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A Special Tribute, Revisited ........5/12/13

     Good morning,
The following I wrote two years ago.   I updated it, but it carries the same meaning for me that it did then.  May you have a terrific Sunday.  I know I will. 

Here's the post:    

      A special thanks to all the mothers
reading this post today. Your selfless work is unending and not appreciated as much as it deserves.  Thank you,  for the critical role you fulfill.  Your children are safe and sane, because of your efforts; they've were----or are----well tended to, because of you:
Sweater, n.:  garment worn by a child when its mother is feeling chilly.  ~Ambrose Bierce
       Mothers, society appreciates the values you instill in your children.  I'm thankful my mom demonstrated unending love and grace.

        For you women who had hardworking, sacrificial, loving, caring, humorous, faithful, diligent mothers, isn't it humbling to know that:
Thou art thy mother's glass, and she in thee
Calls back the lovely April of her prime.                                                  ~William Shakespeare    
        My mother died four-and-a-half years ago, in my arms, on her birthday.  I'm grateful I was with her when she went to the mansion prepared for her.  Nonetheless, she still lives deep within me.  Though no longer present, I'm grateful for the fingerprints she left on my soul.  Today's gratitudes will focus on my dear, sweet mom, Cecilia:

1. I'm thankful for her humor.  To see the lighter side of life, I learned that from Mom.  This inn would not exist, if it weren't for her.  My hope and joy are gifts first awakened by my mother's attentive care.
2. My outlook in life was influenced by her kindness and gentleness.  I learned to overlook a matter, by her example.  I learned to ask myself, how important is it?  Many issues that would consume me, if I weren't careful, are seen as not worth my grief.  Without my mom's influence, this inn wouldn't exist.
3.. I'm grateful for the boundaries she taught.  She, by my side as a lad, instructed me in the ways of the Lord.  From her, I learned right from wrong and to be considerate towards all.
4. I'm grateful for the example of her faith.  Kneeling by her side, I frequently witnessed earnestness in prayer.  Her example impressed upon me the importance of regularly talking with God.  A habit that helps me make it through the day, and week, and month and year.  I can't live this life without God's help.  I'm as strong spiritually as I am in my prayer.  If my prayer life is weak, so is my spiritual strength.
5. I celebrate her love for music.  Because of her passion for it, I love music and am a musician. Thanks, Mom, for awakening an appreciation for a language that conveys emotion in so many brilliant ways.
6. I'm thankful for her great cooking.  Many warm memories I have of her, in the kitchen.  The meals she'd prepare for us kids, were exceptional.  I loved the cakes she baked.  Her resourcefulness in feeding her large brood and satisfying all of us at the same time was a regularly feat of hers.
7. I rejoice when I think of her laughter.  My heart warms as I hear it now resonating within the halls of my memory.
8. I"m thankful that one day, I'll travel to where she is, and along with my dad and other loved ones, I'll fellowship with her, enjoy her motherly touch, hear her delightful laughter, take in her loving looks and luxuriate in her love, once again.
9. Most of all, I deeply appreciate the love she had for me.  Though tired---worn weary---tending to six kids, she always had time for me.  I thrived because of her affectionate, tender love.  I would not be one hundredth the man I am, without her influence in my life.  I agree with the following:
If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would jump off the beam.   ~Lord Langdale
      Thanks Mom, for being an incarnation of God's giving, gracious love.

How About You?
Readers, may I invite you to share your gratitudes about your mother? I'd love to hear them.

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