Tuesday, May 7

Boundaries: A Sanity and Serenity Saver .......5/7/13

Boundaries rescue us from the murky areas of life.
      How are you?

After working Monday, I was worn out.  It is my most rigorous day.  Six clients were seen.  Several faced severe situations, physically and emo-tionally.  Arriving home, I conked out, straightaway.  After a five hour nap, I remain tired, but fully awake.  Goodness. 

Using My Right Hemisphere

      From time-to-time---professionally---I write resumes.  It's fun, allowing me to use
my left-handed abilities.  A big picture type of guy, I am, typical for a person with a leftward perspective.  This part of my nature helps, when doing a summary of a person's work history.  (Counseling is left-handed by nature, too.)  

      Last week and Sunday, someone needing wordsmithing.  Well, it has taxed me.  This was especially true when yesterday I worked at home on his resume and later met with him, adjusting his resume until 10:00 p.m.  I did this after counseling four clients earlier in the day.  The results of two days of intense work is that my mind in a fog.


Not Accepting Unacceptable Behavior
   Adhering to Boundaries

     Someone sought help last month.   My need for clear communication, order, consistency, follow-through, integrity and respect for my time were not met.  I do not help others at their convenience.  Difficult, characterological change happens when vigorous, disciplined, concentrated work is applied.  Overcoming generational legacies, requires a steady and strong effort.  This person will be surprised when I let her know I can no longer help.  

      Last week, in a voicemail I mentioned her need to get healthier had to be stronger than my desire to help.  I cannot---nor do I want to---push people along in their progress.  I have not seen strong motivation on her part, nor has she replied.  I'm thankful my Pablo Piper People Picker remains strong, and functions well.  Am I glad.

       Discernment is a sanity and serenity saver.  I'm thankful that I no longer accept unacceptable behavior, not only for my sake but also for this woman's sake----tolerating it would give her no reason to want to change.  For more on character discernment, you might want to read what I wrote here

     Thank God for the healthy perspective provided by boundaries.   After three weeks, I am able to distance myself from unacceptable behavior. Without recovery it would have taken me a year-and-a half or two years, if that soon, to come to my senses.
My Gratitudes for Tuesday

      Life is good.  My baseball team is in first place.  I have great friends and my business is weathering well in today's economy.  I love the town I live in.

      I like how I feel when I'm true to my values, even when there could be pressure to relent or compromise.  There is something to be said about standing in our power, recovery and integrity. For more about this, read here (the second half of this entry). 

      I enjoy life fully and have amazing conversations with practically everyone.  How could I not be happy?
How About You?
How have boundaries helped you, lately?

             Wishing you a terrific Tuesday, 

                            The Innkeeper

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