richer.

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